Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have THE BEST!!!!

I just have to let everyone know.... I HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE IN MY LIFE!!!!!
I have been repeating through my pregnancy "God has really humbled me through my pregnancy".
I have always been one that has had to have control, know what's going on, be on top, always be the "do'er" and yet still didn't feel 'accepted' (I guess would be the word) enough.
I know it's not our works, but my flesh has always told me that it is.
Well, with all the people that have stepped up in my life, I have been humbled to a point where I have realized that I don't have to be all that to be accepted and open to what people want to do for me.
~When I found out I was pregnant I didn't know what I was going to do in regards to supplying for the baby. It really overwhelmed me. Well, Jose and I were talking the other night and have been SO blessed with people just giving me clothes for Delayna. This girl will have so many clothes to last her, I may never have to buy her a single outfit! I even had a friend mail me a box of clothes from South Carolina!
~Noe & Monica (Jose's boss, who also happen to be awesome blessings in our life!) have overly blessed us in so many ways! Monica has bought Delayna so many outfits it's awesome! She brought a few over a couple of different times then last Tuesday when we were at Bible Study, she was telling me about an outfit that she bought someone and Noe told her,,,"Give It To Her." Monica got so excited and handed me the bag and commented, "I've been waiting for him to tell me to give it to you." It was an adorable brown jumper with flowers and shoes to match! Lovin the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!
Then last Wednesday while Jose was at prayer night at the church, he walked out to the truck and there was a bag from K-Mart and a brand new bouncer sitting on the hood. He came home and walked in the house with it. I said, "what did you do?" He replied, "went and got something." Then chuckled and told me the real story. I sat there just bawling my eyes out! I couldn't believe that someone would go out of their way to bless in such an awesome way. Then to know that God is SO good! Just the night before at bible study, the girls were telling me that I need a bouncer or swing to put the baby into to help soothe her. Well financially we can't go out and do that, but God blessed us. Come to find out it was Noe & Monica! I was just beside myself that they have done so much. I talked to Noe Thursday night at church and he just kept repeating, "Melissa, know that God WILL provide." I know it, but to hear it is just so much more.
~One of my besties came over to visit with me yesterday. Jessica came over and kept Dom company while he showed her his LeapFrog movie. Then was holding Delayna and comforting her while I got some stuff done in the kitchen. She is the sweatest!!! After a while, I had to go get the kids from school and I left the kids with my mom and Jess while I ran out. When I got home, my 2 loads of laundry I was doing was folded for me!!!! Ack! She is the bestest!!!!
She's also going full force for Delayna's baby shower this Saturday. She has really stepped up and helped my mom alot. Another great blessing in my life!
~My sweet cousin Lourdes has stepped up to do my baby shower. In the begining she called me and asked me if I was going to have one. I commented, "No, I don't think so. I'm sure my family is sick of giving me baby showers." Lourdes really jumped on me for thinking like that and helped me to see that once again, I am loved! So, she stepped up and is going fanatic with this baby shower! She has been calling me at least once a week to follow up with stuff. She told me the other day that she would be calling me everyday until the shower...LOL. *Some background to why that's special...Lourdes & I were close as kids, but as we got older, we went our own ways. We have always loved each other, but haven't been as close. This is bringing us closer, just taking the time to reach out to each other as adults.*
~My Grandma Roof. Just because I love her! She has called me a few times to ask if 2 of her close friends would be welcomed to come to the shower with her. I have meet both of them and they are really sweet ladies. My Grandma was the first one there at the hospital after I had Delayna, she was the first one to hold her & changer her diaper. I can call my grandma at anytime and tell her my woes and she always has a good word for me. I just love my grandma and thank God for letting her be my Grandma!!!
~My mommy. Even though she is a pain in my hiney sometimes, she is a good mommy! She tries her hardest and is really getting better. I must say that this was the first pregnancy and birth of my baby that she has been enjoyable. We have been on one hell of a rocky road together, but the Lord has placed where we are and things continue to improve.

I just thank God for all the blessings that he has poured out upon my family & I. I am beside myself and like Jose says: "I don't have enough words to thank Him."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh My!

Well, I sit here at 9:50pm. Delayna has been extremely fussy at nights. I really think it is colic, but who really knows whats going on in that little body of hers.
Well, I am normally upstairs with Jose trying to soothe her myself, while Jose sleeps, until I can't do anymore. Then he will wake up and take over for about an hour while I try to escape the screams of my poor baby girl.
Well, many times my mom has gripped at me the next morning. She tells me how angry she gets with me that I don't bring her downstairs and let her try to soothe Delayna. How Delayna likes her better than Jose and she can get her to calm down better, ect. etc. etc...
Well, I am sitting here listening to my mom go through the same routine that Jose and I have been going through for the past 2 weeks.
She's not doing any better & in some ways I find it amusing. Amusing in the fact that my mom, "little miss know it all when it comes to my babies" is not succeeding at keeping the tears, screams & unhappiness to come.
She is in her room right now with about 3 of my music boxes playing, because she thinks they will work.
Then she thinks she's hungry and that "my milk" isn't doing the trick. So we make a bottle and watch Delayna spit it out and fight to even allow it into her mouth...
Awe the joys of proving my mom wrong sometimes.
That sounds horrible, but sometimes we have to laugh when we want to scream or cry...

Monday, February 23, 2009

My girl is 1 month old!

OK, this post is a week late, but it takes me AGES to get a post done! I just did the Laughlin post and it took me ALL day, seriously. Now someone is instant messaging my mom, so I gotta hurry!!!
Here is her 1 month pics...
Here's her toes with my ring on the right foot & Jose's on the left

My pretty girl with her eyes wide open

In her pretty dress

K, I will try to catch up more later!

Laughlin Soccer Tournaments

Wow, what a little trip we had! We drove out Friday afternoon & got there in about 3 1/2 hours. Not bad compared to the other people that drove the freeway. It took them 5 to 5 1/2 hours! Jose was doing about 80 the whole way out there & got caught doing it...LOL!
The highway's speed limit was 55 MPH and was clocked at 84 MPH! Boo on our ticket, but what are we gonna do?
We had a wonderful time driving our little route. I remember my friend Jessica telling us about Amboy and when we were driving we saw the signs telling us that that's where we would be heading. So I called her up, but she wasn't home, so Cera told me all about the "fun things" to see in Amboy.
Anyway, here's some pics and I'll give descriptions...

Click on Amboy and get LOTS of neat information about the town & filming of CARS.
Here's a pic of the gas station


Post office...Isn't it cute!?!

This was a guy coming into town going to the gas station. Guess this is how the people get around...ROFLMBO!

The little hotels

K, now onto pics of us being in Laughlin
Here's Anthony coming off the field after his game

Our newest soccer player

The Titans

My boy doing his thang...Jake McCool walking away

In his box

Penalty kick that Anthony kept out...He's my goalie!

My pretty girl

Mama & her pretty girl in the hotel room. She's wearing her "I love mommy" shirt.

Cooing to her Papa

Bits & Delayna sleeping together...Love it!

Mama & Delayna at the pool



Sissy & Bits

OK, if you've never been to Laughlin, please take note...
Unless you are a drinker, gambler or a partier, there is absolutely nothing to do. Then with kids...IT'S EVEN WORSE!
So, we headed over to the mall. My intention was to get Delayna's ears peirced, but we weren't able to do that =(
Here is Dominic being entertained on the kiddy rides

Here they are on the train that was at the Hotel. Dumbie me, forgot to take a pic of the train...DUH!

Here's some pics of us driving to Laughlin.
I think this is a really cool pic of my handsome husband!

Here's the shoe tree in Amboy

The Chloride 'Lake'. Jose was stealing salt rocks.

The water builds these glacier type rocks. They are gorgeous!

The hills of Arizona

Over all our trip was alright. We spent more money on food than we did on anything! Anthony lost 3 games and tied 1. Unfortunately, I only went to his last game =( It kinda made me sad, but I have to step back with the baby and allow Jose to step up to the plate, which he is doing a damn good job!
Ant's last game was against Riverside & boy were they dirty! Those boys & the coach were something else! At one point, one of our boys & one of their boys had hit each other. Well, the other boy picked up the ball and threw it at our boy!
We did have a good time with the kids.
Our next far tournament is in San Diego. I can't wait for that one!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am thowing in the towel!

I have tried and just am not succeeding. So I am throwing in the towel, with cloth diapering.
I'm not feeling guilty and I am standing proud knowing that I tried.
I thank all of those who came along side me and supported me and all the encouragement I received!
The reasons for my being done are as follows:
1) I have 4 children. The time it takes to do daily activities is barely enough, adding in cloth diapers is a bit much. *On a note, I must say, I did try! BUT, when you have 5 loads of laundry sitting in your room that needs to be put away & still clothes that need to be washed, not to mention the basket with diapers. You become overwhelmed*

2) Convenience. Honestly, I don't sit. I, unfortunately will be going back to work. I have 2 kids in soccer, traveling (if you don't understand, don't try to). Bible study 2 nights out of the week, church that we attempt to get to another night out of the week and of course church and youth group on Sunday.

3) Cost. YES, I *know* cloth diapering, in the long run, is cheaper. But, I don't have the money to put out on them right now. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I am giving up. I did the pre-folds, which I had my heart set on, but they just don't work for me. I did like the pockets, but those and the AIO/2's are quite expensive.

So, that's it. It's hard to admit this to myself, because I really had my heart set on cd'ing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bedtime Fun

Last night Jose fell asleep around 8pm, while we were watching "The Neverending Story" with Bitsie.
So I had to put all the kids down for bed. I put Delayna in Dominic's bed while I helped get him ready. I couldn't help but take some pics...

My Bitsie being cute as always

Anthony in his bed

My Pretty Girls

Dominic, Delayna & Adriana in Bitsie's bed

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, the after anyways. I was on a cleaning spree yesterday, so we didn't even get showered until later.
Today we went to church. I actually got ready before Jose and we were out of the house on time...WOOHOO!
I dressed Delayna in her Valentines outfit that Mike & Brittany got her, so I had Jose take pics.

Me, Dominic & Delayna

Again, just because it's a good one for my bitsie

Mama & her Cheerio girl

Talking to her Papa

Papa & Delayna