Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weight Loss Realization

Honestly didn't even know how to title this one.  So we all know I've been on my weightloss journey for some time.  Well, I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked.  But tonight I was trying to cheer a dear friend of mine up regarding her WL Journey and I responded to a facebook post.  After reading what I wrote to Jose, I knew I needed to keep this.  Sometimes I just write what I feel and don't give it a second glance.  But some things I need to take in and take my own advice.  Learn from it and allow MYSELF to heal from what's inside.
This is what my precious friend was dealing with:
I think it's so messed up that I started dieting & working out before Bryan yet he's lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and I've only lost 3 lbs!!!!! Ugh! I'm happy for him but Geesh it's discouraging! My body sucks!

So here is what I wrote...

Can I share a story ;-) I have a friend that started dieting. She was literally shrinking before my eyes. I was SO sad and devastated! I was on my journey but getting no where real fast! I beat myself up, A LOT!!! Told myself I wasn't good enough, that I must have something wrong because I'm not loosing like her, etc.
Just a few months in is when I started jazzercise. I knew this was a LIFETIME change for me! I knew that I would get 'there' wherever 'there' was in time. I had to learn to do for Melissa and not compare myself with others.
I lost a friendship and didn't talk with this 'friend' for quite sometime. The next time I saw her, she was no where near where she was from the last time I saw her. She was actually heavier and had gained a ton of weight back. Come to find out she was the incredible shrinking woman because she was taking stimulants to help her loose weight. Once she stopped her body went right back to where it was.
July 18th will be a year doing jazzercise. I haven't lost a child like some of my friends. I haven't gone down from the double digit clothes to single digit. I haven't made a HUGE dent in my weightloss.
But what I have done is: learned that I am STRONG! Physically, mentall and spiritually. I've lerned to do for Melissa and NO BODY ELSE! I have learned that I like food, A LOT! But, I don't have to allow it to control me! What I have gaine outwighs what I have lost! I am on this journey for the rest of my life. If I never become a skinny MILF, I'm okay with that. I know I'm healtier than I've ever been and I will continue to fight. Love you girl!!! Keep your head up! You will face challenges, but you will learn that you are AMAZING, no matter what may you have to face!

BTW...just another greatful that you have a soulmate on this journey with you! My husband has ALWAYS been skinny! He would take suplements to beef up and they never worked. He has never had to watch what he eats. But let me tell you, I can now out crunch him, I can make it ALL THE WAY through Blow and he's dying! There are things I'm out doing and it's awesome to be able to see my progress with my husbands struggles!

Wow, really?  Is that really Melissa?  If only you knew where I've come from.  Feeling so insignificant and worthless for so many years.  God is placing me in places and I don't know what He's doing but WOW!!!

That's all for now.