Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Re-Building the walls

I can't even begin to tell you how much this blesses me! My Honey is writing up an estimate for a potential job.
For 10 years now he let his dream go of owning his own company. We can see now that it wasn't God's timing and we had some growing to do. God is rebuilding those walls and bringing the desire back along with a peace that I never had before. We are excited to see where God is taking us. Jose is so humble and gives of himself so much. He deserves this & so much more!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Not your typical Senior

Anthony came home with his 2013-2014 Senior HS Pre-registration form Tuesday. Typically your senior year you take 4 classes, you are in school half a day and you are OUTTA THERE! Well, not my son. I am so stinken proud of him! He has decided to take a full load his senior year. He is taking his four mandatory classes plus taking a semester of Spanish 2 (because he is a dork and failed a semester) as well as a Security & Protective Class (he wants to get his guard card). After his semester of spanish He can either be done and only take 5 classes after the semester of Spanish or replace it with another class in which he has chosen to take a semester of culinary arts.
I'm honestly surprised that he is choosing to take a full load and not take half and get a job. I always say, "I have been blessed with an AWESOME son." And I truly have been. He makes his Papa & Mama so proud of him.
Oh one more thing, if you take a look up top he is on track to be accepted to a UC/SCU college. His dream is to go to USC but we will pray God opens the doors to his future. As sad and scared as I am of my baby boy growing up and moving on in this next chapter of his life. I'm excited watching how hard he is working towards his future. Most kids are just done and ready to get out of high school and become an adult. Anthony is making some very "grown up" decisions and the right choices for his future. I can't wait to see where his future leads him.
~One Proud Mama~