Wednesday, February 15, 2012


YUP, that's about how I'm feeling right now!  I won't go into details, because my life doesn't always need to be put on public display.  But I'll just say...same 'ol crappy ola with my mutha.
But, my computer did some updatey thing and shut down and restarted.  When it restarted, it was loading facebook and it happened to stop on someone's status update that I follow.  Delayna was messing around and so I hit the little thing that stops her from moving the mouse.
Man, God knows what He's doing...ALL.THE.TIME!
Because I read this and it was exactly what I needed!  I am worn out and exhausted and this really hit home!

"I pray in Jesus' name, may you fight the temptation to engage in relational battles that drain your strength, trying to prove your point or win your way or defend yourself. I pray you let your Lord be your defense. I pray you will never again get caught in the trap of blame of bitterness. May our God give you the wisdom to know what to fight for, for those your love, and how to fight in a way that brings blessings and breakthroughs to all of your relationships. In Jesus' Name, Amen" ~ Taken from Freedom for His Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Perfect portion

I bought these cute little plates at Target last week.  They are not only the cutest little plates, but so perfectly portioned!  This is Delayna's lunch for today (hence the Hello Kitty utensils).  But while I was making it, I thought... "hey Melissa! (yes, I talk to myself) this would totally work for your lunches!"
So, I'm going to make me some lunches on these nifty little plates.  Using the bigger spaces for the fruit & veggies.  Ha, pretty clever I am every now and then :)