Friday, October 31, 2008

I am SO bummed!

I just got the bill to fix my refrigerator. It is going to cost us $155 to get it fixed. WHAT!?!?!
Jose found the part for just under $15, these people are a rip off! I am praying Jose can figure out how to fix it. We had to pay them $35 just to come out...IDIOTS!
Then I did an estimate for my camera to get fixed and that is going to cost me $149!
I am SO bummed!!!!
I can't go without a refrigerator, but my life involves my camera so much!
I couldn't even take pics of the kids carving the pumpkins last night, I can't take pics of my kids tonight dressed up for Halloween, nothing!
With the baby coming, I have to have my camera!
What am I going to do!?!
If you have any suggestions on what to do with my camera situation, I would really appreciate it!
Otherwise you are more than welcome to wallow in my pain with me.

Happy Halloween

happy halloween 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

This is my picture for the holiday, because my camera finally kicked the bucket yesterday... :(
We carved our pumpkins yesterday afternoon. Dominic didn't want anything to do with it at first. He couldn't stand the feel of it, but after Jose working with him and showing that it's not that nasty, he was fine. Dominic & Jose carved the pumpkin that Adriana drew out and then Anthony carved his own pumpkin.
They both came out really cute!
Today I have to do a K-Mart run to get some orange paint for my belly and pick up Dominic's costume from Gail.
Then tonight we will be going out Trick or Treating and then heading over to one of our friend's house to help with the candy hand out for our church outreach.
I am very excited! I love Halloween, it's just so much fun!!!
Hopefully I will make it through the night. I have been feeling sick and heaviness in my chest. I really think it's my allergies that are moving down into my chest...BOOOO
Anyway,,,I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recent Scores

Well, yesterday must have been a day of blessings.
I have recently found a group called Freecycle (new to me, old to others). What Freecycle is, is a group of people that posts things that they are trying to get rid of, instead of throwing it away or selling & people post things that they need.
Well, on Monday I went and picked up 2 older dressers that had been sitting outside of a house that someone was trying to get rid of. Well, I am in the process of re-finishing them and changing them into dressers for Dominic & Baby D.
Well, here I will just cut and paste. Makes it easier for me, and you can just read it all out...
I have been SO stressed over things for the baby, it's not even funny!
Anyways, I have been praying that the Lord will bless us with things that we need, not what we want.
Well, my friend told me about a local Freecycle (never knew they existed) and so I joined.
Monday night I went and picked up 2 really nice dressers. They are only 3 drawers, but one will be used for Dom and the other will be used for the baby.
They needed to be cleaned (DONE!) and I have to sand parts down and repaint them, but they are perfect & I can customize them to what *I* want
Then I saw a post the other day

Infant sling. This is the kind you wear around your body to craddle your infant.
New Fisher Price Baby Monitor w/Receiver in the box. Never used.
Would like to give these to someone who really needs them.
Please indicate in your email the day and time you can pickup. Will
make a decision by tomorrow evening.
So I replied to the post
Hi Elisa, I saw your offer. I am going to have my 4th in January and
unfortunately gave everything away from my last baby (not expecting to
have another.) I was interested in your items. Also was wondering
what type of a baby sling it was, I LOVE wearing babies. I think it
is SO much better for them.
Thanks for any response.
And this is what I found in my box yesterday
I'm going to offer them to you. I just had my 4th (unexpected), so I know what's like getting rid of everything and start over.
The baby sling you wear around your body and you tuck your baby inside to carry with you. It's more for a new baby. If you're not interested in it, I could give it to someone else. I think it's very nice.
When could you come pickup?


Yeah, I was SO excited that I posted on a board that I have been on since having Dom, just to share my excitement. Well, to my surprise, these were the responses:
Steph~"wow Melissa!! What a blessing!!
I'm so glad that God is providing thru unexpected sources for you and for this baby!!!
So do you seriously have NOTHING??
just the stuff that you've been given recently?? "

My reply~"I seriously have nothing.
Actually, a girl that works out at my work brought in a bag of 3-6 mos girl clothes, a pink & brown diaper bag and some funky toy that attaches to the car seat I am assuming.
My SIL bought a car seat for me from a yard sale (I posted about this a while back).
I have bought some baby soap, baby lotion, baby powder and a pack of onsies(those are all the onsies I have).
I have a friend giving me her son's crib and I plan on making my own bedding since it is so expensive.
That's it... "
AGAIN, not my intention to "whine", just answering a question. I am BLESSED to have what I do have now! Well, this is what I get next...

Jen~"melissa, that rocks!!! can you list other things you want/need, so i can keep an eye out on freecycle and stuff? you know i am the master at finding good deals "

My reply~"You can list what you want. I am still new and feeling it out, so really don't know.
It's a Yahoo group here for me.
Try looking it up. "

Jen~"OH no no melissa, you misunderstood, sorry i was clearer-i am a freecyle pro, been doing it since i was preg with mairi.

i want YOU to make a list for ME of the things YOU want and need for the baby So then I can keep an eye out locally for stuff, and then ship to you (I'll pay, I want to bless you!)

So make a list already "

Leah~"I wish I would have realized you needed some things, I would have held on to all the baby boy clothes I just gave away to someone else for you (until you had the baby-- to see if you need BOY clothes). I literally just gave away 6 big black trash bags FULL of baby boy clothes. I kept all of Slaydes things, I guess at the time I didnt realize the amount I actually had. Until I pulled them back out for Griffin.... I was totally overwhelmed and had to have my mom come over and help me sort through them all. I also threw out a baby monitor, and a basinett, and a wipe warmer (I didnt like it)."

Kelley~"Melissa, if you'd put the list on here I could watch freecycle and craigslist here for you. Plus sometimes Moms at my Preschool will offer stuff to me (for the preschool dept) and I'd be glad to send some good stuff your way!

Give us a wish list!!

Are you not finding out what you are having?? "

Can you say, 'Emotion Overload!?!' I am so set back by my dear friends (they are all across country, LIKE N.Y. & VIRGINIA!). They care SO much that they are willing to go out of their way to find me things for my baby and bless me.
WOW. Absolutely Speechless!
Thank You My Dear Friends!!!!! Off to grab the box of tissues again! I can't even bring myself to make the list, I am just SO overwhelmed!

Your willing to give what you have

Recently Jose & I have been having a time, if you don't know...Jose has been VERY slow on work! Times are tough, but we are continuing to stand on our promises and know we will get through.
Well, yesterday I had a friend call me and ask some questions. Here's what our conversation sounded like,
M~"So Melissa, do you have any paper towels?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a roll, why?"
M~"Can I have some?"
Me~"Well, I only have one roll, but I will give you some if you need some."
M~"Do you have any toilet paper?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a few rolls and a new package, why?"
M~"What kind do you have?"
Me~"I bought White Cloud this week."
M~"Can I have some?"
Me~"Yeah, how much do you need?"
M~"Do you have any laundry soap?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a bottle, why?"
M~"What brand do you like?"
Me~"I buy what's on sale."
M~"You don't buy a certain brand?"
Me~"No, I'm not too picky, especially being tight on money."
M~"Well, can I have some?"
Me~"Sure, how much do you need?"
M~"Do you have any Downy?"
Me~"No, I bought Suavetel this week, do you need some of that too?"
M~"Alright, I will be over after work to get it from you."
Me~"Well, tell me how much you need and I will have it all ready when you get here."
M~"Don't worry about it, I will let you know when I get there."
Me~"Alright, I will see you later then."
M~"Ok, bye."

So a few hours later, I was in my kitchen cleaning and getting everything ready for my brother's birthday dinner. Anthony yells, "Mom, 'M' is here!"
So I tell him to let her in and have her come to the kitchen.
She comes in, carrying 2 bags chuck full of stuff. I said,
"M, what are you doing!?!"
She replied, "Melissa, you have nothing and your are struggling, yet you are still willing to give me things that I might need. These are for you."
UGH, my heart about dropped! I know I have friends in my life who care, but WOW!
I'm not one to take hand outs, nor am I one to "whine" about my situation. I know the Lord will provide and I feel like I don't need to go around announcing my problems to everyone. But the Lord knows what we need, and as long as we are faithful and have a giving heart, I feel like He WILL bless us in return.
It's not what we say, it's what we do and what is TRULY in our hearts that matters the most.
So, Thank You 'M' & Praise You Father God!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back In The Day

I know I have shared w/ a few select of my friends...
I used to rap. Yeah, little white girl-wanna be mexican-rapper.
My favorite was Queen Latifa & Da Brat.
Well, while I was out picking the kids up from school today they played a song that I used to rap to. It's Ahmad-Back In The Day
While listening to it and attempting to rap like back in the day, I started realizing the words and thinking, this guys sure is right. Here's a verse of the song:
"I miss those days, pouting like a jerk, wishing all I had to do now is finish homework. It's true, you don't realize what you got 'till it's gone...Sometimes I do sit and reminisce then think about the years I was raised, back in the day... "
Of course the video is being attached

OK, and so while I was on that page, I couldn't help but take myself back to 1 more song that YES, I used to rap to. Here they are, I hope they take you back too...
Skee-Lo I wish

OH, and I found my "inspiration" song!!!! I almost got into a fight w/ some little punks while walking to the store. My best friend, Janis and I were walking and a couple of little boys called me the *B* word.
Well, I took the words that The Queen used and said, "Who you calling a *B*!?!" and perused to get in their faces. Those boys were not about to disrespect me and it was all because of what The Queen said! No, I didn't fight them, someone heard my big mouth and came to my rescue. I don't know what would have happened, but this girl was NOT about to take anything from any boy. I saw too much growing up and I was not about to be treated the same way.
Now that you know the story, here is the song.
(It's not letting me put the video up, so here is the link)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Such a proud wifey

So, amongst a million and one things smacking me in the face this week, my refrigerator broke! UGH, I can't tell you how done I am!
My sweet & hard working husband who thinks he can fix the world has really been trying to get the 'fridge fixed. Unfortunately we can't pay someone to come out and do it, but he is really trying hard!
Last night I was busy doing something, and I looked over and noticed him pulling the fridge out, again. My poor husband had just got home and ate & he is just non-stop. After a few minutes pass, I notice he is on the computer. Now if you know Jose, he is NEVER on the computer, well it's rare!
I continued doing what I was doing and after a while got up to see what exactly he was doing on the computer.
Well, my smart little cookie of a husband, who rarely uses the computer, was on there looking up tutorials on our refrigerator trying to figure out how to fix it.
Definitely a Proud Wifey moment, I just have such a good husband that will figure anything out that is given to him!
So, after working on it for about an hour, he thinks he might know what is wrong with it. But, still not positive.
So, I will keep you posted as the refrigerator saga continues...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A test of faith

I have been being taught lately to have "Faith". Let me tell ya, have Jose and I been tested in this water!
The Websters definition for Faith is: belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust
WOW, now if that aint the truth in my life right now!
As I was talking to God this morning and just asking him for what needs to be done. I asked Him, "Lord, give me something."
I was going through my lesson for Sunday, Nothing.
Going through some message boards, like I would find anything there.
Then I started going through some updated blogs. There is one that I follow that has been off for a while, but she updated last night. What she wrote caught my eye and included a song.

I am in a valley right now but I HAVE to believe that He will bring me through....please keep me in your prayers.

So simple, yet so powerful! So as I post this, I just ask that you keep my family in your prayers.

Wanna Make A Bet?

Last night Jose had a softball game at 9pm. So after Adriana's practice we went home, I got Dominic showered and ready for bed.
Well, since Anthony went with Jose, Dominic refused to go in his bed.
So I let him lay in bed with me and relax until I decided to go to sleep.
Well, I grabbed the jar of M&M's that is on my night stand, and was eating a few. I told him he could have just a few also.
He asked me, "Mama, wanna make a bet?"
I replied, "What does that mean?"
He said, "You close your eyes and open your mouth and I will put a nema-nem in your mouth and that's a bet."
I said, "OK, but who taught you this?"
His reply was, "Sissy"
So, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and he put the 'nema-nem' in my mouth.
A few minutes later he asked me, "Mama, wanna make a bet to me?"
So I of course said, "Sure."
He closed his eyes, I put the M&M in his mouth and he said,
"See, now that's a bet!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

25 weeks & 3 days

And not ONE donut!
Before I knew I was pregnant, I have been craving donuts.
I didn't know where this came from, because I despise donuts, I seriously do not treat the kids to donuts. They are a waist of money, food, calories, just everything in my book. Jose on the other hand thinks they are great, well a few select.
BUT, for 25 weeks & 3 days, I have resisted...Until today!
I woke up tired, had a headache and just didn't feel well. You want to tempt me, get me when I am tired and not feeling well, I don't fight well under those circumstances.
So, knowing I had a few bucks in my purse I came to work, opened up, and informed the girl working out I was going to get some coffee.
Well, the closest & only place open at the Godly hour of 5 am was Yum Yum Donuts. I walked in with the intention to ONLY buy a coffee, but then I saw something that I have been fighting...
UGH, those darn donuts & my wonderful friend Noe putting Apple Fritters in my head (he was talking about apple fritters Friday night at bible study) I couldn't resist.
I bought a large coffee, an apple fritter & an orange juice.
$5.12 later I walked out a happy camper.
Then I got to work and realized, I could have went to Bakers and got me a whole breakfast for the price I just paid for a stupid donut, coffee & o.j. UGH!
Oh well.
I ate it, and I enjoyed it!!!
I still have my headache, and don't feel well, but I got my apple fritter...

Monday, October 20, 2008

A chain link fence did it

I picked Anthony up from school today, he gets in and tells me, "Mom, I think I need stitches."
I'm like, "WHAT!?!"
So, he lifted up his shirt, which has an obvious rip in it and shows me this huge gash in his right shoulder.
I asked what happened and he told me that he was running to lunch and ran into a chain link fence with the alligator lock. The lock caught his shirt, ripped his arm, it threw him around where his chest hit the pole and gave him a huge bruise on his chest, his head hit the fence, scratched him by his ear, he has a bump right under his right temple and then fell to the ground where his arm is scratched up.
Oi Vei! This kid!
At first I was worried, then VERY upset that no one from the school called me. HELLO, my son has a gash in his arm that might need stiches, his head was hit right under his temple and I'm sure the wind was knocked out of him w/ that bruise on his chest and NOBODY called me!?!
So when we got home, I tended to his wounds, which all they did was place a bandaid over the gash.
Well, come to find out, when I finally was able to talk to the lady that treated him (I was tossed to 4 different people..I tell ya, NOT a happy Mama!), she explained to me that he came in and just showed her the "scratch" that was on his arm.
Ok, I know my son is tough, and not a cry baby, but like I told her, make a call home and let me know that he has been hurt. She appologized and assumed by the way he was acting that he was fine and just got a scratch. She also informed me that it was busy in the health office at the time and now knows how "little or big" the situation, she needs to take time to meet everyone's need and not just brush them off.
That made me feel good. She at least cares enough to correct it, and I felt better about the situation.
So, after I hung up with her, I called Urgent Care and made an appt to get him in.
We went down there and the Dr said that the gash was left for too long and that stitches wouldn't do anything for it. So she just put antibiotic on the scratches (I could have done that at home & saved the money from his co-pay). Then she checked his jaw, which at that point he informed her that his jaw was bothering him. She said just to keep an eye on it.
**The Dr. was very insistent on him telling her the truth. She kept asking him, "are you sure you aren't being bullied", "are you sure you weren't running from someone", "are you sure your doing ok in school and no one was trying to beat you up", "are you sure no one else did this to you". He explained to her that if someone were to try to hurt him, he would have been expelled or suspended for fighting with the injuries. This kid!**
Then as I warned him...
He got the dreaded tetnis shot! But he begged the nurse not to put it in his butt cheek.
She told him that they do it in the arm, and he was VERY relieved...That was hillarious! All he kept worrying about was getting a shot in his butt...LOL
So all in all, he will be fine.
My tough kid, wonder whats going to happen next year when he starts his journey in football. LORD, give me strength & patience while waiting in many 'a Urgent Cares!!!

My belly is kicking

Dominic came to me and was telling me,
"Mama, my belly is kicking."
I asked, "It is. Why is it kicking?"
Which I assumed he would say that he was hungry and was meaning that it was 'growling', but no.
He answered, "Because my babies are kicking in my belly."
I tried to keep my composure and have him explain his problem to his Papa. When he did, we couldn't help but bust out laughing.
Then Jose attempted to explain to him that having babies in his belly isn't a good thing, that only girls like Mama can have babies in their bellies. Dominic did not like the explanation and continued to insist that he has babies in his belly and they were kicking.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky

I really wanted this song on this page playing, but it isn't as popular as the one that I have and can't find it anywhere but on youtube.
So I figured I would do a post on it and a little story behind it...
The song is called Me and the artist is Plumb.
A girl from a mom's group that I belong to posted this on the board along with the lyrics and I immediately fell in love!!! I listened to it about 3 times and just couldn't keep a tissue dry.
Then tonight Dominic was being a brat, seriously! Knowing he didn't have a nap today, I knew he was tired and just needed to relax and hold his mama.
So I laid on the couch with him and his blanket and just snuggled. Then the song popped in my head with the following lyrics;
"I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe
When you need a kiss
It's me"
So without further ado, here is the video & the lyrics...

I haven't had
A chance to sleep
And when I wake
I wake with your dreams
I guess my pillow
Holds some kind of key
To your peace
Your peace
I wouldn't trade your love for all the candy
In this great big world
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe
When you need a kiss
It's me
I haven't showered
And I tried to eat
But all your tears
Oh they needed me
I need some time, some time to think
But when I hear you
And what you need is...
I wouldn't trade your love for all the candy
In this great big world
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe
When you need a kiss
It's me
I wash your face
To make room for
All the kisses
Of tomorrow
And every day
That I get to
Be here with you
Is sweet
I wouldn't trade your love for all the candy
In this great big world
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe
When you need a kiss
It's me
Oh don't be afraid
Cause you'll have is....

It's Done!!!

My new blog is done!!!!
I am SO excited! I am totally in love with the layout and all that was done to it.
Thank you SO much Ali!!! You can go to her page if you are interested in getting a new layout for your blog:

My dear friend Mo came up with my new title & blog name & the song I put on my page is a song that reminds me of my babies. Not to mention a song that the Lord has given me from Him.

Thank you all who helped me come up with a name!

Friday, October 17, 2008

24 Weeks=6 Months

I took some pics of my growing belly & thought I would share.
Covered Belly

Anthony thought he had to be a part of the pic. My jealous boy

Side view bare belly

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't like candy corn

Ok, so the topic was brought up on a group of moms I am involved in and I just had to blog about it. Just a memory that if I ever forget, I will be SO upset!
So here it goes...
There is a channel on t.v. called "Noggin". It is focused on pre-schoolers and has little characters that do little skits between cartoons.
They seem to do good at focusing on seasons and teach the kids matching, rhyming, colors, etc.
Well this season (fall) they have a song called "I don't like candy corn". Here is the youtube video of it:

Well Dominic & I LOVE this song!!! We also LOVE candy corn!!!
I believe that you are ONLY allowed to eat it during Halloween time (in my book, it's against the law to eat it any other time), you have to eat it color by color, either by the top or bottom, and you can ONLY eat the original candy corn (even though I have heard that the caramel one is really good).
I am just a dweeb with Candy Corn, but every time we go to eat it, we sing,
"I don't like candy corn."
Then I will ask Dom, "do you like candy corn?" and he will either answer yes or no, joking of course, and I have a little cauldron next to the candy corn container and if he says "Yes", then I say, "Here, you can have mine." And I give him the cauldron w/ some in it.
It is just a sweet little memory that will last just for this time, but I want to remember forever.
So after posting this & everyone reading, I encourage you to make memories with your children. Jot them down and remember them forever!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can I go in the alligator, Mama?

Dominic and I went to my Dr's appt today. While I was driving there, we went by Beaver and he yells, "Mama, where you going?"
So I told him, "To my Dr." He replied, "Your Dr. not here, your Dr. over there." Pointing to the "old" Beaver building. Continuing to explain to me that his Dr. is in this building (the 'new' Beaver building.)
So as I continued to drive and explain to him that I do go to the Dr here, thinking that maybe because he hasn't gone with me to this one, only the Redlands office, that he was confused.
As I am pulling in, he begins to argue with me again that, "Mama, this NOT your Dr. my Dr. is here, your Dr. over there!"
I told him, "No Dominic, Mama comes here to."
He finally accepted that mama does go to the Dr where he goes to the Dr. So he asked,
"We'yell, can we go in the alligator then?"
I asked, "The alligator?"
He said, "Yes Mama, the alligator that takes you up, up, up to my Doctors."
*ROLLING!* He meant the ELEVATOR!!!
After I got over the initial burst of giggles, without trying to make him feel bad that he pronounced it wrong, I told him, "Yes mijo, we can go in the alligator."
Well, as I was parking, I realized...
This isn't where my Dr's office is...DUH! It is in the building, next door, where Dominic said it was!
UGH, I think I need some much needed sleep.
So, I told him, "Dominic, you were right, Mama's Dr isn't here it is in the other building."
Of course he replied, "See I teld you Mama. We go there before."

While we were in the Dr's office waiting, we were talking about his dentist appt that he has tomorrow. Well, he is insisting that he goes in the alligator...LOL

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diaper Bag Pahlease

I am So on the hunt of great deals for this new baby.
Well, I came across this awesome giveaway from Has THE cutest stuff for all your baby needs and they have an AWESOME selection for those of us who aren't finding out the gender!!!
I don't care for green or yellow, but the things that are on this website are really awesome!!! A little pricey, but awesome!!!

New Blog Layout & Name

Ok, so I am in the process of having my blog re-designed to something original & I need a new name.
Since making this blog I have gone from it just being for the kids to general things going on in my life (I did have two, but that became too much!).
So I need some help with a new name for my blog.
One I am throwing around is "Life As A Soccer Mama".
Some help would be that I of course am a Pampered Chef Mama, a soccer mama, I have been blessed with 3 1/2 children (will be 4 in Jan/Feb), I love my husband and family, I am dedicated, an over achiever, loving, a christian woman who is striving to be the best I can unto the Lord. I am a Sunday School teacher, on the Youth ministry at my church and have a heart for people.

If you have any ideas, please post a comment. I will follow up and let you know what I decided...
And keep looking for updates :)

Fondue Review

I posted a recipe last week for the Pumpkin Dip in the Crockpot.
Well, I don't own that little dipper thing, so I made it in the microwave in my batter bowl and more.
This stuff is SO good!
Dominic and I kept slicking apples to dip. For the most part, it is pretty healthy for you too!!!
YEAH, and fun recipe that is good for you & Easy Peasy to make!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Dip Recipe

So a few days ago I posted a blog worthy recipe of Caramel Apples. Well the same lady blogging on A Year of Crockpotting posted this recipe today.
I had to snatch it!

--1 cup canned pumpkin pie mix

--4 oz cream cheese
--1/4 cup sour cream
--chopped walnuts, optional

The Directions.

I use my Little Dipper---these measurements are perfect for a little dipper. If you don't have one, you can put an oven-safe dish inside of your large crockpot.

Add the cream cheese to the Little Dipper. Top with sour cream, then pour in the pumpkin pie filling.

Cover and cook for about an hour, then stir well. If the cream cheese isn't fully melted, cook a bit longer. The Little Dipper doesn't have temperature settings, you just plug it in. If you are going to use a big crockpot with an oven-safe dish inside, cook on high for about an hour, or 2 on low.

Garnish with chopped walnuts, if desired.

I have all the ingredients and would make it, but I don't have a Little Dipper :( Guess that's going on my Christmas Wish List!
*giving credit where credit is due:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Candy Land

Do you remember to good 'ol game of Candy Land? Well, it seems to be one of Dominic's favorite game and I have learned that it's not only fun, but a great way to teach him colors, sharing, taking turns, and especially imagination.
I remember playing when I was little and imagining being in the game.
I would go to Peppermint Man and have the taste of a candy cane in my mouth.
Licorice guy would give me the taste of licorice, Lolly with the lollipops and the good 'ol Chocolate Swamp!
Yumm, I think that was my favorite place, besides the gumdrops.
Well, I had Devin today and they decided to play Candy Land & I got a bright idea.
With the halloween candy laying around, why not put out candy so when the boys landed on a "candy spot" they could have a candy.
So I took out the M&M's and the candy corn. Placed little candies by the spots and showed the boys what to do.
They had a great time doing it with real candy.
Here's a few more pics...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will you stand with me as a Mother & Father?

My Pastor spoke about this a few weeks ago in church and I was beside myself. Knowing that you are allowed to excuse your child from The Pledge Of Allegiance, but you can't excuse your child from learning about homosexuality acceptance!?!
Take 6 minutes to watch this video, it's very moving and eye opening.

"If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from there wick ways, then they will they hear from heaven and I'll heal there land." People let us pray and truly turn to God Almighty.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Vessel Of Honor For God

Well, some may know, and others may not. I have been doing a bible study at the YCC church for 5 weeks now. The study is called Daniel and it is by Beth Moore.
I have had my grandma, 2 of my great aunts & a cousin just boast about how awesome Beth Moore's bible studies are. Personally, I am not one to sit and watch christian channels on t.v. all day. I guess you can say that it is something that I have been turned off of due to my mom's extreme watching of it my whole life.
*I am NOT saying that there is anything wrong with watching those leaders on t.v., it's just not my thing. I would rather hear my pastor and learn from personal bible studies rather than watching some random person teach on television.*
Well, my MOTS group was announcing a while back that YCC was going to be doing a study on Daniel by Beth Moore. I remembered my cousin, Robin, telling me about it. She really had an experience with that particular study and highly recomended it to me.
Knowing this, I had a yearning in my hear to go, but looking at circumstances, I didn't see how it would be possible.
Well, talking to a friend of mine, she suggested that I ask my co-worker to come in an hour early so that I could get home, get Domi ready and get my butt to the church by 9am.
Well, I prayed and asked the Lord to open the doors and sure enough, he did!
I began my bible study and was just in awe.
To save time, our sanity and cut down on the reading, I won't go into all that I learned in the begining. I do have to say though, I don't understand how anyone can denounse God. I know there are SO many things in the bible that show how real he is, but read Daniel 2 and really pay attention to the profetic empires that came to pass. Even history books tell about those empires. How can we denounse this!?!
Ok, so on to today...
While in small group, I opened up and asked for prayer. The Lord has opened my eyes to what Satan is attempting to do in my life since starting this bible study. I shared with the group that since the start of the study, satan has been attacking me in places in my life that I didn't think were issues anymore. Things are coming up inside of me, making me take a step back and evaluate myself through this.
I praise God that He has given me wisdom to turn to Him in this time of need. To stand up to Satan & lean upon God's grace and loving mercy.

And So, We are starting the study on Daniel 5.
As I sat and listened to Beth go through this chapter and write out the points that she brings out for us, I sat in awe.
Exactly what I just asked for prayer for, God spoke to me right through this video of Beth.
Here are some points

  • We are holy vessels in the house of the Lord. BUT, Satan can make you feel unholy. By making you feel unholy, you will begin to live that way.
  • I have been declared Holy, God set his name upon MY head. I have to claim it and allow myself to feel this way.
  • Nothing makes Satan more happy than us to go against what God has for us. If he can convince us that we are less than, he can get to us and make us "toast an unholy cause." *anyway that we choose to act less than who WE ARE!*
  • Satan has no greater agenda than attempting to desecrate what God consecrates.
  • Vessels that have been treated as unholy can be treated as HOLY AGAIN! PRAISE GOD!
After the bible study a woman from my small group came up to me and really spoke life into me. Basically telling me that I am blessed. The Lord has something for my life and satan is fighting hard to make Melissa feel less than what Melissa is.
Growing up my mom & my great Aunts have always told me that I am blessed. That the Lord has destined me for something great. And that He has always have and always will have His hand upon my life.
I never doubted this, but also never completely understood it until today.
I thought that my blessings were just having a home, a husband, my children & living life to the abundance I am.
BUT, it's not. I am blessed beyond measure. The Lord has blessings bigger than I can EVER imagine.
Pastor Todd has been preaching on "What to do when." and he stated something that is lining up with all of this & I am opening my eyes to it all. He stated, "The Lord has something greater for our lives than what we think." "We think medeocracy and he says GREATNESS, ABUNDANCE & MORE THAN YOU CAN DREAM." (That was all translated into my own words :-) )
As of today I am seeing that I am more than a blessing. I have so much more waiting for me than what I expect for my life.
I am a holy vessel & I will learn to treat myself this way.
Before closing, I want to share a prayer that Beth prayed with us today...

A Vessel Of Honor For God
I, (your name) belong to God.
I am a holy vessel because I house the Holy Spirit of the Living God.
The Lord of heaven and earth has said over me, "I declare you holy."
Today I commit to start believing what He says. I AM HOLY!
Empower me daily, Spirit of the Living God, to treat myself as holy.
Open my eyes to every scheme of the enemy to treat me as if I'm not.
You God, are God.
Your Word is truth.
This day, Father, I choose to believe You.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

Then before the study we sang a song that is about 30 years old. The director said he never heard it, but I KNOW I have! Maybe going to church with my grandma or mom as a child, but I have sang this song!

A Vessel Of Honor
A vessel of honor for God
A vessel of honor for God
Sanctified Holy, that I may be,
A vessel of honor for God.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't wanna

I have about 50 soccer teams worth of fundraisers that I need to go through, calculate and put into the excel spreadsheet. Ugh, I have A LOT of work in front of me for those cookie dough orders! I just hope we did much better than last week. We are at about half of what we made last year. The financial crunch is definitely hitting the soccer fields too!

I was off today and took advantage of it in my house. I actually got ALL of my laundry done (no, it's not put away, but its clean and folded), my kitchen got a MUCH needed scrub down and I did my grocery shopping.
Which by the way,,, my savings for this week were just about $50! I bought my whole weeks menu, plus some needed hygiene products. I love seeing my savings!!! I even stayed under my self-given budget...WOOHOO!

So, I am done for the day! I am gonna get ready for bed, because my wonderful work week begins in the morning...
Oh, but I do have my bible study I am truly looking forward to!
I must blog about that one day when I have a minute between a minute. We all know how that goes!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog worthy recipe

I saw this on my blogroll and had to post. It sounds AWESOME and SO easy!!!
What a cheap why for a mom to allow her kids to enjoy caramel apples without spending $3-$4 bucks an apple!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bored, tired & miss my Honey

I am currently making dinner (fish sticks & fries...YUM!!!) but I am bored.
Yeah, can you believe I am bored. I actually don't have anything that I need to be doing right now.
Which is nice, and I should be taking advantage of it, but I am missing my Honey.
He is in Camarillo. He left Tuesday morning just after I left for work and will be home on Friday.
It's just hard without him home with me.
Dominic is watching cartoons, Adi is watching her program in my room & Ant is outside playing football.
No soccer tonight, thank God, and really nothing I need to do.
So here I sit and blog...
Oh and being tired, yeah, that's my middle name anymore!

I actually bought something

Financially we haven't been able to put out money on anything extra other than bills & groceries.
So I haven't bought anything for this baby. Just trusting that I will have everything that I need when the time comes.
Well, I went grocery shopping on Monday and went down the baby isles. First because I had 3 coupons for what I thought was $3 off any Johnson product. Yeah well it was $3 off of 3 items...DUH!
So I didn't buy any of that, but I did go and see that they have the cloth diapers that I plan on using. Then I checked out their onsies and bent and bought a pack of onsies. They have little turtles, ducks, elephants and lambs on them.
So that's about it.
I had a girl from my work bring me in 2 small bags of girls clothes last week, along with a pink and brown diaper bag.
Then while Jose and I were cleaning out the garage the other day we found a few boy things.
So, I guess we are collecting a little here and there of whatever we can get our hands on.