Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweetest Blessings

My babies are just being so sweet to each other, I just love it!
Anthony tripped outside and busted his arm all up, and Mama had to play Mama (I don't get many opportunities now that he's 15 & "too old").  Delayna saw that 'bobo' hurt his arm and she was all attentive to him.  Then Anthony went and sat down in the living room and she up to me and asked me if Ant could go outside with her.  I told her, go ask him to play outside.  So she went to Anty and said, "Bobo, a play side Me 'a You".  Awe, she's so cute.  He asked her, "you want me to go play outside with you?"  Of course she was telling him yes & he never did, but they were just too cute together.  She is her big bobo's baby sister for sure!
Then Ant was watching Domi play TS3 on the X-Box and he wanted to play with him.  He went to get the remote to 'help' him, but Dom my attitude child got all mad and was fighting with him.  But eventually, they were playing together.
Now Ant just came to me with Dee's head band and flower over his head and she's crying over it.  He tells me, "Mama, tell her I look so pretty."  
My Sweet Blessings.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am flabbergasted that God gave me such awesome babies!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Golden Way

When I think of that, I think of the Golden Streets I will be walking on when I pass the gates of heaven...don't you?
Well, for now, it's going to be the street I'm walking and driving on in less than a month...WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!
I'm so stinken excited, I can't even tell you!  Julie had sent me links to some houses that were the same model/floor plan of this house.  I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled.  Jose and I also looked at a house that was condemned down the street and I was really put back on this house.  So I started putting in my list of 'wants' to God.  That sounds crazy, but the bible tells us in Hebrews 4:16 "So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most."
And in Psalms 34:4 the bible tells us; "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."
REALLY?!?!  So, after looking at the houses, I started telling God..."I would really like all tile or hardwood floors, Lord.  They are so much easier to take care of!  And shutters, they are easy to maintain, the will help with our energy costs, which you know needs to be cut down, especially with what we are putting out now.  And an office/kid's play place.  It would be awesome to have a place that I can work in as well as a place that the kids' toys can go in.  I mean, I guess I could put them in their rooms or the living room, but it's been so nice to have the loft where they can play.  Lord, ultimately, I want your will to be done.  But, I'm approaching you boldly and giving you the desires of my heart."
Through the day I was just talking with Him, chit chatting, just whatever.  And as I got ready to go meet with Chuck and Teresa, I asked God.  "God, can you just give me a sign when I enter the house.  Let it have tile or hardwood floors so that I can know this is from you.  I don't want to get my heart set on something that isn't your will.  I don't want to get excited out of turn.  I want to know that you are taking care of this, even though I know you are, but would be nice if I can let go of the anxiety of the unknown."
So, we got ready and headed over.  While driving we were discussing placement of Jose's tools, mixer, truck, etc. 
We got to the house and waited for them to answer....
A younger boy answered and I asked for Chuck, he informed me it was his father and he was coming.  Chuck approached the door and welcomed us into the home....
The house has TILE FLOORS!  Then as you walk a little bit further in, I see the formal living/dining area has CHERRY HARD WOOD FLOORS!  WHAT?!?!?!
We went through the house and the house is amazingly gorgeous!  A room with bath for my mom, another that can be an office/toy room.  Down the hall it has another full bathroom, two bedrooms for the kids and the master that is beautiful!  A laundry room just off of the bedrooms attached to a 3 car garage, with remote control (have I ever mentioned that in all my houses, I've never parked in my garage because they were too small & didn't have garage door openers?!?)  Then back down the hall you go into an open kitchen with granite counter tops (have I ever mentioned how much I love my granite?) a center island with the sink and a bar attached.  Ummmm, it has a DOUBLE OVEN, WTH!?!?!  Watch out holidays, I am going to have a double oven, we're all in trouble!  A cook top with storage right under it for the pots & pans, a breakfast nook, beautiful open living room with a fireplace.  Um and I have a closet for a pantry, WAY COOL!  There is a little door that you go into the back yard.  No slider, but the windows in the living room and kitchen make up for the slider, BIG TIME!  Out back there is a covered patio, ya'll know how we love to BBQ!  Rose bushes, rock lined flower beds, a nice sized patio that goes into a concrete lined gorgeous grass area.  Not too big, not too small.  We asked about the playground being placed back there and they are okay with it.  Then Chuck tells Jose, "come on, let's go around the side, I have a storage shed you could get use out of."  HA!
It is more than I imagined!!!  
We sat down and talked with Chuck and Teresa and I can't believe how awesome they are.  They are willing to work with us with a move in date, Teresa told me she wants me to make this my home.  They are looking forward to us taking this house and loving it as much as they did.  
Chuck told us they would be having his brother, who happens to be in real estate and the business of flipping houses, contact us to go over other details.  We went home with such a peace!
This morning, when I started this blog, Gary, Chuck's brother, called me up and was talking to me.  He asked me about our situation and I gladly gave him the 411 of not just this house, but our last also.  He couldn't believe that we've had to go through this twice in a year.  He felt so bad for us.  He also informed me that the bank in deed will most likely  be coming to us for a 'cash for keys' type of thing.  He stated that when we get the letter, we are to contact him.  He is willing to negotiate our time we have and money we should be receiving to make it to where we won't have to pay out of our pockets for the move-in costs...
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!  Your kidding me, RIGHT!  OH NO, God is just that good!  
I am flabbergasted and beside myself.  Someone commented to me when all this was happening, "Beggars can't be choosers."  Um, I'm not a beggar, I'm a child of the MOST HIGH GOD. He is my Abba Father, my one and only Daddy.  I can go to Him, BOLDLY.  With the desires of my heart and I know that if it will be used according to His will, ALL my needs WILL be supplied!
I am praising my Daddy.  He is spoiling me with the desires of my heart and as long as I am a child after His heart, His will and His ways...He will supply all my needs.
So my dear reader, know, that God is a great God and He cares deeply about your future.  I'm excited to see where God is leading me and my family.  I don't know what lies around the corner, but I do know, that as long as I trust in Him...That's all I need!

****AFTER THOUGHT...In my previous post, I had mentioned that I already drove through this neighborhood last week looking for houses, but I let Jose drive through anyway...Chuck informed me last night that he put the sign up Sunday morning, just before I had called him.  CRAZY!  Then he said that we were the first ones to call and he thought I sounded good so they have been taking calls, but discussed giving us the first shot.  Before we left, he commented, "Well, I can go take the sign down now.  I'm tired of my phone ringing off the hook.  HA, GOD AGAIN!****

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello loves

Well, I posted Sunday about 'Icing on the cake'.  Well, I am here today to update ya'll, or just myself, because only God knows who all reads this crazy blog.
Anywhoot, God has been giving me a peace and joy these past two days.  I woke up Saturday with an excitement, not because we went to LA, just an inside joy.  Sunday I woke up feeling the same way.  Just a joy, peace, excitement.  Crazy, with all the stuff going on, that I would have a joy, excitement, peace.  But that's what happens when God is in your life.
We got up and went to church on Sunday, and man was it GOOD!  Pastor talked on "The other side".  Basically, the other side of where we are going, where God is taking us, our journey we are on.  I've been going through some stuff lately and I have seen personally what 'the other side' looks like.  I can look back and see what my journey process was and that the process was worth the outcome.
So here I am, in another journey, with my house. I just got done reading my post from a year ago, 'Will you ride your charriot?' and reflecting on what God did for us, when we thought we were in the worse situation of our lives.  God is good and will get us through, even though the tunnel looks dark and long.  *It's funny that the same situation is arising in my life a year apart.  And the Lord is bringing similar sermons to my spirit.*
So, back to the house situation.  Last week when I found out about our house being in the trustee sale, I of course freaked out and started looking for houses all over.  God kept telling me to stop, and that He will bring a house to us.  Basically, trust Him and slow down.
So, daily, I would be thinking and just talking to God about the house.  There were a few things that I felt He was showing me about the house we are going to get.  Maybe so that when it was presented to us, we would know.  Maybe it was just my wants and He is going to give me the desires of my heart, I don't know.  But here is the list of things, I felt God was telling me would be in our next home:
1. Single story home, possible ranch style
2. It would be rented from an older couple, looking for long term renters to take care of their home.
3. I wanted Oak Valley area, due to school locations etc.  *BUT, I was looking ALL over Beaumont.*
4. The number $1,800 kept popping in my mind.

So last night, Jose and I had to take Ant to quince practice and we decided to drive around Cherry Valley.  We drove ALL of CV and found nothing, but a teeny tiny house for rent...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Then he drove down and into some parts of upper Beaumont and then we went into Oak Valley.  I showed him the house Darci is looking to buy and just drove around.  I had already been in here, so I knew there wasn't anything in there.  As we were driving, our lovely landlord called.  Jose was on the phone with him while driving around.  We were going through the last part of OV when I saw a little sign that said, "For Rent".  So I smacked him and told him to pull over.  He did and I got the number.  We left and went to the sports park to go watch the adult league play soccer.
While Jose was out on the field, I decided to call the number to the house.  Talking to 'Chuck', he informed me that the house is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,300 something sq ft home.  He is wanting to rent it for $1,800.  It is a single story that him and his wife live in now and they are retiring to the desert in April. He's wanting a renter to occupy the home in April.
HA HA!!!!! Now if this doesn't line up with what God was telling me, then I'm carazy!
So we go meet with him tonight.  I'm so nervous, but excited. Such a weird feeling, just not knowing.  I'm praying this is the house for us.  Just to have something I know I can work towards helps so much.  The 'not knowing' is what drives me crazy!
So, I guess I'll update you later...
Melissa =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Icing on the cake...

So, my family and I have beem through some major stuff these past few month, to say the least! Illness went rampid through my home, kids with no insurance that sprained ankles, dealt with pneumonia, bronchitis, stomach flu, and who knows what else. Lost a friendship, money difficulties, a birthday we didn't get to celbrate due to money, and the list goes on a few miles long!
But through it all, God has been here walking alongside us and getting us through. The friends that have come alongside us are amazing, the resources that have been placed in front of us, learning to humble myself and let go of the need to CONTROL!
Well, like I said, the icing has been put on the cake. Monday morning, I walked out to put my old flowers in the trash and find a "Trustee Notice Of Sale" on my front door. Being that we were here a year ago with our home, I knew what that was and what it meant. I just went ballistic! Called up Jose and unfortunatelyhe was pouring concrete and couldn't talk. I was freaking out, didn't know who to call. I needed to talk to someone. Something told me, call Amber. Awe, my sweet friend! Someone I never really thought I would turn to in time of tragedy. But God is good! He has placed Amber in my life and she thinks I've helped her, but what she doesn't know is that she's helped me just as much!
ANYWAYS... with past history, I'm guestimating we have until the end of March to move. This past week has been rough and I seriously went to where I was a year ago, mentally. Like a drug addict, looking for a fix. Driving all around town for 'for rent' signs.
I've heard God telling me, "trust me, I have it all under control. Stop looking, I'm going to bring to you. Just like this last house, I have a blessing for you."
I don't know what He's doing, but I know what His word says...I'm trust Him with ALL my heart & lean not, on my own understanding. His ways are NOT my ways. He has a plan and a purpose for my life.
It took some drilling into my head, but after a few days and some people lifting me up in prayer, I have a peace about me. A joy that is undescribable and can onlybe from Him. Now to remain in that joy, continue to trust in Him and KNOW, beyond a shadow of a.doubt that He is working in my family's favor.
I will keep ya'll updated!

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Yay for LA!

We have been through the ringer since the beggining of december and we just had the icing put on the cake. ‹ will be in another blog post.
Anyhow, Jose and I decided it was time to take a trip with our babies and just get away from "reality" for a day. So we are heading LA!
We do this every so often, we'll pack up and head to the Guatemalan bakery, eat us some authentic Guatemalan food, buy us some pan, and take something new home that I can learn to cook for my babies. I love that we have something close enough to home that we can instill their Guatemalan traditions, heritage, whatever. It's important to me that my babies know where theycome from and some traditions.
So here we go...
I posted some pics of us driving. I will be taking pics while out there and share them with you.
Have a great day & know, God has it all under control!
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