Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

My day started at about 4:30am. I had to get up and get ready to go to work...WooHoo...Yeah Right!
I got to work at 5:15am, and really didn't even care I was late.
I had my first person in around 6am.
The day was a LONG day!!!
I was able to score some really good deals online.
Then I got off work, came home, changed and got my butt over to Khol's to score me a few more deals. Then over to KMart where I couldn't find anything, then Target where I got more deals.
Jose was home by the time I got here. Poor baby ended up falling asleep on the floor, where I tried waking him up to go to bible study. He went upstairs and I thought he was showering, but wasn't, he was asleep again.
So I went out to do something for about an hour. Got back and he was showered and awake laying in bed.
We were able to take advantage of the night and lay in bed & watch a movie.
It was a good day!

Thanksgiving 2008

Gees, I guess I'm a litte late on posting this, but that's alright.
Our Thanksgiving starts every year on Wednesday night when we go to our church and have a canlde light service and listen to what every one is thankful for. Along with handing out warm-fuzzies.
This year was the first year I didn't get up and bawl my head off while telling my thanks and giving my warm-fuzzies.
It's not that I didn't want to, I just felt like sitting back and being blessed to hear all of the new people get up and be thankful for what they have, where they are and what they have been through. Our church is SUCH a blessing!
So since I didn't give my thanks that evening, I figured I would blog about it (which obviously I haven't done yet due to my own busy-ness, but will do now).
I am thankful for SO many things!
~First of all, I am thankful for my freedom in this country. We have really been through a whirlwind with this years election, have made history and are seeing new things about to happen. BUT, we are a free nation & a blessed nation!
~I am SO thankful for EVERYTHING the Lord has done in our lives this year.
This has been the hardest year yet on our family, financially. But we are still a family, we still have a home to live in, food on our table, clothes on our back, shoes on our feet a family that loves us and a church family that sticks closer than our own flesh and blood.
~I am thankful to the Lord for giving me a man that NEVER lets up! He immigrated to this country with a dream and is determined to live that dream out. No doubt has God placed us in each other's lives. He was an un-believer when I met him and through me my love found the love of God. Through this man, I am learning to not only love myself, but what I have and am blessed with daily. My husband has really grown closer to the Lord these past 8 months and it is incredible! He is a bible thumper, a prayer, a listener of God's voice and just resently I have been able to see my Husband bring forth a word of God to a fellow friend. WOW!
He is a hard worker, striving through these tough economic times to keep us above and provide for his family. He is an awesome Papa who loves his children dearly. He is sexy, and yet still has that rough neck look about him (especially when he pours cement...YUM!), he loves me for who I am, no matter what and continually puts up with me day after day, year after year.
~I am thankful for my children. Each and every one of them! Anthony is the biggest help, still a mama's boy and is such a pleaser. We have had our challenges this year, but all in all, he is still an awesome kid! Adriana is becoming such a precious girl (when she wants to be). She has such a sensitive spirit about her and has shared an awesome vision with me for her future. Dominic is just a bits. He is funny, kick back, has a personality that you wouldn't believe. Now the Lord has blessed us with one more due in January. Obviously the Lord has a bigger plan for Jose & my life than we fathomed!
~I am thankful for my mommy. Who even though she can be a pain in the butt, is an awesome mom & grandma!!!! I can not be thankful enough for my mom having such a close relationship with my babies. She knows when she is needed and as this pregnancy is wearing on me, she is really stepping in and getting things done. She has come a LONG way in her life. The Lord showed me a vision for my mom, and as long as I was obedient in my area, He would bring us though, and He is.
~I am thankful for a church that has opened it's doors to my family and has taken us in to build us up. My Pastors have really been sensitive to the Lord and obedient. The families that have been brought in to our church this past year and have opened their doors to the bible studies, the bbq's, the time to just sit and spend with you has been awesome! We have made some great friends this past year that have been placed in our lives for a reason, and I am definitely seeing why through the growth of not only myself, but especially my husband! I can say, "We have some REAL friends!"
~I am thankful for my brother and sister(by law). Everything we have been through, we are still the best of friends. My brother can be such a brat, but man do I love him! He has a great calling upon his life and once he let's go, WATCH OUT! My sister is awesome and has really raised some awesome kids. She knows what needs to be done and gets it done. She has been obedient in so many areas of her life that it will all come together and she is going to be blown away by what the Lord has for her.
~I am thankful for my neices & nephews that my sister has given me. My neice is such a blessing to my life. I have been able to really grow close to her this year working with the youth. This girl has a calling in her life and as long as she stands firm in what she knows, she is giong to be a testimony to SO many teenage girls one day! She has a sensitive spirit and is so open to learn more.
My warm-fuzzies go out to Mick & Janie, Noe & Monica, my VERY special friend Glenda, Pastor Mike & Brittney and finally my Pastor & Mishelle. Without these people in my life this past year, only God knows where my family would be!

Thursday started out with getting together with our church. We did a Thanksgiving Outreach at the Banning Community Center. Our focus were for those in need for Thanksgiving. Those who needed someone to love on them and take them just as they were for a special day of thanks.
We got there around 10am and had an awesome morning & early afternoon serving and blessing those who needed us, along with being able to just enjoy each other's company.
We had 146 people (I do believe) come out for us to serve. Not bad at all! After we finished up and cleaned up, we headed home to sit a spell and get some food in our bellahs.
Then headed off to Grandpa & Grandma Roof's house.
We just missed Lourdes and Adrian...UGH! But Alli, Aunt Vonnie & the boys, Uncle Butch & Theresa, Gordon & Diane (g&g's friends) and Kent & his gal pal were all there. We had a fun time, as always. Grandma made LOTS of food. Grandpa bought a 32 lb turkey (Yeah, I think that one made the record!). It was all gravy :-)
Around 7pm we left there, so I could go home & shower and get ready for my morning at work.
All in all, it was a great day!
Thank you Lord for my MANY blessings!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Gramma Giamette

Dominic always asks for things that he knows he shouldn't be having. When he does, he gets his sweet face on and says,
"Mama, can I have this, Pahlease." Then pouts his bottom lip.
We have always thought it is cute & funny, but I've always wondered where he got the pouting of the lip from.
So I asked him, "Where did you get that from?"
He asked, "What mama?"
"That little lip, who does that?"
His reply was, "Gramma Giamette, she does it when she asks me for a hug."
AWE...Too Sweet!

Easy Mama Easy

Dominic & I were driving the other day and I guess I was going fast and trying to get to our destination on time.
He tells me, "easy Mama easy."
I said, "What?"
So he repeated it and I asked him, "Where did you get that from?"
He said, "from papa, he tells us that."
That kid is SO funny!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday's Soccer Party

So after an intense Saturday of soccer tournaments, Adriana had her party.
It was LOTS of fun, but then again, when isn't a soccer party fun!?!
Coach Terry shared some facts about the season with us.
We went out 8-2 (in lamens terms, we played 10 total games, 8 of them we won & 2 we lost). NOT BAD for a group of girls that in the beginning didn't know too much about soccer & the coach was just as lost if not more. Poor Coach Terry was basically thrown into the position of coach as one of the other parent's was going to do it & just quit. Thank God for Johana, who helped save the team!
More stats: The most goals scored by a single player previously in our U12 Girls Division was 22. Well, our team beat that number by one. We had a girl on our team who single handledly scored 23 goals in a single season.
That girl would be MY BABY GIRL!!!! ADRIANA HERRERA!
goal Pictures, Images and Photos

She also got MVP from her coach. He said that she really stepped up during practices and got the girls going, got him going on drills he didn't know about and really taught him alot this season.
Yes, this is
Proud Mama Pictures, Images and Photos

soccer girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday Soccer Review

So our day started at 8:30am for Anthony's check in.
Anthony's game began at 9:15am against the undefeated team...Highlighters.
They had to beat this team to take 2nd place and have the title of beating the undefeated team.
The game began. It was a VERY intense game!

Anthony played goalie or "keeper" (he was secretly trying out for a Regional Playoff Team, yes, that's a HUMONGOUS deal!!!).
The Highlighters were putting up a tough game and The Titans were fighting even harder!
At half time the score was 1-0 in favor of The Titans (yes, Ant's team!).
Second half began and we were fighting hard to keep our shutout.
A player came towards Anthony to make a goal, Anthony came out of the box to get the ball, it was kicked just before he grabbed it, going over his whole body. One of Anthony's team mates was back behind Ant near the goal. The ball began to roll into the goal box and Ant's team mate, got in the goal, and kicked the ball out! Saving our shut out!
We managed to get another goal and as Coach Lenny began the countdown from 4 mins, The Highlighters fought even harder to get a goal & The Titans fought to keep their shut out.
It got really dirty towards the end with The Highlighters wanting to make a goal, so we would get a shut out & bragging rights.
In the end The Titans WON 2-0!!!

Adriana's game was next.
This too was a tough game. As soon as we got to the field Adriana was having a hard time breathing and was crying. We thought she got hurt and we were telling her to just lift her hands and breath. It wasn't that, she was seriously having a hard time breathing. Coach Terry went in to check her and had to pull her out. *If you know Adriana, she is a FIGHTER! You will see that now matter what she is faced with, she will fight through it and keep going.* This was serious. Jose went down to her on the sideline and got her doing some weird soccer breathing excercises. *Only Jose would know this stuff, he's such a weirdo...LOL*
After the first quarter, she went back in as goalie.

They played against a really good team. It was a tough fight.
Nothing great for our team. Adriana made the first goal of the game but, unfortunately my little girl didn't win the game. I do believe that the score was 2-5, it was BAD!
She was ok, but upset. She knew she had one more chance to kick some butt later on in the day.

At this point when Adi's game was over, we had exactly an hour to get these kids some food in their belly's and be back on the field to play Adi's next game.

We fed them and got back out onto the field.
This time we were in the sweltering heat with a team from only God knows where!
The team wasn't all that great, but man, they were dirty!
The coaches were horrible, if you could figure out who the coaches were. Then the other parent's watching were yelling at our players when they were on that side of the field! Adriana said that our old neighbor was on the other side talking smack to her...WHAT NERVE!
I'm VERY surprised some of those parents weren't red carded & kicked off the field! *OH, and this is the team that took 1st place in the end!?!*
Anyway, Adriana was kicked in the knee, tripped, kicked in the back of the foot, her toe was kicked, then stepped on by the same girl, but she kept on pushing. This girl has FIGHT!
She was PISSED and was ready to take it out on the field.
Unfortunately her anger didn't allow her to take a win. The team was VERY dirty and literally fought to take the positions they did.
I haven't a clue of the score. I just wanted the game to be over and my baby to be done & taken home to get some R&R!

We got her home at almost 1pm and had to get Anthony back on the field by 3pm for his 3:30 final game.

This time Anthony was playing our friend's team, Ed & Jenny. They haven't won a game all season, and as much as I wanted to see my son's team take first place, I wanted to see Ed win a game. Especially a tournament game against the 2nd place team!
The game began with a BANG! As awesome as the morning game was, this was even better!
Beaumont Extreme played HARD!!! Some of those boys that began really with no knowledge of the game were REALLY showing improvement!
Anthony played sweeper for the first half & was put into keeper for the 2nd half.
The final score for this game was 2-0
In favor of...
The Titans!
Yeah Baby! My son's team took FIRST PLACE!!!!!! We were SO very proud!!!!
This made Coach Lenny's tenth 1st place tournament team! Congrats Coach Lenny, You Deserve It!!!
Here's a pic of The Titans from earlier in the day

A day at the Dr's office with the Herrera Boys

Friday I had to take Anthony in to the Dr.
His chest bone has been protruding and getting worse. Jose was REALLY worried about him and what was going on.
So I called Thursday and the only day they could get me in was on Friday (which was the day of Vicky's memorial & I had to miss it), or I had to wait until January.
So Dominic and I get ready and go pick up Anthony from his school. While we are waiting (like 15 mins!), Dominic is just being a goof and entertaining the staff & I.
We head to the Dr's and Dominic realizes which office we are going to and starts screaming,
"Mama, we can go in the alligator!?!" I know what it means, but Ant looks at me like, "what is this kid talking about?"
So I told Dominic, "Well, ask 'Bobo' and see if he wants to go in the alligator."
Dominic asks Ant and Ant replies, "What is the alligator?"
So, I told Dominic, "We'll go in and surprise Bobo what the alligator is."
Well, anyone that has kept up with my blog knows, the alligator is the ELEVATOR at the Dr's office.
We go into the building and Dominic shows Bobo what the alligator is and asks him if he wants to go in. Of course we do and Anthony starts busting a gut when he realizes that the alligator was the elevator.
We go up and I go to check Ant in. Dominic & Anthony walk off and I look over to see Dominic standing in front of the Women's bathroom. I ask him, "Dominic, what are you doing? Why are you standing here?"
He answers, "Because Bobo is in there." I said, "WHAT, why is your brother in there?!?!"
I open the door and yell, "Anthony?"
Oh yes, the boy answered me!!! He was in the Woman's bathroom, in a stall getting ready to go to the bathroom.
He replies, "What!?" Like I was in the wrong bathroom and he was baffled that I was in there.
I tell him, "Your in the Women's bathroom."
He didn't believe me and started to argue and laugh at the same time. Then he comes out of the stall to see me standing there pointing to the sign on the door.
"Yes son, your in the Women's bathroom!"
We were ROLLING!!!!
He quickly came out and went into the Men's.

After we get called back to the office, we are in there talking and Dominic is playing with a really cool puzzle that was in the office. I asked him to name the items in the puzzle.
So he started to name them off and picks up the helicopter and calls it a "HELOCLOPTO".
Anthony & I started busting up laughing the way he was pronouncing it.
Lately Dominic has been really using his tongue to pronounce his "L's" and calling it a "heloclopto" was just hillarious!
Dominic didn't find it very funny and started to get mad at Anthony for laughing.
So Dominic walked over to Anthony, who was laying on the table laughing, climbed up onto the step and...
WHAM! He hit him as hard as he could in his private!
I was laughing SO hard that I had to hide my face. I wanted Dominic to know that it wasn't ok to hit his brother there, but the way it all happened was so funny that I couldn't help but laugh while my poor son is curled up rolling on the table.
I finally compose myself and talk to Dom and tell him he needs to appologize to his Bobo.
He walked back over to the table and Anthony sat up to see him, and Dominic jumps up and...
WHAM! Dominic's head bonks Ant right in the nose!
We finally got the appologies out, but man, was I hurting from laughing so hard! While poor Anthony is dying in pain.
After we get through the painful appologies, Anthony is telling me how hungry he is and wants to go eat. He calls Dominic over and tells him in his ear to come ask me something.
Dominic comes over and is saying something about "Juno". I am trying to decifer what he is trying to say regarding "Juno". I know that boy has NEVER seen that movie!
He says, "Mama, Bobo wants Cardos Juno!" Then I finally figure out what he is saying...
"Bobo wants Carl's Jr." ROFLMBO!!!!!!
Finally the Dr comes in to check Ant out and is having him do the typical breathing excercises.
She tells him to breath in, breath out.
We hear this really heavy breathing and look over at Dom and he is breathing in and out with Anthony.
We all start busting up laughing!
So after about 1 1/2 hours of comedy, we find out that Anthony's sternom is growing outward instead of together (go figure, Dom's grows in & we were EXTREMELY worried when he was a baby that it would eventually puncture his lungs).
He is fine, he will just have a "well defined chest" as he gets older and works his pecs out.
All in all, everything is good and we got a great hour or so of comedy!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Song Dedication To Vicky

I have been singing a couple of songs in my head to keep my spirits up and to help my own emotions heal after loosing a dear friend.
One is "Because Of You", it's a praise and worship song that we sing in church and the bridge says:
"We're Jumping, Shouting, Dancing, Spinning, Singing...There's Freedom."
I keep seeing Vicky, jumping, shouting, dancing, spinning and PRAISING!
For as long as I knew her, she had health problems, and she is FREE! What a thought! For someone who had so many health issues for so long to be able to run, jump, dance, anything she wants! It's an awesome picture to have in my head!
Sure, I'm mourning my loss, but PRAISING even So Much More because I KNOW what Vicky is doing right now!!!
Hey, I just thought, "I wonder if she's found Papa yet." For those that don't know, my mom had a dog. It was THE UGLIEST dog you've ever seen! But boy did he love Vicky and she loved him. He went home to 'doggy heaven' over 12 years ago and we all were very hurt. But Vicky can walk over to 'doggy heaven' and find him. The Lord says, "We will be reunited with our loved ones."
Getting off track...
Jeremy Camp came out with a song called "There will be a day". Tuesday morning on my way home from work, he was being interviewed by Air1 and talking about why he wrote this song.
It made me really think of Vicky. So here is my 2nd song dedicated to Vicky...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

29 weeks 5 days down...

10 weeks and 2 days to go, more or less.
For the most part I am feeling really well. My back and hips are REALLY starting to hurt me and sleep is getting cut due to it.
I am really trying to enjoy every moment, because I know this is my last.
Food is still a HUGE issue. I think I want something, I make it and then it's disgusting to me. I really can't eat all the much either. I am full before I even finish 1/2 of my dish. In one way it's great, but in the other it's not. I worry that my baby isn't getting enough food, but then I think that if I keep this up, then I will be looking good after I have the baby!
I am going to the Dr every two weeks now. I don't know if we will be having another ultrasound or not. I am cool with that, I just wonder if the baby is ok.
I still need LOTS of stuff, that's another post. I am trusting and believing God for my blessings and waiting, patiently!
It is SO hard not to buy anything. I want to get stuff ready, but I can't. I want to splurge and buy, but I can't. It will all come.
Well without further ado...Here's pics from last night. Dom took them, so forgive the angles on some...









Thank You Transformed Youth for your pics of the Lock In!
I stole them (shhhh, don't tell John) and brought them over here for everyone to see my awesome youth group...
This is how the night began...
Rio, Ray, James, Noe

Zach got caught by the police man and...

Ant got caught by the police woman.

Can you do it Mike?
Say It!

Chubby Bunny.....
WOO HOO, He did it!

Mike 'painting' Ant's face with peanut butter.

"Why" you ask, "is their faces painted with peanut butter?"
Well follow me...

To get marshmallows thrown at them...LOL

Adi & Raymond digging for worms.

Adi & Lorraine arm wrestling. Look at that strain! I do believe Lorraine won... Awe Poor Little!


Raymond eating only God knows what & Cera cheering him on.

Anthony eating fire peanuts, I think.

Ant won the black out search, whatever it was called.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mod Pod Changing Tote

Here is a really cute and functional 'diaper bag'.
Go Natural Baby is giving away 2 of these, so head on over and test your luck!

Weekend Update

I have had SO much going on, mentally, emotionally & physically that I totally forgot to blog about my babies weekend. So here it goes...
Friday night Jose & I took the kids to the Youth Lock In. We were there at 6pm and it all started at 8pm. They were up all night long. Ant said Adi took about an hour nap, but for the most part they were troopers and were up ALL night long. I think in total Anthony was up for 37 hours and Adi was up 35 hours...Believe me when I said, they slept the whole day!
The next morning, Jose picked them up and brought them home where I had breakfast ready for them. They both had tournament games for soccer and both had to be at the field by 9:30am.
My poor baby girl was just wiped! Her eyes were so blood shot, it wasn't even funny.
But once we got out on the field she got her second wind and got those girls practicing, lined up, checked in & out on the field to practice before the game... You would think that she was the coach! LOL
So her game got started and guess who made the first goal of the game!?!?!
If you guessed Adi, YOU GOT IT BABAY!!!! That girl kicked butt, despite the horrendous winds & complete exhaustion.
Her team won 7-1 and actually all of the girls did really well! My little girl can kick some BUTTAY on that soccer field! As girlie as she is, she knows how to put her little butt in gear and get herself a game.
After her game we headed over to Ant's game.
It was in half time when we got over there.
The teams were tied up 1-1. They went back in and before we knew it, we were losing 3-1!
The winds were horrible and when those boys kicked the ball one direction, the wind would take it another. It was brutal! We lost about 3-4 goals due to the winds.
During that 4th quarter, Ant was put in as goalie and his team brought it back.
They tied the game up 3-3. They didn't go into overtime or do penalty kicks as the teams that lost earlier in the day were out of the Area Playoffs and us tying it up made us into the playoffs...WOOHOO!!!! January Playoffs for anyone interested in going and seeing my boy do his thang. I am hoping they are before I have the baby, but only God knows.
If I have the baby before his games, I will be out of comission and would love to see some friends and family out there supporting him while his biggest supporter is out of commision with a new baby!!!!
So next Saturday both kids play the final game to see what place they take.
We are definitely rooting for FIRST on both teams, but we will see...
I will update you on both games!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Victoria Jo Hutchinson

Granted to this earth on May 13, 1957. Went home to be with her Heavenly Father November 15, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.
I've known Vicky for 22+ years.
Vicky was the first friend my mom made when my Grandpa moved us out here to Banning. My mom and Vicky hit it off and since Vicky had a daughter my age, it made it even better.
Jessica and I went to school together & Vicky would always welcome my mom, brother & myself into her home. We had MANY ups and downs, but Vicky was ALWAYS there.
There is SO much to say about Vicky, but I will keep it short and sweet...
Vicky was a woman that you couldn't help but love.
She was an EXTREMELY loving person, she was devoted to her church, friends and family. She was one that you could depend on, when she said it, she meant it. She would do what she could, no matter what her body told her. She would push through and be someone you could always count on.
As I reflected today and tried to think of all the great things that would keep my spirits up, I couldn't help but think of all the holidays and events that will be coming upon us and we won't see Vicky, sitting in a chair, doing what her body would allow her to do.
I am proud to not only call her my friend, but my second mom! I am SO blessed that not only was she so close to me, but to my children too. They loved Vicky and the memories that they will have will be embedded in their minds also. Vicky was really anticipating the birth of our new baby, and I am sad that this baby won't know her, but I know with a death, there is always a birth.
I thank the Lord that I had such a WONDERFUL woman in my life! She taught me many things that I will always cherish. She will eternally be in my memories.
Until I meet you again in the Heavenlies Vicky...I Love You!
PS, tell Bob & Barbara we say Hi!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Leg Warmers

Yes, another giveaway!!!
These are for the most adorable things out right now (IMO).
Win 20 Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers from babySNAZZ!

She's At It Again!

MommaInFlipFlops2 has some really cool cloth diapers up for grabs.
Go check out her giveaway of the day here:
Mother-ease diapers are really cute & seem to hold a lot for your babes!
Feel more than welcome to get me some of these for my Welcome Home Baby Shower :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shout Out

I heard recently that I have a few fans, that don't comment on my blog.
So I thought I would give them a secret Shout Out!

1) Carrie~Yes, little Gwenie went to school and told Adriana that you commented that I am a blogging freak...I LOVE IT!!! She said that when I go into labor that I would tell Jose, "Wait babe, I have to go blog and let everyone know that I am going to have the baby."
Bwahahahahahaha I think it's hillarious!!!!

2) Jessi-K~Since you came out and told me that you are a devoted reader, I thought I would let you know that I love you and we will always be here for you!
Huge prayers going out for you, Cera & Courtney right now during this tough time!
Your mom was an AWESOME woman!!! She will be FOREVER missed and loved! A special post is coming up for her as soon as I can get my thoughts together....
Love You Jess!!!

Anyone else wanting to be noticed as a devoted Herrera Family Blog reader? Shoot me an email or leave a comment.
Anything else you want to know about my crazy family? Just ask!
Until next post, have a great one and may you ALWAYS be blessed!!!

Yum Yum Yum!

So Christmas time is upon us!!! Yes, I am a freak that starts right after Halloween, but that's ok!
Well, I have a friend, Mickie, who makes this TO DIE FOR Peppermint Bark. Her daughter and I used to work together and I would be 'blessed' with "Mickie's Peppermint Bark" every year during Chirstmas time.
Well, Jackie and I haven't worked together for about 3+ years and I haven't had "Mickie's Peppermint Bark" for just as long. I have craved it every year, but this year *I think due to my crazy hormones* has been an even more intense craving.
So, after my morning 'flash' from Mickie, I thought, "I'm emailing her and BEGGING her for her recipe. Either that or she's making me a BIG 'OL BATCH!"
Well, she sent me the recipe and guess what...
I have a BIG 'OL BATCH in the fridge!!!
I can't wait until it is done!
My mom & Little went to church and I took Daise to practice and on my way home Bits & I stopped by Staters to get the chocolate (and a bag of Frito's BBQ Twists). They didn't have the candy canes, so I then had to go to Walgreens to get those.
We got home and had a blast making our 'Christmas Candy' *as Bits calls it*.
He keeps going to the fridge, feeling it and saying, "It's done Mama! I can have some now?"
Off to get Ant from practice and hoping it will be set by the time I get home so I can have a piece before I go to bed :)
Thank You Mickie!!!!

More cloth diaper info

Wet bag: A waterproof bag used for storing cloth diapers in your diaper bag. Common closures include drawstrings, zippers or hook and loop tape.
Yeah, something else I need in this journey of cloth diapering.
How do I make this fun & a bit easier?
I have bloggers that do AWESOME giveaways!!!!
MommaInFlipFlops2 has posted a really cool giveaway from a Sewing Mama. You can check out MommaInFlipFlops2 post here:
Then head over to to see all of the really cool products they have to offer. I must add, the prices are really reasonable. Yes I did say that!
So go check it out!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Babywearing Week

I never knew there was such a thing.
A blog that I follow is featuring it all week and today they are giving you a chance to win a Baby Carrier.
They are gorgeous! You can go here: check out the details.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

veterans day Pictures, Images and Photos
Just a few thoughts...
I am a grandaughter & cousin of Veteran's and I am PROUD to be one!
I do truly pray that I can instill the pride into my children and one day one of my children will choose to serve our country with pride (as hard as that is to say, it is a true desire of my heart). I am proud to be part of my family and friend to all those who have served, are still serving and to Alvie, who just enrolled usaf Pictures, Images and Photos
So on this day not only do I want to honor ALL Veteran's for their service, but I want to 'shout out' to my Grandpa
USMC Pictures, Images and Photos

My Cousins
USN Pictures, Images and Photos

A Prayer For Our Men & Women
We ask for blessings on all those who have served their country in the armed forces.
We ask for healing for the veterans who have been wounded, in body and soul, in conflicts around the globe.
We pray especially for the young men and women, in the thousands, who are coming home from Iraq with injured bodies and traumatized spirits.
Bring solace to them, O Lord; may we pray for them when they cannot pray.
We ask for, echoing John Paul II, an end to wars and the dawning of a new era of peace,
As a way to honor all the veterans of past wars.

Have mercy on all our veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq,
Bring peace to their hearts and peace to the regions they fought in.
Bless all the soldiers who served in non-combative posts;
May their calling to service continue in their lives in many positive ways.

Give us all the creative vision to see a world which, grown weary with fighting,
Moves to affirming the life of every human being and so moves beyond war.
Hear our prayer, O Prince of Peace, hear our prayer.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Refrigerator Update!!!

Yeah, our part came in this morning for the 'fridge. Jose got home and before he even ate got that sucker in!
We all ate dinner & started cleaning up. I went and felt the inside of my 'fridge and guess what...
WOO HOO!!! My husband is the bomb, Oh Yeah, he's the bomb dancing girl Pictures, Images and Photos
So, he started to clean the 'fridge out and wash everything. I got up to help, but he yelled at me and told me to go sit my butt down (I have been having issues with my back and whole pelvic area. The baby is getting big & weighing on me).
So as I speak, he is cleaning out the whole thing and by the morning I should have a fully functioning refrigerator!!!!!!!

It's Cloth Diaper Month Is having Cloth Diaper Month and giving away one diaper from
Go check out the Momma In Flip Flips2 and review the awesome diapers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My personal election feelings

Well history was made and Obama is our president. Not what I hoped for, but I stand up as an American and accept it. I will stand in my duties and pray for our president and our country. We have a lot to get through and the Lord knows what He is doing. I trust in Him and believe He has a much greater plan than what I think/imagine.

Now the frustration...
Proposition 2 (Standards for Confining Farm Animals)is a prop that would change the way animals are treated, handled and cared for. Yes I agree that our farming animals should be treated in a manner that we would treat our own domestic animals, but the cost of such treatment can and I'm sure will be out the window. Right now I am paying $1.99 a dozen of eggs and $2.69 a gallon of milk. I am sure by the time this is all put into place we will be paying double, not to mention the price of meat.
Now that's not what really bites my butt. What really gets my blood flowing is the fact that we will give animals "respect", but will treat our daughters like an animal.
I am talking about Proposition 4 (Parent Notification Before Terminating Minor's Pregnancy).
Prop 4 did not pass, and in turn, as a parent will not be notified IF my daughter was to go and have an abortion.
First of all, Do we have no respect for our daughters!?!
Do we not care about what happens to our daughters behind our backs!?!?
I am frustrated beyond belief on this measure! Who are the people that first of all put this in to begin with and who are these idiots that voted against it!?!?!
I pray that I raise my daughter to demand the respect she deserves and NEVER gets into a predicament to be a teen mother, that she feels she can come to me under ANY circumstance to let me know IF she is pregnant, and that she would NEVER feel that terminating the pregnancy is an option. But these other girls that are being raised to disrespect their parents, to be out having sex at an age that they don't even know right from wrong and God forbid get pregnant and go terminate the pregnancy without their parents knowledge.
The parents don't even need to know that the girl is pregnant and she can just go have an abortion! UGH, frustration beyond belief.
Prop 8 (Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry) is still in limbo. The most current poll states 52% Yes to 48% No.
Here we are more wrapped up in the president & prop 8 (not that those aren't important, don't mis-understand me!) that our daughters were being tossed like a dirty rag and that vote got denied...
I will get off of my soapbox for now, but I felt I needed to express my concerns over this state & our morals being washed down the gutters along with the rest of the trash...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's all take a guess!

Since day one this baby has been a surprise and we are keeping it that way until s/he is born.
I made up a game online that everyone can put their guesses into.
So come and guess with us!