Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm going to be picking up apples

Ant came home tonight and asked us, "what do you guys think of me getting a job at Rio Ranch?  It'll be seasonal. I'll be picking up apples and helping keep things clean. Shane Aunt is head of hiring and they are looking for HS students."

Jose told him, "Mijo, I really don't think your going to want to work there."
Ant replied, "Pa, it's only weekends from 9:30-5 and I get paid $10 an hour."
Jose responded, "but why would you want to work at a grocery store for only a few days a week?"
Ant replied, "Not Rio Ranch the grocery store, Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glen."
Oh my gosh, I about dies laughing!!!!
I was quiet trying to hear Ant out but was trying to wrap my brain around why he would be working at a store and could only clean up the apples. Then, how is a total white girl head over hiring a crew who predominately speak Spanish (I can kind of understand that as I am a white bilingual woman). 
I couldn't fathom his whole job would to be picking up apples, I mean what if cilantro fell on the floor. He'd ask someone else to pick it up?  
Oh it was too funny!!!!!
Anyways, we will see where this leads. I will be praying for God's will. I know he has been wanting to work for a while now. It may be good for him. I'll keep posted. As well with some more family updates.