Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I want a baby Destiny

So, Saturday I babysat my friend's 9 month old daughter and her 15 month old son. Being that they are foster to adopt babies, I didn't want to post pics. So sorry there are none to share.
It was just Dominic, Baby Destiny, Daniel & I for 4 hours together!
We really had alot of fun!
Dominic especially. I really wanted to see how he was going to respond to a baby that doesn't talk or respond like his older brother & sister. I wanted to observe how gentle he would be, how attentive he would be & how helpful he would be.
Well, lets just say, "Dominic is going to be a FANTASTIC big brother!"
He did SO well with D&D!
Daniel took a nice nap for me, but Destiny on the other hand slept for all of 20 mins!!! Yeah, I was POOPED!
Dominic was able to have 1 on 1 time with her and really interact with her.
It was GREAT fun watching him!
So after Arlene came to pick them up & they left Dominic kept repeating;
"Mama, I want a baby Destiny."
So I finally asked him... "Well, do you want a baby Destiny or do you want the baby in mama's belly to be a girl?"
To which he replied, "I want mama to have a baby girl."
So I explained to hime, "That would mean that you would have a baby sister and not a baby brother. Do you want a baby sister?" (Footnote, he has been wanting a baby brother since he found out mama has a baby in her belly)
So he said, "Yes mama, I want a baby sister."
Now he tells me ALL the time...
"Mama, I want a baby Destiny in your belly."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camp Time

So, I am on the countdown for kids to go to camp.
Adriana leaves Friday morning. I am driving her up to Frasier Park after I get off of work.
I am kind of anxious for her to go this year, and I'm not quit sure why.
We seem to have really bonded this summer.
If you know my past with Adriana, we have never really had a mother/daughter bond and we have really gotten close this summer.
So, I am kinda sad she is going.
But I know she will have a wonderful time!
She comes home on Monday, so only gone for 4 days.
Then Anthony leaves.
I am really excited for him to go. I am praying that the Lord really touches him and brings him closer to him and Anthony can open up to a true relationship with God through this time.
I will update more later!
Just keep this mama in your prayers.
I know all will be fine, but my emotions are getting the best of me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Boo

Saturday I went to a Luau for my church's Soul Mates Group. The head leaders presented Jose & I with a gift for the baby. It was 2 outfits (we are all claiming a girl) and a baby doll. Well, I brought the stuff home that night and Dominic found the baby. He will not let this baby go. I tried explaining to him that it is for the baby in 'mama's belly'. He insists that it is his. Her name is Baby Boo and she is the baby.
He had her sleeping on my chest Saturday night, covered in his blankie. He takes her everywhere he goes and will not leave her. He is so funny.
Here are some pics of him last night with Baby Boo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you give a mom a muffin

A friend of mine has this posted on her blog and I HAD to steal it!
Dominic seems to love to read the story, "If you give a pig a pancake" and this falls in line, but for mama...

If you give a Mom a muffin,She'll want a cup of coffee to go with it.
She'll pour herself some.
The coffee will get spilled by her three year old.
She'll wipe it up.
Wiping the floor, she will find some dirty socks.
She'll remember she has to do some laundry.
When she puts the laundry in the washer,She'll trip over some snow boots and bump into the freezer.
Bumping into the freezer will remind her she has to plan dinner for tonight.
She will get out a pound of hamburger.
She will look for her cookbook (101 Things to Make With a Pound of Hamburger).
The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail.
She will see the phone bill which is due tomorrow.
She will look for her checkbook.
The checkbook is in her purse that is being dumped out by her two year old.
She'll smell something funny.
She'll change the two year old.
While she is changing the two year old the phone will ring.
Her four year old will answer it and hang up.
She remembers that she wants to phone a friend to come for coffee on Friday.
Thinking of coffee will remind her that she was going to have a cup.
She will pour herself some.
And chances are......If she has a cup of coffee......Her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.
Author: Kathy Fictorie

Proud Mama Moment

Anthony & his friend Brandon have been looking for ways to make money.
Well, Anthony started (as usual) the idea of doing yards in the neighborhood. Brandon wanted in on it, and Anthony of course allowed.
So about 2 weeks ago Anthony decided to go around asking people in the neighborhood if they would like him & Brandon to do their yards. Our 2 neighbors right next door agreed to them doing their yards.
Well, the other boys in the neighborhood got wind of what Ant & Brandon were doing and snagged up the jobs that the boys got.
They cut the 2 guys yards & did the most horrible job!!!!
So this past week, Anthony & Brandon decided to make fliers & business cards.
They wen't door to door looking for business & the neighbors that previously said would allow the boys to do the yard, but then turned & allowed the other kids to do it (confusing, I know) told Ant & Brandon that they want them to do their yards, because the other boys did a horrible job....HA HA HA HA HA HA! Kinda what those boys got for doing them dirty.
So after going door to door, Ant & Brandon now have 5 houses total that they are going to be doing, plus they got a weed pulling job.
When they went to go ask one of the neighbors about doing his yard (this guy is known as the 'baller' of the neighborhood). He told them that he didn't need mowing, but he did need someone to pull the weeds on his hill.
So he asked the boys how much.
They told him $15 each.
He said, "You boys are crazy, your worth more than that!"
So the boys said, "$25 each."
The guy replied, "I'll tell you what, I know how much that work is going to be. If you do a good enough job, then I will pay you $50 each."
They agreed.
Those boys are on Cloud 10 right now!!!
They can't believe they are going to be making $50 each!
So they will be out Monday morning to do his hill.

It is really a blessing my eyes!
Jose & I have been struggling financially and camp is coming up. We weren't going to be able to pay for it, but the means came in and we were blessed.
Well, Ant was doing his laundry the other day and he told me;
"Mom, I have 5 pairs of clothes." I asked, "what does that means?"
He said, "I have 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants that I can wear to camp."
I felt like a dagger had been thrown at my heart.
My son only has 5 pairs of 'bottoms'!?!
He is making his plans of what he can do with what he has, but as a mother, I should be able to provide.
Well, as a mother, I SHOULD be able to provide, but the Lord must give me to provide.
But the Lord is showing me, I will provide, and it isn't in the way you think.
Anthony will be able to make this money, and he will be able to learn what a dollar is and buy himself some new clothes.
He will not only learn what it's like to to work for your money, but how fast it can go and take pride in all he is doing.
It's a lesson for Anthony, but a provision too.
End of my brag session.

Starlight, Starbright

Last night Dominic & I went upstairs around 8:30pm to brush his teeth, get him ready for bed and read a book.
Well, we did the teeth & jammies and went into my bedroom to read him a book.
While I was fixing my bed for us to climb into it, I hear him saying something.
So I stop and look at him.
He is standing at my window, looking out reciting (in his words):
"Starlight, Starbight, first star see tonight, wish I might, have my wish I am wish tonight."
Awe,,,how sweet!
He just melts my heart sometimes!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Herrera Boy's First Camp Night

Anthony got a wild hair and wanted to camp out back with Dominic. So, we let him set up the little tent that we do have.

Here's Anthony setting the tent up

The Dogs trying to get in, a little dark

Dominic bringing the blankets down

Now the pillows

It's all set up!

Taking his pillow out to the tent

Piling more blankets & pillows in


Bobo & Bits in the tent ready for bed.

Jose and I were up at 4 am getting ready for work. So I sent Jose out to check on them. He said they were snoring.
So, after I got dressed, I went out and checked on them & they were both bundled up and sleeping like babies.
It is now almost 7 am and the sun is rising.
I wonder if they are up yet.
Just one of them moments that makes me proud to be a mama!
~The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Not A Mistake

This afternoon Anthony, Dominic & I were in the pool and out of the blue Anthony said, "Mom, never tell you child that they were a mistake."
I was blown away and confused. So I asked him, "What do you mean?"
He replied, "This baby isn't a mistake and you should never tell it that it was."
I explained to him, that NO this baby isn't a mistake, but it is a suprise and was 100% unexpected.
My son has GOT to be the sweetest boy I have known.
He loves this baby already and is so concerned and caring.
He really cares about my being and how I am feeling. How the baby is doing and growing.
I am truely blessed!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Silly Kids @ LCC Softball

Well, since the kids saw I had my camera, we decided to have fun.
I am sparing you by not posting all the pics, but let's just say there were many repeats, just different faces...LOL

Dom wearing Kristen's sunglasses

Silly sisters w/ roll up tongues

Dom & Kayla, best of friends

Hailee, Adriana, Kayla, Dominic & Alexi

Sweet Babies!

Pretty Girls

Now the silly faces....

Awe, a sweet one

Yeah, silly again, posing

Legacy Softball Baby!

Well, I FINALLY felt well enough to go to Jose's softball game. If you know me, you know that I am at EVERY SINGLE soccer game my kids have, EVERY SINGLE soccer game Jose has ever had, and EVERY SINGLE performance anyone in my family might be a part of.
I guess you could label me as a "soccer mom" and I am proud to carry the name!
Well, this pregnancy has really been kicking my butt! I have been SO sick and especially tired to attend Jose's softball games. Well, his season is almost over and my sickness is finally lifting up. So, I did what I had to do (aka slept almost all day :-) ), made dinner early and got everybody ready so that I could go to his game. Here are a few pics...

Who's On Second?... JOSE!

PT & "Coach" Jim

Run Forest,

I mean Jose, RUN!

Jose & Eric tossing the ball

Awe, PT being a Poser...LOL

Yeah, Jim's one too!



Move... WHOOPS!

Come On Baby!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Sunday we went to FUSION (our church youth group that Jose & I are mentors at).
Pastor Mike planned a Bobbing For Apple Contest.
It was great fun! Here are some pics...

Group 1, before the dunk
Group #2, before the dunk (Oh Yes, that's Jose!)

Noe guarding the apples

Jose going in for his apple

Little Noa trying for an apple,,,He has NO front teeth!

Zach got one!
After The Dunk!

Dewey going in for another...
Watch Out!
Jose will hold you under!
Get 'Em Dewey!
James & Noe got him back too...Ha Ha Ha
Pastor Mike bringing the word.
Actually he was edumacating the kids on camping.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day 2008

We had a family fun filled day!
I came home from work and Jose and I went and bought chicken & stuff for potato salad.
Came home and cooked.
Gail, James, Sarah, Mark & Devin came over as well as Aunt Vonnie & Bryan.
We all ate and spent time together.
Then drove to Banning to watch the fireworks show over there.
Here's some pics...
Mom & Domi waiting for the fireworks

Jose, of course

Anthony & Mark watching the show

Dominic during the whole show. He did not like the fireworks!

Here's some pics of the fireworks I took...