Monday, June 6, 2011

Bible Study Follow Up

Back in September I wrote I'm Birthing and shared what God told me to do and move forward in His will for my life.  Well, here I am, 8 months, 4 bible studies and 12 precious souls later.
That's right, I've completed 3 bible studies (Frazzled Female, Victoriously Frazzled & Made To Crave).  I'm currently starting a new study out of the book, Coffee Hour With Chicklit Power  by the name of  'Balance of the Mind, Body & Soul'.
I honestly didn't think that I would have gotten this far in this ministry, but man, when you step out and allow God to step in, you NEVER know what is going to happen!!!
The only regret that I have is that I didn't blog more frequently about the things that I was going through as long as what the study was doing for me.  Especially this last one, Made To Crave.  Oh man has it jacked me up in a good way!  I am on a journey of learning to love myself, accept myself, take time for myself and learn that I AM MADE FOR MORE!
I'm currently focusing on my health, eating, physical activity (yes, exercising will be a part of it, as soon as my body is aligned with God's healing power!  I'm crippled with a horrible sciatica nerve that just recently got messed up again down at the San Diego tournament.  It hurts in places I didn't think your back would effect.  But anywho).  I have a few people in my life, including my 73 year old Gramma that has successfully lost significant amounts of weight by using the BodyBugg.  After doing who knows how many different diets, "life changes", trying this & that, I decided that I would do something that has shown effectiveness in the lives of real people around me (including my Gramma).  So, Melissa bought herself a Mother's Day present.  Oh yes, I went and bought myself a BodyBugg.  I have been on the 'program' for 3 weeks now, and even though I haven't lost a significant amount of weight (due to this bodybugg, I've learned that I am physically active without working out.  I can easily burn over 2,500 calories a day just by being me and doing my daily chores/running around/taking care of kids & house.  My biggest problem when I'm focused on my eating is that I don't eat enough.  I'm lucky if I get in 1,400 calories a day sometimes.  Therefor my metabolism shuts down and thus the reasoning for not losing.).  But it's not the numbers on the scale for me anymore, it's feeling content in who I am, knowing that I made better choices that day for myself and no one else. That if I did have a slip up, there is always tomorrow to make it right.  And that putting God first in all I do means more than devouring those Oreo's with a big 'ol glass of ice cold milk!
Yeah, I've come a ways from where I was regarding my weight, but even further in where I am in my walk with the Lord.
I'm really going to try hard to blog daily.  The new bible study that we are starting requires us to journal.  And my way of journaling is on my blog.  I do have many journals that I've kept notes in for my bible studies, but they get tossed to the side.  Here allows me to look up by subject, dates, etc to see where I was, what I was going through, etc.
I pray that whomever reads this is blessed & can see God's hand at work.  It is all Him & I am utterly overwhelmed and humbled that He would use a broken little girl to reach the lives of those that I'm reaching.  I don't know where this journey is going to take me, but I do know that as long as I seek Him first, it will be successful...