Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Aquatic Center

I took Anthony, Adriana, Dominic & Sarah to the Banning Aquatic Center today with a friend of mine, and her neighbor.
The kids are all friends at school, and Johana's baby is 20 months old. Dominic and him get along pretty good.
Well, I took some pics of the kids,,,
Hope you enjoy!
Comment me and let me know what you think...

Dominic in the middle of a water thing?

Herrera Kids Enjoying The New Aquatic Center

The 'Big' Splash


Melissa, Chelsie & Adriana

Dominic swimming to Sarah

Anthony, Adam & Chris

Dominic Crawling to Sarah

Sarah & Dominic Again

Dominic going to check it out

Anthony & Dominic

Anthony going on the slide

Dominic's Eyes & Bod Cologne

Just DO NOT mix!
Dominic was in the front room, while I was cooking dinner in the kitchen last night.
He got into his brother's duffle bag from his camping trip.
Well, he found his Bod Cologne.
Sarah & Anthony heard him crying, and went to him.
Well, they found him behind his Car's chair spraying it in his eyes.
Poor baby!
Jose had just gotten home, and we tried flushing his eyes, but he just wouldn't have it, so Jose took him up to the shower and let the water go in his eyes.
It took about 10 mins or so of water flushing his eyes to be able to open them again.
His little eyes, nose and cheeks were all red for the rest of the night.
I felt so bad!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Hair Do

Anthony got his first Mohawk Thursday Night.
He was wanting one, and his friend Gage got one, so I agreed.
Well, he went camping and I picked him up on Sunday, This is how he looked:

This is how it looks "done"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Promotion Ceremony

I finally got the pictures uploaded and had time to get on and update.
Anthony had his Promotion Ceremony last week, wow it's been a week today!
It was very nice!
He wouldn't look at me and played shy the whole time I was snapping pictures, but oh well.
We had a dinner for him here at the house and just hung out!
My little boy is going on the the middle school next year. Very bitter sweet!
Anyways, here are the pics!

Just Because I wanted to share more


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Is In FULL SWING!

So it is now 9:00 am and the kids are STILL asleep!
I have been up for almost an hour and a half, and enjoyed peace and quiet!
We had Sarah here Friday, Sat & Sunday. Then they went over there Sun, Mon & Tues.
My kids are now home and Sarah is at her house.
We will see what the day has for us today.
Anthony's friends have been calling like 10 times a day, and he leaves Thrursday to go camping with Gage and his family until Sunday.
Dominic is teething, lots of fun, so he is fussy & being just real enjoyable...NOT!
Well, guess who just came trutting down the stairs,,,The Little man.
Guess I am done typing, he is trying to touch the screen and do something.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Say Good-Bye Di-Dees!

Dominic has been pretty much going potty on the toilet since Sunday Night!
He wanted to go, so I took him.
He wanted his chones on, so I put them on him and he has just rid the diapers on his own!
So we went out today and bought him a little potty chair, so he can learn to go "on his own".
Ya! I am so happy!
Never thought he would have done this so soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not One, Not Two, But THREE!

Adriana got 3 awards at her awards ceremony yesterday!
She got an award for:
Perfect Attendance For The 3rd Trimester
Accerellerated Reader Award-Meeting her goal & exceeding
Perfect Attendance For The 2006 - 2007 School Year!!!!
YAY Little!!!
I am so proud of her! I didn't think that she was getting the School Year Perfect Attendance Award, but she did!
The only one in her class!
Here are some pics...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

He's Taking Giant Steps

Anthony went to FUSION Youth night last night for the first time.
He was totally ecstatic all day leading up to his "big night".
He has been too young to attend the youth night at our church.
Well, I got the go-ahead on Sunday and he has been anxiously anticipating his night last night.
So when he got home from school, he got his homework done, cleaned and went down to Branden's house to invite him.
Jodi came over to verify that Branden in fact was invited and to get the details.
I confirmed everything and gave her the details.
So then went home so Branden could eat & Anthony came in and we all sat down to eat.
Let me tell you, I have NEVER seen him put so much spaghetti down so fast!
He was ready to go.
So at 6:25, we got loaded up, yes the whole family, he's lucky I didn't take the camera!
Headed over to Pete & Bridget's house.

I walked them in, with Adi & Dominic. Talked to Pete, Bridget, Kelliey & Terri Lynn for a few minutes.
Then walked out, where I was greated by Jimmy & Patty w/ baby Vanessa & Raymond.
Then when I got to my truck, Raul & Kathy were there, and I talked with them.
We went home, and I cleaned up from dinner, hung out, decided to make Rice Krispy Treats and realized, it was 8:15, I had to go get Anthony & Branden.

So Me, Adi & Dominic piled into the truck and drove over.
I parked in the drive way, got out and here came Anthony, Branden, Raymond, Jimmy & Patty.
We bid our farewell and drove home.
On the way home, Anthony & Branden were all giddy and telling me about what they did, and what they will be doing, and how fun it was.
Branden asked if he could come with Anthony when he goes, and I told him "Yes".
Dropped Branden off, then went home.
Anthony was going on and on about how much fun he had and how excited he is to be able to go now.

This morning I got a phone call from Patty & she was telling me how excited Ray is that Anthony will be going now.
She said that he normally hangs out w/ Krysten and her friends, and he is the only boy Jr. Higher.
So, he is excited Anthony will be going.

Anthony is hilarious, but in a good way.
He was naming everyone off that he could get to go with him to Youth.
So we have a list going.
I like to refer to it as, "The List For The Kingdom".
This list includes:

I am sure there will be more to come!

Monday, June 4, 2007

He Got An 'A'

So, Anthony has been doing a report on Colorado.
Which by the way, I asked him today why he 'chose' Colorado.
He responded with an Uppity Answer Saying, "Because Mom, that's the home of the Denver Broncos!"
For anyone that doesn't know, Broncos are our rooting football team! WE LOVE THE BRONCOS!!

So anyway, back to Anthony's report.
He ran to the truck this afternoon when I went to pick them up from school and was screaming,
I answered, "ON What? Gees Son!"
"Duh, on my report mom." like i was supposed to know what he was talking about....
"I got a 4 (which is equivalent to an 'A')!"

Needless to say, not only was I proud of him, but boy was he proud of himself!
He did a really great job on it, and deserved that A!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Not So Baby Boy

One day he'll be just like him!
The one he admires "His Papa"

Love his Mommy

With his biker dude friend

That's My Boy!

Mad Skills

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Showing His Skills

All Boy!

My handsome boy after a fresh hair cut

Adriana's Time To Shine

Doing what she does best, entertaining her baby brother
Yes, she took this herself!

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Teaching her brother to float

Mood Booty Attititudy!

That's My Girl!

With her cousin Devin

Peek-A-Boo She Sees you

Looking Like Her Papa

My Beatiful Little Girl