Monday, October 4, 2010

Not so great news

Well today was the day that Anthony got the news weather he would be pulled up to the JV team for the BIG Beaumont vs Banning football game this Friday night.
When he called me to pick him up, he didn't sound so great. Jose brought him home and when he walked in and didn't really want to eat what I made for dinner, I knew something was wrong.
Jose texted me and told me that he is really upset...the coaches didn't choose him to play for the game this Friday.
So i asked him and he told me he didn't make it. He told me who all was being brought up to play and that the coaches didn't choose him.
My poor boy is super bummed. But it's also a lesson he needs to learn. This is his first season/year/EVER playing football. He's already first string and the coach is very impressed with him. He needs to know that he is doing AWESOME for where he is at right now and not making it for the "Big game" is ok.
So, I'm going to plan that we all head out Friday night to support our Boys In Blue! try to make it a good night.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beaumont vs Yucaipa-Freshman Football

Game #5 and only the second one I've been able to watch. I got to the game just before half time. Walking onto the field, Beaumont is making a Touchdown! Always exciting to watch your team doing that =)
I have Jose on the phone and am going around the bend to give him the score. I see Home: 27 and then I look at Away: 00...WHAT? REALLY? 00?
After getting over the shock of the score, Yucaipa is doing the return kick off. Ant plays in this play and I'm looking for him. I see a guy take down the Yucaipa guy who has the ball, but I can't see who it is. Then I see 3 guys down on the ground and who I thought was my son, being tackled.
Come to find out, the announcer states, "Number 33, Herrera, for the take-down".
WHAT!?!?!?! That would be MY BOY!
I get to the bleachers and hear again...#33, Herrera for the tackle...WHOOP WHOOP!
The game went on and it was really a tough game. Yucaipa played their hearts out, but Beaumont took it...
Our boys are 5 & 0!
I am one proud Mama!!!