Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5 of my 21 Day Daniel Fast

I have been really wanting to blog about the Daniel Fast I started on the 1st of January.  But 1-I've been too busy to be on the computer and 2 I haven't really known what to blog about. 
Sure, I can blog my prayers, struggles, praise reports, but I guess I just haven't been able to pu my thoughts into words.  I have a some things I wanted to put on today, just for rememberance.
Yesterday, I made the kids potatoes and ham per their request.  I figured, since Jose was out of town (or so I thought) I would just make extra potatoes for myself and some soyrizzo on the side to go with it.  I was kind of excited for the potatoes, something yummy, comforting and fried :)  I didn't expect to have any issues...
Du Du Du  Yup it was coming!
I warmed the kids up their ham and MAN, I wanted to devour it!  Especially the fat!  I had to move myself to the counter next to Oscar's bowl and dump the trimmimgs off into the bowl.  I made it threw and my dinner was very scrumdiddleyumptious, but it wasn't easy.

Now today has been challenging today also.  I was faced with a ghost from the past.  Thank God for friendship, because without me being able to reach out to my friend (not someone who will tickle your ear, someone who will tell you like it is and put you in yuy place!)
She talked me down and gave me revelation.  Thanks Jen!
I did okay with food.  I ate really well all day.  I made the kids spaghetti for dinner and Jose & I a yummy soup.  I had Adi make most of the dinner.  I went in the kitchen to check on her (I was getting ready for my PC TRNG) she had the pasta sitting in the pot of water.  Um HELLO!?!?!  She said she didn't know if it was done or not.  So I automatically took the spaghetti fork and pulled 3 noodles from the pot and popped them in my mouth.  After I chewed them, I realized what I did and yelled, "Oh my gosh, I just ate pasta!"  Ha Ha!
But, it made me realize the nindless things we do, just out of habit or routine.  I want to be more concious of things I do.  It can't be a good thing to be living life so mindlessly.  Which takes me to ny scripture I was reading tonight (because I skipped my morning read & had to play catch up.  But, God knew what He was doing.  I wouldn't have had this scripture hit me after the circumstances from the day)
So we are reading Proverbs for the mont of January, through my church & bible study.  Today was obviously Proverbs 5.  I almost highlighted the whole chapter it was that good.
Of course the program I use won't let me copy and add my notes, so I'll try later.  But I wanted to just jour down a free things for the day :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kids say the darndest...Delayna

We just picked up Adi's friend Cynthia and are all heading  to the movies.
Cynthia complemented Delayna's shoes and said, "I like your shoes."
Delayna came back with, "I know, there pretty."
Oh my goodness, we laughed soooo hard!  The innocent mind of the child.