Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wanna Make A Bet?

Last night Jose had a softball game at 9pm. So after Adriana's practice we went home, I got Dominic showered and ready for bed.
Well, since Anthony went with Jose, Dominic refused to go in his bed.
So I let him lay in bed with me and relax until I decided to go to sleep.
Well, I grabbed the jar of M&M's that is on my night stand, and was eating a few. I told him he could have just a few also.
He asked me, "Mama, wanna make a bet?"
I replied, "What does that mean?"
He said, "You close your eyes and open your mouth and I will put a nema-nem in your mouth and that's a bet."
I said, "OK, but who taught you this?"
His reply was, "Sissy"
So, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and he put the 'nema-nem' in my mouth.
A few minutes later he asked me, "Mama, wanna make a bet to me?"
So I of course said, "Sure."
He closed his eyes, I put the M&M in his mouth and he said,
"See, now that's a bet!"


Anonymous said...

ok #1-I'm LOLing that you have a thing of M&M's on your nightstand! haha!
and #2--that is just TOO CUTE!!
I'm thinking that "making a bet" is a GOOD THING in your house!! LOL