Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Destination?

So on the note of my weightloss & my Destination, I thought I'd update bible study stuff.
Jesus Girlz is wrapping up our first summer study, Balance of the Mind, Body & Spirit, tomorrow and will be starting our new study...
"Loving The Unlovable"...Can I be totally honest & transparent?  Well, I'm going to!  Everytime I think of doing this study I feel like Eeyore!  I just kinda go...."UMPH!"  And feel like moping.  I KNOW God wants me to do this.  He presented this to me about a year ago at MOTS.  It hit me to the core!  And that wasn't even doing the study, it was just Kim aka Evinda Lepins  sharing her testimony and focusing on this study. God has been prepping me to do this study, and I truly believe he has the people in this group that need this.  I'm believing for a breakthrough, not only in my life, but in others that I've been blessed to have their stories shared with me.  So in preparing for this, I've kind of been praying.  Yes, kind of.  It hasn't been on the top of my priority list and I know it should have been!  Simply because, I knew satan was going to attack.  And guess what, he did!
Oh yeah, that sneaky little son of a %&#($)#)$*#(#*)#@)@_
And he took a stupid soccer game to do it with...REALLY!?!?!  REALLY!
But, God has it all in His hands and I'm standing firm that He is going to do what He needs to do, no matter what the circumstance!  I'm currently in a confused state and don't know what to do about somethings, but as I seek God's direction, I believe it will all be revealed.
So, on that...I've had 5 girls inform me that they aren't going to make it to the study tomorrow.  I know things happen, but man, satan sure is on his P's & Q's and will use anything for people to not get to their Destination.  I'm not worried though (I was at first!).  God is orchestrating this all & guess what...If He's in it, His will, will be done!
For now, I'm going to leave you with the beginning of Loving the Unlovable (there goes Eeyore again).  I will update you to what happens at the bible study.
Keep your focus, because we may not be what we should be, but we are on a journey!  What's your Destination?

I beat my husband...

Really, Mr. Herrera has ALWAY'S been Mr. Fit!  He used to work out like a crazed lunatic back in the days, we would lift weights together, workout together, etc.  He was ALWAYS more fit then me!  I mean ALWAYS!!!
Well, just recently I started working out on the Gazelle that I was blessed with.  And while doing the Gazelle, I started doing crunches, ball lift things and other ab exercises.  Tonight I was doing them and Jose commented that he wants to start working out again.  So I challenged him to get down on the floor and do what I was doing.
He did, but he was struggling!  Is it bad that I find pleasure in my skinny, fit, construction husband not being able to keep up with the core exercises that I'm doing?  I'd like to think it's not all that bad ;-)
So, after showing him up, my daughter thought she could show me up, but was proven WRONG!  HA!
I've still got a LONG road ahead of me to get physically (spiritually & mentally) where I want NEED to be.  But to see that I just outdid someone I'd NEVER thought I'd outdo, it gave me a push and made me feel good...OKAY, I'll admit it...IT MADE ME FEEL GREAT!  HA!!!!
On that note, I was browsing around on  I joined on there back in 2008 when I was working at the gym.  I found my first weigh in stats.  I am truly proud to say that from 2008, and after having a baby, I am down 23lbs!  2" off of my waist and thighs.  Not where I want to be, again, but on the road to my 'Destination' (I've stolen that word from my new spiritual BFF, Evinda Lepins).
From here, I'm going to start a new blog post, just because that's what I need to do =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Titans Soccer Tournament

So, we are headed off to our last soccer Titans Team soccer tournament. I'm extremely emotional, thinking this is it for our team. I don't know where we'll go next, but we have LOTS to think about!
It's already been a crazy hectic day! It started yesterday when I attempted to get things done...But, I had some other things that I needed to tend to that were more important. Which I didn't get home from until 4pm. Once I got home I had to make dinner, feed everyone and get ready to head out to the Fusion bowling night (which I didn't get home from until after 12:30). Once I got home, I put Domi (who's getting sick) in bed & started getting everything I could done. I went to bed around 1am & laid there for who knows long. Set my alarm for 7:30. Woke up at 7:55 to a frozen phone, with no alarm working!
So I ran around like a crazed lunatic trying to get the house cleaned (because no one did it last night, while he was home alone, with no kids & nothing to do),.the remainder if the stuff packed, get beach stuff together (because someone decided at the last second that we'd go to the beach), shower Delayna & myself and get out.
Needless to say, we didn't get out of the house until 9:45 & we have to be in San Juan by 10:30.
Went & picked up Tyler & then someone decided we needed gas, because that too had to wait till morning, instead of before hand.
So we are driving as I start blogging & Dominic throws up....I'm really second guessing my day! Oh & now were stopping for Jose to pee.
Ugh & now Dominic is throwing up again!
Well, here's hoping to a better weekend :-/

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mama, Moon Moon Moon!

We have a beautiful full moon tonight. It's orange, bright & just humongous! I attached the pic, but it just doesn't do it justice.
So we went to John's Incredible Pizza tonight (that's a post for itself) and when we came out we all noticed the moon.
Delayna LOVES LOVES LOVES finding the moon whenever were out at night & tonight she's in moon heaven...LOL!
We have a DVD from The Laurie Berkner Band and at the end they sing a song called Moon, Moon, Moon. It's Delayna's favorite song. Anyways, just thought I'd share, too cute not to
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pool Party @ Amber's House

Just on a side note, it cracks me up when someone says "pool party at 'so & so's house' because Ants soccer friends allways say "pool party at Marcies house!". Well Marcies is the hang out spot because his mom likes to keep an eye on them, but Marcie doesn't have a pool! LOL!
So anyway, today was the first pool party I've ever been to. Amber had an end of school year party. It was so much fun to get away from my house & relax, well maybe not relax, but hang out at the pool with the kiddos. She bbq'd and had chips, dip & fruit. It was so much fun & nice!
Amber has been such a blessing in my life! We are kindred spirits & have so much in common.
Anywhoot, I'll leave ya with some fun pics from the day.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to the inhaler we go

My poor little girl has been coughing until she gags every night, during the night and in the morning.  I noticed that she did it when running around with her brother or friends also.  So, I took her into the Dr. today who said that it most likely is her allergies and asthma acting up =(
She put her on Zyrtec and both of her inhalers Qvar and Albuterol.  My poor baby, I hate having her on these meds, it scares me!  My 'step-dad' passed away from his asthma issues and it just is scary.
It was a crazy busy day, no particular reason, just was.  Then I was planning on going to Yucaipa to drop off a bible study book and some PC orders, but laid down at 2pm and passed out until 3:58!  GUESS I WAS TIRED!
Got up and made a very yummy dinner (maybe I'll blog it tomorrow).  Adi had practice and I had to get to the store for some essentials, we had absolutely no fruit, except for 1 banana. Mama needs her fruits & veggies!!!
Went to Albertsons and got some great deals, spent under $50 for 4 pkgs of chicken, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 pineapples, 8 cucumbers, 2 bottles of coffee creamer, chips and some other things.  Not Bad if I do say so myself =)  Then to Walmart to get the other stuff.
Got home and realized I forgot Dee's medicine..DUH MELISSA!  Guess I need more than just a 2 hour nap when I'm not getting enough sleep for my brain to function, egh?
We are down to 2 days left of the school year.  I'm kind of excited, kind of sad.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my babies home, the lazy days of summer and just enjoying each other.  Most moms can't wait for their kids to go back to get out of their hair, but I really do love having them home with me.  I don't like the not having a schedule and routine, but whatev.
Alrighty, so I'm outta here, I'm going to try to get some good sleep and maybe blog tomorrow when I have some brain power!
The Sleepy Mama

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bible Study #4...Coffee Hour With Chicklit Power by Evinda Lepins

I had to come and share my most amazing encounter lately.  I posted it on facebook and I'm just going to transfer everything here.

So, after much prayer and seeking the Lord in the direction that He wants me, I have finally recieved confirmation on the summer study.I have to give you the story behind it all, just so you can all see how good God is...You all knew I was praying regarding the bible study.  I wanted to do something light, but deep, something that we wouldn't have as much work and time devoted to the study, but yet something that would keep us in the word on a daily basis.  Keeping us connected to God and keeping our relationship built up.  Some of you came to me with suggestions, but nothing was 'it'.  Well, I had the opportunity to meet a woman name Kim.  She came to my MOT's group last year and shared her testimony as well as some of her information & book.  I was fortunate enough to have her at my table and I was able to spend some time with her and share my life testimony with her.  We've kept contact and she recently visited MOT's again.  She brought her products this time and I purchased her book.  Now, unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read any of her book, but I did glance at it.  Something kept telling me that I should use this for the summer bible study.  Now being that it's not in a bible study format, I kept pushing the 'idea' out of my head.  WELLLLLL, last Friday, I jumped onto Facebook while I was outside looking for something for dinner.  I noticed that Kim invited me into her group.  So, I accepted the invite, but didn't have a chance to really look at it.  Later that afternoon Jose and I were in the garage and I went to her page on my phone.  The first thing I saw was the following..."Okay, so I'm really giving some serious thought to something because I keep getting this question from complete strangers: "Does CPM have a women's Bible Study?" So, let's put it out there. Would anyone be interested in a once-a-month Bible Study using our "Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, A Cup of Encouragement for the Day" book? There's some great series in there. Let us know:)"OMG...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!  So I replied the following:"Hey Evinda Lepins, this is awesome!!! I will be wrapping up my M2C bible study next week and I have been praying about doing a summer bible study. I have had your book next to my bed and it's been taunting me to use it for the summer bible study (HONESTLY!!!). But I didn't know, because it's not in a format that I could figure out.  So, I brought the subject to the table at my bible study today. We will be meeting every other week. I want something light & not too deep. And a book that we can get our hands on now. Then I saw your post on this. I would LOVE to be your "guinea pig" and use your book as our bible study!!! Let's talk about it. I would like to start June 10th. You can either message me here or contact me on my cell phone. I will be in San Diego for soccer tournaments this weekend, but I will get with you!!! LET'S DO IT!"
Personally, I don't believe in coinsidence...As Kim aka Evinda told me, "absolute GOD things".  So, not only do we have a bible study and one that we can get our hands on right away, BUT...ARE YOU READY FOR THE KICKER!?!?!?!Kim aka Evinda (btw, that's her author name) is going to be joininig us on Friday for our Luau and will be selling the books, signing our books and explaining the bible study to us!!!How freaking cool is it that God confirmed this the way that he can only do and we not only have an amazing bible study set up for the summer, BUT...WE GET TO MEET THE AUTHOR IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ACK!  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!  Come on, how often have you met an author of a published book?Okay, I'll settle down now.  I just can't tell you how amazing God is and how hard it's been to keep this cat in the bag.  It's been clawing at me all week!  And, being with Amber all weekend, had the book on me and I couldn't share with her!  It killed!!!So, I hope you all are as excited as I am!

Follow up to that...We met this past Friday and I can't tell you the excitement my girls had!  I actually have one girl that declined the summer bible study, but after hearing Evinda's story and what we believe God is going to do, she decided to join!
God is good & is giving us favor.  On July 22nd we will be wrapping up the next bible study called, Loving the Unlovable.  The next day, Evinda will be having her CPM's One Year Anniversary Party...guess who will be there with a testimony of her book becoming a bible study!?!?!  YEAH, The Jesus Girlz...HA HA HA HA!!!  AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING!  I can't wait to see what God is going to do, the break throughs that I am praying to happen, the walls to be taken apart one brick at a time. 
I will keep ya'll updated!

Bible Study Follow Up

Back in September I wrote I'm Birthing and shared what God told me to do and move forward in His will for my life.  Well, here I am, 8 months, 4 bible studies and 12 precious souls later.
That's right, I've completed 3 bible studies (Frazzled Female, Victoriously Frazzled & Made To Crave).  I'm currently starting a new study out of the book, Coffee Hour With Chicklit Power  by the name of  'Balance of the Mind, Body & Soul'.
I honestly didn't think that I would have gotten this far in this ministry, but man, when you step out and allow God to step in, you NEVER know what is going to happen!!!
The only regret that I have is that I didn't blog more frequently about the things that I was going through as long as what the study was doing for me.  Especially this last one, Made To Crave.  Oh man has it jacked me up in a good way!  I am on a journey of learning to love myself, accept myself, take time for myself and learn that I AM MADE FOR MORE!
I'm currently focusing on my health, eating, physical activity (yes, exercising will be a part of it, as soon as my body is aligned with God's healing power!  I'm crippled with a horrible sciatica nerve that just recently got messed up again down at the San Diego tournament.  It hurts in places I didn't think your back would effect.  But anywho).  I have a few people in my life, including my 73 year old Gramma that has successfully lost significant amounts of weight by using the BodyBugg.  After doing who knows how many different diets, "life changes", trying this & that, I decided that I would do something that has shown effectiveness in the lives of real people around me (including my Gramma).  So, Melissa bought herself a Mother's Day present.  Oh yes, I went and bought myself a BodyBugg.  I have been on the 'program' for 3 weeks now, and even though I haven't lost a significant amount of weight (due to this bodybugg, I've learned that I am physically active without working out.  I can easily burn over 2,500 calories a day just by being me and doing my daily chores/running around/taking care of kids & house.  My biggest problem when I'm focused on my eating is that I don't eat enough.  I'm lucky if I get in 1,400 calories a day sometimes.  Therefor my metabolism shuts down and thus the reasoning for not losing.).  But it's not the numbers on the scale for me anymore, it's feeling content in who I am, knowing that I made better choices that day for myself and no one else. That if I did have a slip up, there is always tomorrow to make it right.  And that putting God first in all I do means more than devouring those Oreo's with a big 'ol glass of ice cold milk!
Yeah, I've come a ways from where I was regarding my weight, but even further in where I am in my walk with the Lord.
I'm really going to try hard to blog daily.  The new bible study that we are starting requires us to journal.  And my way of journaling is on my blog.  I do have many journals that I've kept notes in for my bible studies, but they get tossed to the side.  Here allows me to look up by subject, dates, etc to see where I was, what I was going through, etc.
I pray that whomever reads this is blessed & can see God's hand at work.  It is all Him & I am utterly overwhelmed and humbled that He would use a broken little girl to reach the lives of those that I'm reaching.  I don't know where this journey is going to take me, but I do know that as long as I seek Him first, it will be successful...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


So I'm sitting in Gus' with my family. Jose ordered the burger & fry family pack and a chicken salad for me. They brought the burgers & fries out and I am sitting here having the hardest time not grabbing a few fries & dredging them in ranch. Ugh this sucks!!!!
My salad is here and it's fried chicken tenders on top with bacon. I want to devour it! And dredge it in ranch.
I didn't though. I served myself a fourth of the salad & threw a few forks of ranch on.
Jose asked me what was wrong, he could see the frustration on my face. This is so not easy, but it will be worth it.
I want to cry I'm so irritated :(

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a little news article

Well, I felt as though our Titan Boys deserved some recognition for their accomplishments this past tournament season.  So, I submitted an email to the Banning-Beaumont Patch, it's just a little local web-paper I guess you would call it that is like a news paper, but is on the web.
We shall see what happens.  But I wanted to put it out on here, just because I think these boys deserve some recognition and I don't ever want to forget what these kids have accomplished!

Hi Guy, I'm a mom to a local teen that is part of the local AYSO Tournament Team called Titans. I would love for our boys to be recognized on your website to bring some light to this team. They are a group of 14-16 year old boys that attend Beaumont High School and play Fall Season Soccer for our local AYSO, Region 641. After the fall season the boys come together and play on the tournament team and travel across Southern California.
This past weekend we traveled down to San Diego and played in the Top Gun Tournament. This tournament is known as "the best of the best" when it comes to tournament teams. We've attempted to play in this tournament in the past, but never qualified. This year our stats allowed us to qualify for this tournament.
We were down a strong player and it was obvious in our first game, as we lost 1-0. The boys came together and realized that they can do this. The second game played on Saturday they won 2-1 (and one of our boys accidentally made the goal for the other team). Sunday the boys went out early, playing their first game and tied 2-2. Now we weren't looking like we were going to keep going on and even one of the families planned to head home after our second game of the day. Second game on Sunday, we needed to win 3-0 to guarantee us a spot in the Semi-Final's game. The boys were ready to put up a fight and fought they did!!! The Titans team walked away winning that game 2-0. Now being that we didn't make 3-0 we didn't get the guarantee for the Semi-Final game. We had to wait to see who won the other games later on in the day to determine if we moved on or not.
Later that afternoon we got word that the team that needed to loose for us to go into Semi-Finals lost and WE MADE IT!!!
Monday, we knew we were up for 2 games. The first game determined if we go on to play for 1st & 2nd if we won or 3rd & 4th if we lost.
Well, our boys went out and played the game of their life! As a soccer mom, I have to say that this was THE MOST AMAZING GAME I've ever watched! Our boys walked away winning with a score of 3-1. This guaranteed us moving on to play for 1st/2nd place.
After a LONG, HOT, HARD game our boys lost, but still WON! As the man handing us the medals stated, "This is the toughest tournament in So. Cal., for Beaumont to come out and play against the best of the best and walk away with 2nd place, you are winners!"
Titan's boys have played 6 tournaments (14 games) in the last 21 days. They have medaled in every single one. 1-1st place, 2-2nd places, 1-3rd place & 2-4th places.
I think this little team that doesn't get much recognition from our home town needs to know about these kids. They are on fire and will be a successful group we will be reading about in a few years down the road!
Here is a link to the Standings for the Top Gun Tournament:
Thank you for the time you've taken to read this & I appreciate your work in this community!

Well, while I was posting this, I recieved an email.  Looks as though my story on the boys is going to be published!  I'm so excited for them!!!  It is well deserved!