Monday, September 14, 2015

Little Dom in the hood

Now I'm singing "Boys In Da Hood" song...LOL!

Anywho, I wanted to write out this blog one for me to look back and remember and two to help others understand the significance of my excitement and how HUGE of an answered prayer this is.

I took this picture and posted it on social media a bit earlier. 
"Not easy to see but...there is a group of kids that live in our new neighborhood. Dom has gone to school with quite a few for many years and one is even his best friend. I could NEVER get him to go outside and play at our last house. 3 weeks here and I can't get him to stay in. I am SO happy to be where we are."
We recently moved (I guess another blog post I should write) a few streets down from our last home. Dominic NEVER went out to play, unless Jose and I were out front and actually forced him to play.  Dominic has never rode a bike, he has never wanted to learn.  Dominic doesn't play sports, just not his thing.  Dominic never had friends around us to play with.  I've been concerned for him.  Wondering if he plays at school, if he "fits in", etc.  He has told me about his friends but never tells me about him playing.  I've always encouraged, supported his likes and tried showing him different options.  

Well, we moved here on September 1st.  We noticed the girls across the street are girls that Dom has been in class with for a few years and has gone to school with him since 1st grade.  Found out his best friend lives about 5 houses down from us.  Another friend of his lives right behind us, and quite a few more lived down the street.  I have never seen this kid so happy to go play outside.  He comes home, gets his stuff done and goes out to play.  I call him in for dinner, he eats, goes right back outside to play.  He played so much today that after he showered he was complaining that his feet & legs were hurting him.  Yes, that is how out of shape he is (not to mention, he does have flat feet and they bother him from time to time).  

I am ecstatic!  One thing I've always prayed and been worried about is Dom not having friends, not living a life like a little boy should, not making/having friends and making memories.  This move has been rough on all of us in many ways, but it is a HUGE blessing in SO many ways!  This is just one of the many that I need to share about.

God truly hears our hearts cries, even the little ones that seem so meaningless to us.  Once again He has shown me, "Yes Melissa, I care".

357 days...

That is how long it's been since I've Blogged!  Yes, my mouth is dropped.  I keep saying I need to quite posting on Facebook and direct it here, but it's just so quick and easy to post there.
Well, we will see how well I do from here on out.....