Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're movin on up...

We finally found Delayna a toddler bed! I am SO excited!!! Because, I am anticipating a good nights rest, after she transitions. She has slept with me (and I mean ME! smack up against me, under my armpit me, in my ribs me, legs kicked back on my legs me...UGH! Not easy for me to sleep at all!) since birth. She was so colicy & being a breastfed baby I just found it easier to have her sleep with me. Well, I'm done & went on a hunt!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Graduation Day!

OK, so I'm about a month late posting this, but it's up!
Anthony graduated from Jr. High aka Middle School on June 10, 2010.
Jose, Delayna, Adriana, James, Gail, my mom & I all went to his graduation.
It was definitely a bitter sweet day! We are so very proud of our boy, but man, time sure has flown! I can't believe how much he has grown and how the years have placed us to where we are at today.
Here are some pics that I got...

Walking up

Waiting in line to hit the stage

Looking to see how much longer he has to boy, he was so nervous, but wouldn't admit it.

Standing with his Principle Mr. Wood

With a soccer buddy, Matthew Hamilton aka Matt aka Dynamite

Best Friends Forever! Jessica, Cera, Me & Ant

Ant & Cera (don't they look so happy together, I should bust out their bath pics! Ant is 20 days older than Cera...CRAZY!)


Adi & Ant...she loves her big brother!

My Man & His Boy

Ant and his baby, Dizzy Dee...he loves his baby!

The boys swinging Dee

Taking "Bobo" out for breakfast

Awe, a Mama & Her Baby Boy...I love this kid!

Twilight Trilogy!!!

Our local theater had a showing of Twilight, New Moon and the premier of Eclipse. I got tickets for Little & I to go to our first "Girls Night Out". We met up with Cynthia and Loretta at the theater...It was SUCH an awesome time and a night I will always remember!!!

Here's a pic of Little & I

Cynthia & Little

Cynthia & Adi's feet...we were waiting in line forever just to get in! Nothing else to take pics of I guess...LOL!

Beach Trip 7.12.10

After being busy as ever these past few months, Jose had the day off and we decided to get the flock out of here! We took off and went to the beach. We found a perfect parking spot, not too far from the shore. It was empty where we went & enjoyed the day away from home, life, etc... (I even left my cell in the truck, so I wouldn't be tempted to text or facebook!) I really enjoyed myself and came home just in a different mood. Anyhoot, here's some pics (of course!)

My Honey Skin Boarding

Berry & I

My Pretty Girl

Delayna chasing the seagull

Honey, my other son & Ant

Bits made this sand creation. He was so excited, he asked me to take a picture. Then Little suggested putting it on Sprout. Which Bit's finished...Online dot com...LOL!

My sexy boy, getting so big & muscular

Papa & the babies