Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Standing in Line...

When I found out that we were expecting our "surprise" bundle of joy, we found out that there were 5 other gals expecting their bundles of Joy right along with us.
Well, as time approaches, we are hearing almost daily of new babies being born.
So far we have...

Marissa (friends with her mom Patty, from church) gave birth to Matthew Steven
December 27, 2008 at 2:40pm ~7lbs 6oz~ ~19 1/2"~

Brenda (friends with her family, from church) gave birth to Herbert (Herbie) Mitchell
December 28, 2008 at 2:23 pm ~7lbs 7.5 oz~ ~19 1/2"~

Karla & David
(neighbors that we have become friends with) gave birth to Khloe
December 30, 2008 at 11:35 am ~4lbs 5oz~ ~19"~

Congratulations new Mamas!!! I am SO happy to hear your births and that these babies are all doing so well!

Still waiting for...

It's all a waiting game that is getting SO exciting!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


goalie time Pictures, Images and PhotosWell, Anthony didn't make it into Spring Select this year, but his coach wants to take him into tournaments.
I talked to Coach Lenny tonight and he was telling me that it is GREAT FUN! I am stoked over this opportunity!!! Coach wants Ant to be his "designated keeper". He thinks he has some great potential.
Anthony's first tournament game will be in Laughlin, Nevada on February 21 & 22. Of course we will be traveling & staying in a hotel, but what fun! We know we gotta start saving up & we'll see about Adriana's SS schedule.
I am praying that I will be healed enough to make the trip out there to watch him also.
We have a friend that is willing to sponsor Anthony, so that's more good news and we will definitely have them coming to as many games as possible!!!
I am just over stoked over all of this. Not only is my son being chosen to be in tournament games, but the fun as a family and friends is going to be unbeatable too!

After I left the field and was driving home I was thinking of the conversation I had with Coach. His first question to me was...Still no baby?
I told him, "No, we will be having a c-section on the 20th of Jan."
His response was, "What!?! Right in the middle of tournament!?!"
Yeah, I know...
But it made me realize,,,Coach knows me!
He knows I am at every game of Anthony's.
He knows I am the mom that is screaming from the sideline.
He knows I am the one who will support the team no matter win or loose.
So after him telling me that, it was actually a complement to me that, "I won't be at the last game of tournament."
Well, I gotta do what I gotta do. Jose will be there & Anthony will know I'm there in spirit.
I will keep all the games posted. Until then...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Because

I wanted to do some Comparison Pics...
August~5 months
October~7 months
November~8 Months
December~9 Months

On The Countdown...36 weeks=9 months

Yeah, it's official!
I am 9 months pregnant or 36 weeks exactly today...WOOHOO
I am stoked, because that means baby is here SOON, but I am sad, because this is it.
As I type, the baby is doing flips in my belly. I can see it rolling around, pushing, kicking,stretching. Somethings that you can NEVER replace or re-do unless your pregnant. Nothing a man will ever experience and something I pray every woman can experience.
Jose and I went to see Dr. Hordynski on Tuesday, the 23rd.
We talked to him about the c-section, got the date, time in hospital, and sibling rules.
So our official birthdate is....
January 20, 2009 our time is 12:00pm Good numbers (yeah, I'm a number dork!)
So I will be going and seeing Dr. Hordynski every week until I have the baby. It's only 3 weeks, but it seems so far away.
He also took me off of work. Friday was my last day. I am VERY happy about that! I am going to miss seeing the girls everyday, but physically I was getting worn down FAST!
I now get to focus on my LONG 'to do list' and get things marked off before I have the baby.
Having a date puts things into perspective.
My dad & Star came over last night and brought me a Peg Perego high chair (I secretly wanted one of these. They fold up WAY compact!), a Graco MetroLite Stroller (the baby's carseat fits in it) and a toddler carseat (I don't need another, so I will be giving this away). Very nice stuff! My friend Kindra also informed me that she will be giving me her neutral baby jammies, which I need desperately. So VERY excited about that!!!!
I think that's about it. Anthony took some pics last night of my bellah & here they are...

Ant's head "hiding" behind my bellah

Laying on my bellah

Just thought this was cool

Side View

Front View...Hey, are those abs up there!?!

That's it until another day. I don't think I will be growing too too much, but I will keep up until I have the baby!

My 'Baby' Is A Teenager

Well, yesterday was Ant's 13th birthday!
Can you believe it!?! I CAN'T!!!
I woke up this morning thinking, I have a baby in my belly and my baby boy is 13...WOW

I had to work in the morning, so Jose got things ready. He wanted to bbq a turkey and we made a green salad and potato salad.
When I got home, Anthony was in the shower. We bought him a shirt to match his Vans and a video game he was DYING for. So while he was in the shower, I put his new shirt in the bathroom to replace the one he was going to put on.
Then I took his video game and put that in his PS2. After a while, he went to go play his football game on the PS2 and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then he realized that the game was replaced with Sean White Snow Boarding...Needless to say, he was STOKED!!!
We invited James, Gail & the kids over, Jessica, Cera & Courtney and my Dad & Star showed up at our front door.
We had a house full, but it was good.
Dinner was AWESOME & he requested Cheesecake for his 'cake'.
Our friend Karen came over and brought her camera...YAY! So, Here are some pics...

This is from last night

This is a pic of when he was just a few days old

The day after coming home

Anthony & Papa

Definitely MY son!

The Herrera Kids with the cheesecake

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Tia fixing the highchair

Devin & Ant playing

Brandon & Ti playing G.H.

The Turkey

Karen & Ant

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Well after the nights anticipation of Christmas, it was finally here!
Jose heard Ant & Adi up at around 7 am. We finally got up and out of bed at 8 am.
After I brushed my teeth, I went in to see who was still asleep.
Adi was up & out of bed. I walked into the boy's room and couldn't see. I turned on the light and didn't see Ant, but my baby was still sound asleep & the light startled him...Poor thing!
I turned the light off, walked over to his bed, and he was O.U.T.!
I covered him up and walked out, went downstairs and got a cup of coffee.
Of course the kids were ready to tear into the presents, but we told them they had to wait until Dominic woke up. At first I told them that I would wake him up at 8:30, figuring there would be no way he slept until 9 am! I sent Jose up to wake him while I was on the phone with my friend.
He came down and was in the worse attitude mood!
They gave him his Leapster from Santa and he was NOT impressed & ran back upstairs...
After a few minutes & me getting off the phone he came around.
He was excited over all of his stuff, but really excited because he got the Madagascar movie & game!!! He has played this over at his friend Noa's house and LOVES it.
Adriana's highlight was her Pink Nintendo DS Lite from Santa and 2 games w/ a holder from us.
Ant's highlight was his Authentic Vans with Bandana Print that he has been eying for MONTHS!

After the hussle of presents, we ate breakfast. My specialty...Scrambled eggs with cinnamon rolls :)
We all got ready and headed over to James & Gail's house.
Steven, Ginny, Auntie Lola & Uncle Phil were all there. We had a WONDERFUL dinner of our version of the Honey Baked Ham, mashed 'tatoes & gravy, corn and my fav...Green Bean Bake...YUMMY!!!
After dinner & desert, Jose, James, Gail, Ginny, Sarah, Ant & Adi all started a 3 hour journey called...Monopoly. *Just as a side note, I despise that game, especially if you are playing with Jose. You might as well give him all the property, the hotels & your money at the beginning of the game and call it done!*
So, while they played, I layed on the couch, took a snooze and played Hungry Hungry Hippos with the boys.
We finally left around 9pm, so I could get home and get to bed. I had to work the next morning.

Thought for the day:
Through the years, I have spent less and less money on the kids. As our family grows and our income has been sufficient, I have learned that a little is just enough.
When Ant & Adi were little, I would buy them TONS of 'stuff'. That's exactly what it was, STUFF. They would get tired just opening presents. I guess I felt that because we don't really have family, I had to over-compensate for the lack. Well, I have learned the complete opposite. This year the Lord blessed our family with a particular dollar amount to spend on the kids for Christmas. We split it up between the 3 kids and did just enough.
They are all so happy with what they have.
They didn't get too much, but got what they wanted. As I sit here and type, they are all in the front room playing with each other (which is EXTREMELY rare). It' the little things that matter!
I praise God for all he is and has done...

LOTS to update & cover...Lets start with Christmas Eve

Bear with me, I have ALOT to update!
***December 24th~Christmas Eve
We were at home. Jose went and worked until about 2pm. I had presents that I needed to finish wrapping & the kids were NOT cooperating with me! My mom was at work and I tried locking myself up in my bedroom. Well, I went up at 10am and the kids were all downstairs either watching T.V. or playing PS2. Dominic insisted on coming up to my room a bazillion times.
I called Jose around 11:50 and told him he needed to get home NOW. This was not working. Of course he said he would be home in a "bit", but anyone that knows Jose knows, he doesn't have a clue about time! He drives me INSANE sometimes,,,let me tell ya!
It was 12pm and I went ballistic on the kids! *I felt horrible after I did it, but the nagging & bugging & non-cooperation got to a mama trying to finish up so I could be with my family!*
Well, just as I was going off on the kids, my mom walked in and heard it. She was a lifesaver and knows when I am pushed over the edge (it really does take alot for me to be DONE). She got the kids and took off. THANK YOU MOM!!!!
I was able to get all of the presents done in 45 mins after they left.
Just as I was finishing up Jose walked in the house, came upstairs & was looking around for the kids. He asked where they were and all I could do is give him the stink eye. I told him, "Lucky for you my mom rescued them."
I was able to clean up, clean the kitchen and shower before the kids and my mom got back.
Come to find out she took them to McDonald's and then up to Los Rios Ranch to play in the snow.
Gotta love a mom!!!!

After Jose and I showered, we planned to take the kids back up to Oak Glen and take Ant's board & Snow Scooter out for the kids to play a bit.
After we went up to the snow, we drove down and looked at lights.
Got home, I made some spaghetti & cheese toast real fast & we watched a movie.
The night turned out great! We were all in bed by 10:30pm
Jose & I could not sleep all night though. I think the anticipation of playing Santa and making sure we woke up had us full of anxiety. Anthony even came in at one point waking me up saying, "Mama, did you forget?"
I told him, "No mijo, I have my alarm set for 4:45. I will be up."
So when my alarm did go off, Jose and I were practically awake already. We got up and did the stockings & 'big' present from Santa.
We went back upstairs & we could NOT get back to sleep! My mind was flooded with all the things I need to do before Baby 'D' is here. Then I realized....
So, of course, I threw the blankets off & went downstairs and took care of the cookies, egg nog & carrots.
Sometimes it's the little things that makes being a mom ALL worth it!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dominic says the darndest things!

This post is SO overdue, but I have just been sidetracked with other things.

Friday night, Dominic went over to the Christmas tree and pulled a present out from underneath. He asked me, "Mama, this is sissy's?"
I told him, "Yes mijo, it's sissy's."
So he took the present to sissy and told her, "Here sissy, this present is for you."
She told him, "Oh, thank you bits, go put it back, sissy will open it up on Christmas."
He did not like that, he told her, "No, open it now, it's a Littlest Pet Shop thing."
Oh, and he didn't stop!
He continued to tell her, "Mama bought you two littlest pet shop games, and a holder for your new computer game."
I told him, "OK, Dominic that is enough! Stop telling sissy what she got!"
So Anthony chimes in, "Dominic, what did mama get me?"
Of course Dominic replies, "Two new playstation games."
Anthony asks, "What kind?"
Dominic says, "One gun one and a football one."
OMG, this kid!!!
He is totally telling them what they got for Christmas!!!
So Saturday comes and Devin spends the night.
Oh yes, Dominic walks over to the Christmas Tree and tells Devin, "Here Devin, this is your Christmas present from my mom, it's a Dora game for your book toy."

I am going to duck tape this kids mouth until Christmas Day!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Got Snow!!!!

Well, Banning did anyways. Our house only got rain...Blah!
So we went over to James & Gail's for dinner and to play in the snow. All of these pics are from before dinner. After we ate, we went back out & we were actually socked in! I didn't even think we were going to be able to make it home we had so much snow!!!
Before I gave SIL her camera back, I took some pics...
Anthony running after James

Adi & Bits playing in the snow

James getting Anthony with water, He's SO mean!

Dominic LOVING the snow!

Look at that face

Devin & Dominic running around

James & Gail's House

Highland Springs earlier in the day

Sundance...Palm Trees & Snow, Only in California

Bits waiting to go in the snow

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

37 Years

My Honey's birthday was yesterday.
He turned 37 years old. No pics, because I still have a dead camera :(
Anyway, our plans were totally turned around. I had first planned on going to my Secret Elf reveal party while he was at bible study. But, I got way sick and didn't want to go and expose the new baby at the party, nor any mama that would take it home.
So after picking the kids up from school, we all went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make Jose dinner.
I ended up making him Pasta w/ shrimp in garlic & butter sauce, salad & garlic bread.
It was VERY yummy!!!
Then after dinner we piled in the living room and watched the Dark Night. It was a pretty good movie!
It was a good night and I am truly blessed to have this wonderful man in my life!

Oh, he got a phone call from Karen & Bill (Jose's "step-parent's"). Bill got on the phone to wish him a happy birthday. He asked Jose, "So how does it feel to be 40?" Jose told him, "I don't even feel like I'm 40, I feel like I'm 15."
Bill replied, "Oh, so that mean that your still masturbating? You know what they say Jose, when you get into your 40's, you start to loose your hair and get more head. I really hope your getting more head."
OMG, Jose told me this and we were ROLLING!!!!!! The things Bill says, he's never dry!
My Honey is home today, due to the rain & some snow...YEAH! It may be a day late, but it's still a birthday present to my Honey. So we sit here watching Home Alone 2 and enjoy our day together!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What, Puberty!?!

Sunday night after FUSION the leaders were meeting about next Sunday's Christmas Party.
Well, Anthony thought that he needed to put some info in and said something about a box.
When he said box, his little voice went...CRACKLE!
Mike & Noe started teasing him and making fun... after all it was funny!
Later I told Jose, "No way can our baby be going through puberty."

Well, last night while Jose & the kids were playing/wrestling Anthony was trying to be the "big dog" and taking Jose down. At one point Anthony was laughing and saying something and I noticed his voice cracking and breaking up.
When Jose stood up, I pointed out to him Anthony's voice crackling. He kinda chuckled in the "proud papa" mode and shook his head like he heard him.
I know this time was coming, but gees, already!?!
Can't a mama have a break and not have to go through this before her baby is 13?
Another bitter sweet moment in my life...

It's Winter!!!!

Yesterday we woke up to TONS of rain and Fareezing cold temps! I went to work and it was a chilly 33* at 5:00am! I was VERY surprised it wasn't snowing down here.
Well, when I got home from work, I walked in the house and what do I see...
My cute little boy, yes Dominic, in his pajamas still, cars slippers, his robe and holding a big 'ol cup of "chockie chockie's". It was too stinken cute!!!! I wish I had a camera in my hand.
Jose had the fire going and it was a chilly 66* in my house. Totally fine with me, I am LOVING the cold (except at work, where it's a chilly 60* and NO heater or heat...UGH!)
It rained all day long, it was fabulous!
My mom left to go to work around 10 and came home around 12 and said that on her way up to Yucaipa, there was a snow plow truck plowing snow on her way up to Wildwood Canyon...HOW COOL!!! She said it was really thick up there.
So, I thought we could take the kids up after school, but then I realized Adriana had her performance that night at 5:00pm. So we will be going today!!!

Later that night the kids & Jose all got wild hairs and started wrestling and playing around on the floor. Since I can't get in the mix at this point, I stood back and took a couple of pics.
Here they are...
Dog Pile Papa!

Shoving a stinky sock of Adi's in Papa's face

Papa & Dominic w/ Adi's stinky sock...YUCK!

Oscar getting in the mix

Adriana's Christmas Performance

Adriana had her Christmas Band Performance last night. It was 3 Rings Ranch combined with Palm Elementry. It was actually a good performance. Here are videos.
Adriana is the second girl on the right playing the clarinet...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was accepted!!!!

I just got an email from Miracle Diapers:

Dear Applicant,
CONGRATULATIONS! Your application has been approved, and we have accepted
your application for our diaper loan program.

I have been SO SO SO worried about what I was going to do for diapers with this baby. My hearts desire is to cloth diaper, but to start up, the price is out the door! It's crazy. In the long run, yes I will be saving, but we just don't have the money to put out right now. But Miracle Diapers program is REALLY going to help!!!! WOO HOO!
God Is Good!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LONG Overdue Posts...

I haven't been getting on to blog all that much lately. I am SO stinken tired & can't figure out why. I got about 7 1/2 hours of sleep last night and then a 2 hour nap today and I am still tired...UGH!
Anyway...I have a few posts to come that are LONG overdue...

Random Pics

Here's just some random pics that I felt like posting...
My little girl with a Santa Hat

Little & Bits

My Honey, reading as always lately