Saturday, September 1, 2007

So Much For That

Well, we planned on going to the beach a few weekends ago (see my last post), but both Anthony & Adriana had birthday parties to go to.

So, instead we decided to take a trip to Los Angeles.
We go there every so often to go to the Guatemalan Bakery ~ Delicioso!~ We get a bit of Jose's roots & teach the kids about the country everytime we go. Has definately turned into a family tradition, and am very happy that we have found this place so that we can instill Jose's roots into these Guatemalan kids!
So here are some pics from that

A little story behind this trip;
We decided to take Jose's car to save on gas. Well, before we left, we said a prayer (as we usually do). We started driving and noticed there was a bit of a bumpy-ness to the car.
Well, as we drove faster, it stopped. So we figured maybe something was bit off or maybe a bit of air might need to be put into the front tires.
So we continued to drive, getting onto the freeway.
Well once we got up to going over 70 mph we noticed the bumping again.
Jose decided to just drive straight out to L.A. w/out stopping, since it wasn't too bad.
Well, after we ate & got back into the car and got ready to drive back home, we noticed it REALLY BAD!
So we looked for a gas station to put gas and air into the tires.
Good 'ol Los Angeles, Let me tell you!
NO ONE has an air pump that works, the hose isn't cut off or available.
We went to 4 different gas stations before we finally found one w/ a working air hose. THANK GOD I LIVE WHERE I DO!
So while Jose is putting air into a tire, we hear a CRASH!
Jose went to the back of the car to see what happened.
There was an accident on the corner of the intersection. People came out of the woodworks to see what happened. It was really sad, but unbelievable how some people react w/ being nosey or just plain don't care or help to assist those injured.
So, we took care of the air & put in gas and decided to get the flock out of town.
While driving, the tires just weren't going good.
We stopped 3 times on the way home, but just couldn't figure out what happened.
Finally home, get the kids ready and take them to thier parties.
Jose & I decided to go to James' to use the jack and look at the driveline & whatever else.
Well, while he was lifting the car, he dicided to put something behind the rear driver side tire.
Lo and Behold, he saw the issue.
Ran into the house to get me and show me...
Our back driverside tire's inside tread was completely gone and had a bubble the size of a soccer ball inside the tire!
The Lord sent Angels our way that day! We were just in a shock!
So that's my story, of how the Lord does watch over his children!