Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out of the nose of babes...

So yesterday was, well a day! Delayna didn't sleep well, I got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep, I was vomited on, cried on, boogers were wiped on me, coughed on and the list is just never ending. Amidst my poor little pneumonia girl I had to pay bills, finish getting my right offs done for my taxes, call my mots girls (which one is quite the talker and is going to be fun ;-)), and clean. Oh and due to the vomiting, I had an extra 3 loads of mandatory washing to do.
Well during my crazy day, I went to lay Delayna down to sleep and she was complaining her nose her. I couldn't figure out what her problem was. So I had her blow, nope still crying, got up, turned on the light, looked in her nose...low and behold, there was a HUGE white chunk in there.
I tried getting it out alone, but she kept turning her head. I seriously thought I was going to have to go back to urgent care. I came down, told my mom and told her she's going to have to help me, or it's off we go. *my mom has an issue with Delayna screaming and crying...she hates it and that's why I was afraid of her holding*
So my mom held her down while I took the tweezers and pulled out a chunk of a baby wipe. It was probably a quarter of the wipe! This picture doesn't do justice, I should have put something there to compare the size.
Anyways, that came out of the nose of "my babe" ;-)
Thanking God that today is a new day!
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