Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will you ride on your chariot?

Hmmm, where do I begin? I will start with last Tuesday when it all began...
We recieved a call from Johana (the lady working on our loan modification) she told me that Jose needs to call Tony over at GMAC to discuss our case.
That night Johana came over and met with us and we were able to call Tony up. Tony basically told us that our house was going into a trustee sale on Friday and we needed to come up with $6,000 to hold our house and get it out of the trustee sale auction. Obviously that wasn't something we could just pull out of our hats. Jose argued with Tony asking him why he can't just do the loan modification. Tony argued (he just was NOT a nice guy at all) that we failed the first loan modification that was set for us back in June of last year. Well, Mr. Tony is 100% wrong! WE did not fail the contract, they re-nigged on us! We signed notarized documents stating that our payment was going to be $1,230 a month. After we paid two months worth, they sent us a supplemental bill for $600. When we called and asked what the bill was and to find out why nothing was put towards our payments, they stated that THEY forgot to include our impound account and that our payments would actually be $1,830...WHAT!?!?! Our original was $2,200!
After arguing our points they explained they would send out another loan modification packet and see what they could do. So we submit everything, yada yada yada...
Tony doesn't want to admit that HIS company was wrong, not us! So Jose asked him if he could call him Wednesday morning to see what we could put out to keep our home from going into the trustee sale. Tony agreed and was totally fine with it. Johana was beside herself. I explained to her that God has it ALL in his hands and that His will, will be done. She couldn't believe how I stood in my faith. I looked her in her eyes and told her how I KNOW my God is a good God! He has brought Jose back from TJ when they wanted to deport him. How I talked to an Angel on the phone who gave me precise directions of what to do and how that saved him. I've seen God work in my life so many times, I can't now fall apart and not trust in him. As Johana stood in my door way with tears streaming down her face and listening to me tell her how I serve a God who will keep my family wrapped in his arms, she was just in a state of awe and fear. I told her, "Don't be scared for my family, God knows what he's doing". She commented to me, "Melissa, you say that you need motivation from me to get your business rolling, your faith is what is keeping my head up while walking out of your house with no answers." All I can say is, God knows what he's doing & nothing I do can change it...It can stop it & hinder it, but not change.
That night we gathered our children together to explain to them that God has us on a journey, we don't know what we are doing or where we are going, but he does. I asked them to open their hearts with Jose and I and to pray that HIS will will be done in this situation. That we would be sensitive to his voice and open a door to what he has for us.
~Wednesday comes and Jose calls, no answer, so he leaves a message. He calls again, no answer, leaves another message.
~Thursday comes, Jose calls again, still no answer & leaves yet another message. We are getting worried, so I call Johana up and let her know that we aren't getting an answer. She got on the phone and called GMAC. She spoke to a very polite woman who explained that Tony is out of the office for the remainder of the week. He left notes on our case that the company is to go forward with the trustee sale! WHAT THE HECK!?!?! Johana asks if there is anyone else we can talk to regarding the situation and the lady explained that if it's Tony's case, he's the only one allowed to handle it.
I talk to Johana, get her "worse case scenario". She told me that the trustee sales haven't been going through because the houses are still depreciated so much in Riverside County that when they go to sell them, they are asking more than what it's worth. She said we would be notified in 7-9 days whether the house was sold or not and we would have about 45 days to move.
~Friday morning~A very familiar face comes knocking at my door while I am home tending to my sick girls. Oh yes, on top of my house crashing I have Delayna who is sick vomiting and with diarrhea and Adriana who slammed a 5 lb weight on her pinky finger. My home is upside down!
Ms. Familiar face explains to me that my house is in a trustee sale auction and that her investor is down there waiting to place a bid on our house. If he takes it he will offer me "xxx" amount of dollars. I tell her I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do, I'm not the owner. She goes on to give me her spill, but I don't want to hear it. I call Johana up to tell her what happen and as I'm on the phone with her, I go outside to through a very dirty diaper and soiled clothes into a trash can and there is a HUGE truck sitting in my driveway looking at my house! I went off screaming & yelling. Johana told me to tell anyone that wants to offer me anything to give me $5,000 and 30 days to move. one ever came back until around 11:30am. I was up cleaning Delayna, from yet another accident. Someone knocked & I went to look out my window. It was a heating & electric guy, so I ignored it. Mom went out about 5 mins later and I hear Adi come running upstairs screaming, "Mom, look what's on our door!" It was a letter stating "3 DAYS TO QUIT".
Now my grandpa being a property owner & my mom managing, that sign was VERY familiar to me! We have WHAT!?! I was freaking out! I called up Jose to tell him & he just had no answers. Mom called Grandma to find out if they can do this and Grandpa told me to call the person on the paper. I called, but no answer, so I left a message. Monica was on her way over, so when she got here she had me call up the number on there again, this time I got an answer. "Fabby" explained to me that the 3 days is a scare tactic. She continued on to give me my options of what I can do next...
1~Take $1,200 and 3 weeks to move out with no damage to the home
2~Start an eviction process, which would give us 30-45 days
Now, from my property management past, I KNEW I didn't want to go into property management proceedings!
She told me she would give us the weekend to think it over and to call her on Monday with our choice.
I hung up and I was just flabbergasted! Not so much that we lost our home, because I know God is working, but more that we ONLY have 3 weeks!
I immediately felt anxiety strike! I kept talking to God, I wanted him to carry me through, but my flesh was SO week. The anxiety took me over. I began looking online for houses for rent. I had to think about packing, getting my family ready and a place for us to go. My stomach felt like a knife had been placed in it and twisted until all my guts were wrapped up in it and it was getting ready to be pulled out of me. I've commented that I felt like a drug addict, looking for my fix...I desperately needed to find my family a house. And one that we could ALL fit in to. Not only that, but I needed to stay in a budget. We can't do these $1,700 rentals.
I knew God needed to work on my behalf, because my flesh was failing me and fast! I continued to stand on his word & promises. Mishelle posted something on her facebook that really ministered to me and I claimed it for my family:

As Jehoshaphat stood and faced the battle of his life...his words to Our God was...."We know not what to do, but our eyes are fixed upon You." You may be facing the battle of your life today...fix your eyes upon Him and let Him fight the battle for You! 2 Chr 20:12

~Saturday came and Jose & Ant had their soccer tournament games. So in between watching games, I was running around opening doors (literally) searching for what God had for my family. We looked at a really nice house, 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath for $1,700. It was brand new, right around the corner from two of our pastors from church, great location. We hurried to put in our app & check for our credit check. Monica found one right next door and submitted her app. After a LONG draining day, we headed over to Eric & Jen Box's house for dinner with them and the Evangelistas. Boy, does God know where to place you in your time of need. If you are open to what he wants to put in you, he will fill you to the brim and give you overflow! We not only were fed physically that night, but we were fed spiritually and lifted up all day. Even at the soccer game, we had people from church come to the field and giveus words of encouragement.
Later in the afternoon Darci called me and told me that there was a house up for rent over by her. She gave me the number and I called, with no answer. So I left a message.
That night, we went home and went to bed. I felt an ease in my anxiety. Woke up in the middle of the night to a VERY sick vomiting baby. We tried to rest, but it was hard.
~Sunday, I woke up and had such a beautiful sweet peace. My grandma sent me something via email and I was emailing her back and forth. God talked to me and this is what was said through the emails:

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 NKJV

A storm on the Sea of Galilee was akin to a sumo wrestler’s belly flop in a kiddie pool. The northern valley acted like a wind tunnel, compressing and hosing squalls onto the lake. Waves as tall as ten feet were common . . .

[Yet] from the center of the storm, the unwavering Jesus shouts “I am.” Tall in the Trade Tower wreckage. Bold against the Galilean waves. ICU, battlefield, boardroom, prison cell or maternity ward—whatever you storm, “I am.”

I thanked Grama and had a word to tell her. Something God said directly to me in the midst of my storm:

I was anxiety stricken the first day, but after prayer & just being still, he told me...
"Take your day and mourn, cry, scream & let it out. But you and Jose go to bed tonight, I will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. You will wake up, dust yourself off and walk in my path. Exhaust all of your options and see I will open the door to your next journey."
It is SO hard to just not know. But I have had SO many people come up beside me and offer help, support, love, etc. God knows what we need and we will continue to be still and rest in His promises while we wait for a door to open.
Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer. I know God has a journey to take us on. I don't know what, but my spirit is kind of excited. He has GREAT things for my family and I praise Him while walking through the valley!
I was excited! My spirit was jumping for joy for some reason. He also told me, "You are not getting that house you applied for. I have something better for you."
My mom has been telling us that we need to find a house in the price range of $1,400-$1,500. Not 15-16. I kept telling her she's crazy, there's nothing out there!
We got ready for church and as we were getting ready, I called the number for the house over by Darci. The man only spoke spanish, so I tried in my reatarded spanish language to ask him about the house. After a few sentences, I figured it would be better if Jose talked to him. He got off the phone and told me that he has this 6 bedroom, 4 bath house up for rent for (WATCH THIS!...) $1,490! I was freaking out! We had to pounce this! The man told Jose that he was going to place it in the paper and have an open house on Wednesday. On Wednesday we can go down and do an application. it will be first come first serve type basis. There was NO way! I told Jose, he had to call him back and tell him we want this house NOW!
Well, Delayna threw up again. I wasn't going to allow this to continue, so I told Jose I was going to take her to Urgent Care. We got ready and had my mom take the kids to church. While in urgent care, God brought Kim Diaz & Noe to us again. Just a peace knowing these people are here by our side. While there Jose and I were able to talk about the house.
He said when he got home that he would call the guy. After 3 hours in Urgent Care, to see the stupidest Dr ever, we went home with "just a stomach virus". We got a few more phone calls before we arrived at home, just as encouragement and to find out how Dee was doing. Come to find out PT got word about her and had the congregation pray for her. God knows doesn't he!?! In my opinion, with prayers being lifted up for my family, it wasn't just for Dee's little bdy, but our whole situation!
We got home and invited James & Gail over for lunch. After we ate, Jose went up to call the guy. I went up to check on Dee who woke up while he was on the phone. I stood there as he talked. He hung up and explained to me that the man wanted him to call him back Monday morning to discuss details and do credit checks.
~Monday...I was on pins & needles watching the clock for a phone call from Jose. I called to get Delayna in to her Dr, because once again, she threw up! So that kept me a bit occupied. Jose called me just before 11:30 to tell me that I have to fax "xyz" over to some person. the day went on and Jose called me again to tell me to go to the store, get a money order and be ready to meet him in Riverside so we can drive out to Downy to get the keys to our new home!
We went down and did all the paper work, mind you, we haven't even seen this house yet.
We just opened a door that we felt God lead us to (two doors were already slammed in our faces) but as we continued to knock, He opened this door to us!
We got back into town at 9:30pm. I called up Darci to ask her about electricity, she found us a flashlight.
She met us in our driveway, with the flashlight =)
I opened the door to the house and I began to see God's hand. Wood floors, a room for mom, with her OWN bathroom, dining area, HUGE kitchen, GREAT room with built in shelfing stuff...oh wait, what's this? Another room? NO, it's a THEATER! With real seats and cupholders, decor to match! Another full bath, laundry room the size of a kid's bedroom, with cupboards, awesome closet under the stairs...Oh, stairs and a HUGE mirror, turn the corner and go up the second flite, what is this? A LOFT!?!?! Like for my babies to have their own 'play area'!?!?!? The master suite, with gorgeous decor, the bathroom, HUGE! WHAT? This isn't just a walk in closet, this is another bedroom, this closet is MASSIVE! Down the hall, another bathroom with double sinks and a seperate shower, now my kids can all get ready in the morning! Linen closet that is huge, oh, and what's this behind the closet? WHAT? NO! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! IT IS AN OFFICE WITH DOUBLE DESKS! Now tears are streaming down my face (you see, God told me my business was going to take off so much I had to get my own office, but in my house, there was no room. He's had a plan ALL along!). Room number 3, adorable for the girls! Room #4, oh this is nice, must be Ants, it sure is, because room #5 is PERFECT for Dom...I know what's being done in here.
I can't tell you how flabbergasted I am right now! I have A LOT of work ahead of me in these next 2 1/2 weeks. But God's had a plan ALL along!
Charlie taught at church last night and as I sat in awe of him (as I ALWAYS do, I think I can listen to him speak all day & not get tired of it) God gave Jose and I a revelation. See, all the testimonies that came out of church on Sunday, I was angry at God for "allowing" us to miss the outpouring of his spirit. But He had another plan, he didn't want us to recieve our fill in that manner, he gave it to us a different way. And last night, he revealed his hand upon us this whole time.
Charlie talked about the trials in our lives as chariots. He asked, will you jump on and ride with God or will you wrestle with him?
Jose and I chose to jump on, right away, fully! God took us down our paths, no it wasn't easy, and boy did it hurt. But, we went on our ride. Charlie also spoke on, "You never know." Quite a few times the subject of Jose and I buying this home came up, and last night we walked away with...You never know.
I posted this so that anyone reading this can see, I do serve a MIGHTY God! He is alive in me and active in my life. If you allow him, he can be just as active in your life. It's not to say we don't go through things, but if we choose to jump on the chariot and ride it out with him as the horse. Then we know where we are going is Good!
It is in the valleys that we grow. Hiding under the eagles wings, I will soar with Him, ALL of my days!
PRAISE GOD, It's all I have in me!