Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm reading a lot on Mike and Brittany's wall. Things that he's writting to Micah, things that are being said to them, poems, sayings, scripture.
I don't know if they are doing anything with all of these, but I want to know your opinion...
I want to compile all of this and maybe put it in a book for them. Do you think that would be okay? How would you feel if someone did this for you?
I'm thinking, it's facebook and it's going to eventually be gone. This may be memories they will want to keep.
Tell me your opinion, PLEASE!

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 22

Okay, so today I'm thankful for transportation (specifically my expedition) and once again my husband, kids, niece and nephew. That should cover for the 4 days I was away =)
My Honey got home early today. When he got here, he helped me clean the kitchen, went up and cleaned our bedroom and then we all went off on our adventures.
Jose and I took Anthony, Adriana, Sarah, Devin, Dominic & Delayna out to Target, Sports Chalet, Sports Authority, Sam's Club and Burlington.
I do have to admit, we do have the funnest time together! I'm so thankful I have my expedition to tote all of us around in too!
so that's it for now...

30 days of Thankfulness ~4 days behind

Well, with everything that happened, I just couldn't get on here and be the "happy Melissa" that I normally am.
Sure, I was thankful for all of my blessings, but like in my previous post How Do You Do It? I just couldn't understand how to function "as normal" when someone so close to me was hurting and dealing with, in my opinion, one of the worse tragedies anyone would ever have to deal with.
I was angry, confused, hurt, torn.
I went to church yesterday and Pastor Todd's message was so dead on! He let us know, it's okay to be angry at God and let him know your angry. It's okay to hurt and not understand. Basically all of my emotions were validated. It's okay for me to be feeling this way.
Tragedies are hard to deal with! We don't understand why things happen like they do. Why they happen when they do. Or how we are going to move on from where were at.
He shared an awesome message and I wish I could post it..Oh wait, let me see if I can..nope, no luck.
Anyhow, just wanted to let you know why I haven't been posting. I just felt as though i couldn't post anything. My heart was aching too deeply and the anger was beyond words.
So, look for tonight and I will finish the month's off.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you do it?

I'm sitting here in front of frugos waiting for everyone to show up. I've been having such a blah day, having the thoughts running through my head of the heartache my dear friends are going through. How do I function like normal?
I felt guilty posting about my son making the HS soccer team last night on facebook. How can I be happy when the are mourning so deeply? How do I function like a normal person when they have a ton of blocks sitting on their chest.
I wish there was something I could do our say to soothe the pain...I know God is the only one, but how do you function as normal without feeling guilty about it?
I'm beside myself over this tragedy...And as I sit with the radio on, a song came on the radio...

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Test drive


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Thursday, November 18, 2010


The other day I blogged about something going on that I couldn't share at the time. Not that I'm at liberty to share now, but I'm calling out for everyone to pray.
Our youth pastors, Mike & Brittany have a baby boy Micah who was about 4 months old. On tuesday evening, Brittany went in to check on him and found him non responsive and blue. She immediately called 911 and started CPR.
They were able to revive baby Micah at the hospital...I don't know all of the details, but I was told that Wednesday they did a CT scan and didn't detect brain activity.
Our church stood together and prayed all day and our church called for a community prayer that night. We all know God's hand is mighty and His works are all powerful. We believed for a miracle. Surrounding this family in prayers.
This evening I received the following Prayer Request Update:

Baby Micah passed away at 6:30 this evening
after a valiant fight.
Pastor Mike and Britt are strong in faith but naturally grieving.
I will pass on further information on Sunday morning.
Please allow them privacy and time to mourn,
They feel and appreciate your love and support and
Your sensitivity is needed at this time.
Thank you for being a wonderful church family!
I am so broken & beside myself! I wish I could wrap this family in my arms. I honestly don't know what to say or do...What do you say or do at this time?
I read the email and just sobbed at my desk. I couldn't even get up to tell Jose. I went to the room and my mom heard my wales from downstairs. I told them and we all just came together. So broken for this family.
I don't understand why God allows things like this to happen; or if He even does.
I've had friends loose their babies to miscarriages or stillborn and it's boggled me...WHY?
A parent should never have to bury their baby.
Precious Micah, your in the arms of an angel now. Your mommy, daddy and sister will miss you more than words can say. God has you tucked under his arm, holding you tight. I pray that the Lord's peace will sweep over Mike, Britt & Eden. They say time heals all things, but I don't believe it does. Micah, you will always be remembered. Your beautiful curly hair, how you looked identical to your daddy, your teeny tiny body and even the struggle to find clothes that fit you.
Father God, I pray that you bring peace, comfort, understanding and healing to this family. That you would allow those that come into their presence to be sensitive. That you would send exactly who and what they need at this time. That your angels would wrap this mama up in their wings and that she would find comfort in you. We know we are all timed, but don't always understand why it happens when it does. Heal these hearts father.
In Jesus Name, Amen!

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 18

Today I'm thankful for my home. I really love the house I'm in! I've enjoyed my previous houses, loved my neighborhoods, but we always out grew them and were uncomfortable. We lived within our means so to speak.
But I really do love my house I'm in! There is NOTHING that I dont' like about it. Except how hard wood floor really are to keep clean without the proper tool(s) and the unknown of what is going to happen with it.
I need to decorate it and put some pictures up, but I have a fear that if I do that then something might happen and I'll have to take it all down and remove 'my mark'.
Must close for the night...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 17

Well, I had all kinds of stuff I was debating to put on today's blog, but with the turn of events from today, I have nothing.
My emotions are so out of whack and i have so much going on in my brain right now I don't even know how to feel.
Nothing I can share right now, but just please be in prayer for some of our friends.
guess I'm just thankful for this blog to openly ask for prayer and my children. I'm holding them a little closer tonight!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 16

Today's Thankfulness is easy peasy, mac n cheesy =)
So a little background to today's post. Anthony has been sick since about Saturday with a cough and his ear bothering him. He went to school sicker than a dog yesterday and even went to practice, but just couldn't get up and do it today.
I took the other 2 to school, came home and got him an appointment with his Doctor. I took him in and when I went to check him in, they told me I didn't have insurance for him. I was shocked, I hadn't a clue, REALLY! So I told the clerk I would call the insurance company to see what was going on. About 20 mins into calls, Delayna was being a monster and I told Ant to take her down and that I would sort it all out at the house. We got into the elevator and by the time we got to the bottom, the receptionist was there waiting for us. She said, "The nurse told me not to let you go." I explained to her what was going on, but she just basically told me that the Doctor is going to see him, even if I don't get the insurance worked out today.
We went to the expedition and I waited for another 20 mins and then sent him up to wait in the waiting room while I finished the call. I got up there again and went to the same receptionist. She explained to me that they can see him for as little as $27. I was shocked, I thought it was near $100 for sure. The nurse came out and talked to Ant while I talked to the receptionist. She said that it's basically up to the Doctor and what she wants to charge us. So after a while, the nurse came out and informed us that the Doctor is going to see Ant and not charge me...WOW!
I was floored! We went in and he was seen, then they informed us that we can go to stater bros to get the prescription filled for around $4.
I headed over there and turned in his prescription and explained to the man behind the counter everything that happened 2 hours earlier with the insurance. He said it would be about 20 mins. We left and then returned. I picked it up and asked how much, and he just said, "Don't worry about it."
WOWEE!!!! My boy was seen and given a prescription all for FREE!
So today my Thankfulness goes out to the Medical Facility, the Doctor, nurse and receptionist and Stater Bros. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 15

yes, day 15 is TS3! Ant begged me to rent this from the redbox on Saturday night. So I did. What happened next was not what I expected!
We got home and I made pizza. He popped on the movie, grabbed his little brother and started singing and dancing to the opening of the know, "You got a friend in me."
Awwe what the's the video

We have watched it 3 times since renting it saturday night...Anthony has popped it in each time. I'm thankful for a movie that can bring my sweet boy out though all of that rough/tough guy stuff.
Not to mention, he cries EVERYTIME Andy gives Woody to the little girl at the end :'-(

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 14

Today I am thankful for my church, church family & Pastor Todd!
Okay, so I'm posting this on Monday, I know, a day late, but it's still my day 14 thankfulness.
I have got to have one of the best Pastors EVER! Really! I was actually at McDonald's today with Jose and the 2 littles when we ran into one of Ant's old soccer coaches. We got to talking and he asked, "You guys are still going to Legacy, right?" We were like, "Of course!" The he started talking about Pastor Todd. He even referred to him as 'Pastor Todd' when he was talking about his team playing against Todd's soccer team. I thought that was funny.
Anyways, my church is such a loving church! We are growing by leaps and bounds. The greatest part about that is that we are able to reach out to the needy. We have a "new" ministry kicking up called Project 911. It's focus is to bring families back together and have children in a loving environment. As a child that was raised in a 'hard life' my heart is just so appreciative for what the Pedrozas are doing with their team. No, I'm not a part, right now, just because I really do have so much going on and I need to step back and allow God to show me what step I need to take, if any at this point in my life. Anyway, back to my church...
Pastor Todd really knows how to bring the word, and I never walk away from a service empty. We also have great associate pastors that are truly in tune with the Holy Spirit. Last week, P.T. was gone and Pastor Ken took over. I was told that first service last week was all Praise & Worship, that's awesome for our leaders to allow the spirit to move. And if it's moving and staying in P&W then so be it...sometimes, it's what our spirit needs!
Second service, P&W was awesome too, but then Pastor Terry came up and brought a word. Then Pastor Ken came up and brought a word. God truly ministered in both services, obviously.
This week, I went, not wanting to, because I was on day 3 of a MASSIVE migraine! I wanted to stay in bed, but I couldn't...It's just not me. I feel as though, if I can go to my kids' soccer games on Saturday and do other things, then God is definitely worth it.
Anyways, P.T. was talking about praying over our spouses, children, etc. Also claiming our blessings. God has been moving and shaking me and once again confirmed more things to me. But on top of that, Jose grabbed a hold of me and started to pray over me. Just like PT told us to do for each other. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I know what he was praying over me for. We then went out for a bit, then back home. While I laid in bed later that afternoon, Jose was praying over again. After I woke up, I swear, my headache was gone and I felt like a new woman!
I praise god for giving Jose and I a church, church family and Pastor to teach us all that we have been taught. We have had people come up beside us and stand with us through some of the most troubling times. I love my family, undoubtedly, but my church family is probably closer to me than my blood.
Like the bible says, God will give us friends that stick closer to us than a brother. It's so true and I am overly thankful for my church!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 13

With my daughter screaming upstairs, I've gotta make it quick!
Today I'm thankful for craziness. I can't go into much detail right now, because my mom is buggin, kids are fighting & Delayna is screaming...But without all of this, it wouldn't be "My Life"!
Now back to my regular scheduled program of "tending to everyone's needs, but my own."

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 12

So last night I was stricken with a MASSIVE MIGRAINE! I sat at the top of the football bleachers crying because I was in so much pain and couldn't go anywhere. We finally left the varsity game at half time and came home, drugged myself up and went to bed. So this is why I'm posting late...AGAIN!

I would have to give Day 12 to my fRaZzLeD fEmAlEs!
We had an AWESOME morning with our bible study! I was able to open up and share some things with some women that have taken the step to allow God to change what's inside of every single one of us.
We have made a bond and are opening up to friendship, allowing God to build us up.
God has positioned me in a place in my life, that I never thought I would be...And it's just being ME!
These women confirmed somethings that God has spoken to me.
They opened up and confided in me. Showing me that I have built a trust. I saw that they, just like me, have been hurt in relationships. That we are all in the same boat, learning who/what/when/where we can trust.
I'm excited, because God is going to continue this. I see His hand working on all of us and knowing that we are going to move into the next one, excites me.
WE are planning things out, WE are working together, WE are growing & WE are learning.
This is a group effort and we all bring so much to the table each week. I'm so blessed God has "given me" these women to learn from and with. I can't wait to see the future!
Thank you, each one!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 11

Had some catching up to do for the days I was knocked down & out. So, these are gonna be mighty fast.
Today I would like to say, "I am thankful for our technology."
Sounds stupid, but really think about it. We have Facebook that allows us to connect with people all over the world, literally. I've connected with friends and family members that I lost contact with just because I didn't take the time to call and connect. It's not always easy, but technology has made it to where I can text, facebook, email, blog, etc and my family knows what I'm up to and doing.
It has been great knowing what is going on in others lives and others being able to know what's going on in mine.
K, that's all...Until tomorrow, reach out and text someone =)

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 10

Happy Birthday to all of the Marines out there!!!
I can't even begin to express my thankfulness for all of the veteran's that have put their lives on the line for our future.
I have many veterans in my family and God has blessed me with many more in my life.
I respect them for all they have done and those that continue to fight for our country. Our country was founded on God and even though so many try to take God out of the equation, our men and women fight daily to keep our country grounded.
So today, I salute all of my veterans and say "THANK YOU!"

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 9

I'm thankful for injuries. AAAWWWKKKWARD, I know, but I was injured on day 9 and did nothing but sleep and lay around.
I will be truthful, it drove me to insanity and I could only semi-sit for 2 day, but I got some much needed rest that my body and mind needed.
I always say, "God has to knock me on my butt for me to relax." And it's the truth!

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 8

Hmmm, I have a coin to flip for today =)
But, I think my friends are going to take this day...
I have been blessed with some really good ones, if I say so myself!
I want to point each one out individually, but if I did that, I would never end this post and I may miss someone and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
But there is one special friend I want to brag on...
One that's been in my life for a couple centuries, one that has been through the dirt with me and still loves me for who *I* am, one that has loved my mom and brother through all of their crap and never judged or condemned them, one that has probably known more about me than even my husband (no, I don't tell him everything...there are things that just don't need to be said).
This friend has been more of a friend and more like a sister to me, the one I never had. No matter where life has taken us, the roads that have separated us, circumstances that have taken our lives down different paths, we still come together like we were never separated.
We went to school together, got drunk together, did things together only her and I will take to the grave.
We've laughed together, cried together, mourned together, been frustrated over the same family members, had our babies together, graduated Jr. High and High School together, watched our babies graduate Jr. High together.
We've both walked away from the Lord and church, while our moms prayed our butts back in. We understand each other, hold each other up, give advice to each other without condemnation on what we did.
She's held me up in some of my darkest hours, and walked with me through some of my hardest years.
Remember those heart necklaces that half said BEST and the other half said FRIENDS. I can honestly say, she has a piece of my heart and tattooed on it it says, "Best Friend".
I haven't always been the 'best' friend that I should be, but we both know, we are there, no matter what!

This special person would be Jessica Yvonne Hale (amongst her many married names =) Love ya Jess...LOL!)
I remember the day I met you. Your mom and my mom picked us up from school in her little funky green car. Since that car, our lives have taken us down some memorial paths. No matter what, through thick and thin, we still stand, bonded as if that day we were born to be sisters.
I don't say it enough, nor do I show it enough. But I love you!
You have a piece of my heart forever.
Here is a pic of Jessica, Cera, Me & Ant at their Jr. High Graduation (remind me to look for our graduation pics...I have them somewhere!)

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 7

I just want to say a simple...
I am so thankful for my blessings! God has truly blessed me beyond measure! I have 4 awesome children that can drive me to insanity, but continually put a smile on my face and fill me with so much contentment.
I have a husband who is just awesome...He's already received his spot light.
I have a mom who loves me, supports me, and raised me to be a heck of a woman...even though we butt heads more than we get along.
I have great friends, women and people in my life.
Many talents that God has allowed me to use to bless his children with.
I can go on & on...but you get the point.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 6

There are quite a few things I can dedicate today to, but I'm taking this opportunity to share my thankfulness for being part of an incredible organization.
One that cares about the kids as much as they do.
One that truly appreciates the volunteerism that is put out to make it all work.
One that focus' on the growth more than the 'win'.
This would be AYSO.
I've been part of AYSO for ohhhh about 10 years now...WOW, that's a long time!
I've seen 3 Regional Commissioners come and go.
I've watched a little tiny soccer league turn into a massive community that has finally made it's name around local towns.
We've gone from oh about a total of 30 teams to who knows how many teams at this point. I know we had close or over 1,000 kids playing this year.
We've gone from a board who made up the whole region to our board being an intricate part of the region and only being about a 10th of the parents.
We've learned what works, and what doesn't work.
We've made Region of The Year, beating about 900 other regions.
We out grew our region this year and had the U16 and above playing over at the High School.
We have grown to be families that really are part of a HUMONGOUS family.
Tonight we had our awards ceremony and I was truly teary eyed being grateful to be part of something that touches so many lives of not only the children, but families. Bringing them/us together with a common interest.
I've made so many great life-long friends, that I've learned so much from!
I'm kinda sad that my position may be eliminated from the board. As busy as I am and how great it would be to free myself up from it, it really makes me sad to think I may not have a position on the board.
I'm proud to be a SOCCER MAMA & part of AYSO Region 641...All that have had a part, have a part and will be coming on. It's a life changing experience that I wish everyone could be a part of!

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 5

Today's post is dedicated to my baby boy...Anthony Jose Herrera
As much as I'd like to strangle him lately, he's still my baby boy!
So, tonight we went to his Friday Night Football Game yh7ujiu7jmukm8uk,iink,b8iubvjubu, hyn nh nhngh gn nhgtb bgnjbnjnjum
And that's what I mean by wanting to strangle him, as that would be his doing...
Anywho, he truly makes me one proud Mama! Tonight's game he not only walked away with a 52-6 winning game, but he also made captain!!!!
He has really embarrassed his position in football and is really excelling in it. He is also working hard to keep his grades up. His coach has had him going to study hall everyday after school before he goes to pracitce.
His new interest is wrestling, but we will see what happens. His soccer friends are really wanting him to go and try out for the goalie position on the HS team. Which, we all know hands down, he kicks butt in that goal box. He has no fear and for a majority keep those balls out of the box.
Now about Anthony, my baby...
He is the sweetest big brother, he truly is. He loves his role as a big brother and knows that he has 3 little ones looking up to him. He's not the perfect kid, but he really isn't a bad kid, never has been. He loves his little brother and baby sister. And recently has been embracing Adriana. For some reason, those two have finally clicked! He even started training her for spring select. He wants her to get out there and kick butt!
I mentioned this before, but after every football game Delayna wants her Bobo. So I will take her down to him and he will call for her to come out to him. What a precious, precious memory they will both cherish as they grown older.
Dominic and him shared a room for a little over 2 years. When we moved into this new house, Domi got his own room. He was soooo sad and didn't want to sleep alone. But he's adjusted and got used to it. But there have been a few times that I will get up in the morning to wake him up and find him in Ant's room on the floor with his pillows & blankets. There have been about 2 times that I have gone in looking for him and couldn't find him. After searching the house, I found him tucked into bed with Ant, snuggled up next to him. Ant told me he went in there and said, "Bobo, I had a bad dweam, can I sweep wif you?" AWE, HOW SWEET! Ant just pulled the covers up and tucked his baby brother in next to him.
This boy melts my heart!
He has the greatest aspirations of becoming a professional football player and is very focused...just to keep him there.
He's a good kid with a huge heart! One day, I will be proud to announce this kid will be going on to the NFL!
Here's a photo of him goin up as captain for his game last night #33

Friday, November 5, 2010


I interrupt this 30Days of Thanksgiving to bring you this announcement...

Yeah, I really am. I'm feeling sick I'm so over tired. So I will catch up tomorrow. Have an awesome night all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 4

Today is my cousin Robin's First Angelversary (the day she was called home to our Heavenly Father). I couldn't take this post and give it to anyone/thing else but her.
Only God knows how very thankful I am for that girl.
I don't know what's going to come out in this post, but just bear with me and know I'm doing it threw tears.
Robin left us at just 30 years 2 months and 15 days (if i did the math right).
If you knew Robin, you knew she was living her life to please God.
Robin was born August 20, 1979, just shy of one year after I was born and just about 2 weeks before Lourdes was born. Talk about an adorable baby! Of course, I don't remember much, since I was just a babe myself, but my family likes to share stories. Robin was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at a very young age. The doctors of course put a time frame on her life, but God had MUCH GREATER plans!
Robin was married to Jason. After a few years of marriage, she gave birth to Christopher. Funny how that went, because Robin had Chris, Gail had Devin and I had Dominic all within a month separation.
Robin had a double lung transplant in December of 2007, after a very long battle of collapsed lungs...but, unknown to anyone, there was a problem. She had some issues and was looking into a re-transplant, but God now put a frame on her life clock. He knew exactly what he was doing and Robin trusted in Him all along.

Like I said, Robin left us at the young age of 30, but spiritually she was pretty much in her 80's!
This girl was a rock, or at least that's what she let everyone see. In her illness, pain, suffering, etc. it was her goal to reach out and touch someone else.
Robin and I weren't very close growing up but, with age, marriage and children, our lives take alternate routes and priorities, focuses, etc change.
Robin and I talked ALOT! I could honestly say, we talked at least once a week in some form of communication.
That girl got me through some rough patches. She was ALWAYS there! She would put herself aside to pray, guide, speak words of encouragement to you.
I never got to tell her, but she taught me to pray with others. To stand up for who I am and not be ashamed. To use my god-given abilities to reach out and touch a life in need.
In many areas, I am the woman I am today, spiritually because of Robin!
I swore a year ago today that i would stand up and change my ways with my physical health.
I also swore I would run a marathon, something she always wanted to do and was blessed to do at one point.
But, I've fallen away and let things get in my way.
today, I am vowing again...
Robin, I will pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on track. I will run a marathon in your remembrance and let those know who Robin was and still is.
Your stories will be told and your light will forever shine. You touched not only me, but so many people in your short life. You stood up for who you were, what you believed in and most importantly our God.
Proverbs 31:30 says "a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised"...Robin you will always be praised!
I love you and miss you more than words could ever describe. You've left a wonderful man and awesome little boy, along with many lives you touched, who will carry out your stories...forever you will be praised!

This is a pic of Robin, Jason & Chris hiking in June of 2008, after her transplant, looking AMAZING!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 3

Well today, hands down has to go to my baby girl...
Adriana Winette, It's her 12th birthday today!
I can honestly say, I can remember the day she was born. Going in the night before, into a dark room at San Gorgonio Hospital. Laying there while they start my petocin and watching TV. It was a looooooong dark night! But I remember the next morning, clear as day! The sun finally broke through the early morning darkness. I had an intense sensation to do something, but didn't know what. I remember looking over at Kim and she asked me if I was ok, all I could do was nod. The nurse came in to check on me and she asked if I was ready to push. That was it, I needed to push! I didn't know this, because Ant was taken via c-section. So, push I all the wrong places! I remember pushing so hard and not doing anything. I was so upset and frustrated. I finally figured it out and after an hour of pushing my baby girl was born.
GORGEOUS! She truly was (I don't say that about all of my kids, honestly. Dominic was not cute when he was born!). Jose and Kim were there with me, the room now was so bright from the sun shining in. I don't remember too much after having her, except trying to nurse her with Kim sitting there and me not being embarrassed of everything being exposed. And my stomach growling so loud the nurses were laughing. I hated, no despised pancakes...BUT it was pancakes I wanted and pancakes I got!!! Ever since, I'm a lover of pancakes =)

So back to my Thankfulness...
Adriana is an awesome girl! Anyone will tell you, she is helpful, loving, funny, an airhead, a great all around girl.
She is who she is and she is TOTALLY okay with that.
She excels in soccer and I literally have coaches tracking me down to be put on their teams. Just recently she was invited to play in a tournament Thanksgiving weekend.
Her grades are awesome! She currently has 3 A's, 2 B's and an F (that is a LONG story, but let's just say, it's not her fault and Mama will be fighting this one!).
She is a wonderful big sister to her brother and sister. It took her a while to come around, after all she was our Princess for so long, it was hard to let the title go.
She's an awesome little sister. Supports and cheers her brother on. She's gotta keep on his good side, he's got a reputation =0
She does color guard, is on the praise and worship team with our youth program, is willing to help in any area she can.
Her goal in life is to become a doctor and live in Malibu.
But, her biggest ambition is to feed the hungry, cloth the needy and house the homeless. She has such a deep sympathetic heart to this ministry and I KNOW the Lord is going to bless her works as long as she keeps her eyes upon Him!
So, after all that, I'm going to leave you with the most resent pic of her

Isn't she beautiful! Al natural and has no want to be what she's not...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 2

Well, I wanted to brag on my son today, because I was kinda gonna go down a family line & I'm a little neurotic like that to do things in order....BUT....I've decided to take another route.

Today I am thankful for my freedom, liberty and God given right to VOTE! Some people take this for granted and being totally honest I didn't start until last year. I was very intimidated by it all and not until someone revealed some things to me did I finally see my privilege in it.
Being a woman in the 20th century, it truly is a privilege for me to vote.
I'm not all political, like some people in my family. But, I do listen, pay attention and even sometimes do my homework.
I was asked today what party I supported and to be honest, I can't say that I do. I know my beliefs and I prayerfully make my decisions on what suits me.
So, with that I leave you with...

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 1

My friend Sandy started this today on facebook...I took it a bit farther and started a 30 day blog post. I hope you can join me! If you do, let me know and I will go read & support your blogging efforts!

Has to go to my #1~Jose Roberto Herrera
My husband has to be the most awesome man I know!
He has taken a journey with me for the past 20 years.
He blessed me with my first born almost 15 years ago and since has blessed me with 3 additional.
He loves me threw my brokenness and rejoices with me threw my accomplishments.
He dreams with me, supports me, and most of all stands by me!
He works hard daily and supports his family and keeps me home to raise them.
He's his kids #2 cheerleader (come on, you know I'm their #1), a coach, and helper.
He's a prayer warrior and covers his family daily in them.
He's a child of the Most High Father and through his relationship with the Lord can love his family to the capacity that he does.
This list could probably go on all day, but you get the point!
Today, I am thankful for my Husband!