Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scary thought

So, I'm sitting here helping Ant do his homework and I happened to mention it on facebook (and maybe I complained that I'm exhausted). My Grandma Wallace commented about remembering her days doing the same thing (just an fyi, grandma had 7 kids). Then I replied, as long as I follow my grandparents examples, I will have successful kids.
Then I started thinking. Unfortunately, both of my parents have had quiet the share of struggles in their lives. And then the saying popped in my head, "you will always have one kid that isn't as good as the others."
It's hard for me to imagine one of my kids not succeeding. I have HUGE dreams for my babies. I've seen each one as particular things.
Ant is going to be my successful athlete. He wants to become a pro football player and I not only see him doing it, but he will succeed in it! Athletisism runs through his veins and he really is a natural!
Adriana will be my doctor. She plans on moving to the OC to study and then eventually move to Denver where she will practice in the OBGYN field.
Dominic is my brainiac & will do something in engenering, owning his own business, something like that.
Delayna is going to be my model/dancer, singer. She is ALL girl and loves music!
So to ever think of one of my precious babies not succeeding or not making it isn't even an option for me.
What are your thoughts?

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