Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Purity-a vow rarely taken

Adriana came to Jose and I about 3 weeks ago and told us about an experin e she had over the summer. 

Her friend took a Purity Vow. She admittedly was jealous of the ring the girl recieved during to ceremony and wanted one. But then she told us that she was convicted of the jealousy she held for this ring. She began to talk with God and ask him about Purity. What the purpose of taking a vow is, what his words says about abstinence, etc. 
She told us how God would give her scripture. She would look it up, take notes and allow him to speak to her through it all. She shared with Jose & I a few scriptures God gave her. Talk about WOW!!!!
She opened up about her fears and we were able to speak the word and life into her. She asked about some things that concerned her and again we were able to minister to her. In the end, after us talking she said she wanted to take a Purity Vow. Yeah, try to hold back the tears with that one! After crying for a minute, we discussed two options she has. 
One, to take the vow and make it personal between her Papa, God and I.
Two, to open up to her youth pastors and discuss the possibilities of doing this in front of the church. 
Adriana isn't one for attention (yeah, I am as shocked as you.) She really isn't one to seek out attention although she is loud and obnoxious. Hahaha
Well after some thought and discussion as to why we would like her to take the vow in front of the congregation, she agreed to. 
We went to Angel & Allan the following Friday and discussed everything. They of course are honored to do it and have already taken steps with our head Pastor, Todd. 
Prayerfully we will be able to do it on her birthday, November 3rd. 
Last week we were approached by Angel & Allan about having another girl join Adriana. What a blessing!  Knowing that MY DAUGHTER- OUR- opened a door for another young lady to take this vow is amazing!
God has always shown me, he has GREAT things for my children. Above and beyond I could ever dream or imagine. 
Since the days of our talk Adi has come to me with some personally but truly God Only Testimonies!  She is a teenage girl growing up in a dark and evil world. Sex is every where and accepted by so many. But my baby girl is going to stand out!  Like a seed that is placed into a dark, murky water. My girl is gowing to blossom and bloom like a beautiful Lotus Flower. Her beauty will outshine the dark waters and dirty muck!
So today, I bought her her ring. I've been looking for one with the scripture 1 Timothy 4:12- "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." (1 Timothy 4:12 NIV)
I found it and in the exact ring style I wanted for a price I could afford!
Praise God!
I can't wait for the day her Papa and I stand with her and present her with this ring as a representation and symbol of an amazing vow she will take as God's Girl!