Sunday, August 31, 2008

Continuation of My 30th...

The day continued...
Saturday we went out to Steer N' Stein Saturday night for my birthday dinner...YUM!!!
Before we left I was bored & decided to take some pics, so here they are...
Bits & Papa

Mama & Bit's being a bits

Here's Bits helping Grammy make Mama's cake

Cheese, Mama thinks he's cute!

We get to eat the batters!

Here's the results...

Gail had a dream the night before my birthday on what to get me. So she went to Ross and found exactly what she wanted.
Here's what she dreamed of....I LOVE IT!

Here's what my dad & Star Got me

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Big Day

Well, it' official. I am the big 3-0!
I would have really liked a big birthday party, but obviously that didn't happen.
It's all good though! I have had many wonderful people call me and let me know how much they care and how much I mean to them.
It has truly touched me to know that I mean more to people than I think.
It has really been one heck of a day though, let me tell ya...
I was woken up at 3:02 am by gushing winds blowing my bedroom blinds. Then I kinda laid there, knowing I needed to go to sleep, but really indulging in the sound of the furious wind that was blowing outside.
I'm kind of a freak like that. I LOVE storms, thunderstorms, wind storms, etc.
So as I laid in bed, knowing that I needed to sleep, because my alarm would be going off in an hour, I just couldn't.
Before I knew it, Jose's alarm was going off and I was just up.
So, I went to work & I had all of 2 people,,,UGH! I hate days like that!
I was able to take some me time though and read my book (yes, I am reading a book! Suprising, I know). Around 6:20 am, I could NOT keep my eyes open. I think cement might have been poured over them while I was reading.
So, I laid my head down and cat napped until 6:55 am when Ms. Nancy came in to work out. She is my little bright sunshine for my mornings on Mon, Wed & Fri.
After work, I got home and tried submitting my Pampered Chef show, that was an ALL day run around! If I didn't get this show in, I would have lost all of my sales and everything that I have worked so hard for.
My day ended up being consumed with getting this show submitted, on time, and with approval from up above. I finally got to submit it at 5:20pm via DHL, but boy was it a PITA!
During my trying to get this show submitted, I had to take Adriana over to her friend Chelsie's for her slumber party (yup, my girl left me on my 'big day').
Well, after I dropped her off, I was on the phone w/ Jose trying to find out where he was at and what was going on for dinner, when a truck pulled right out in front of me! First thing I saw was the cop car, who just kept on rolling, LIKE NOTHING! UGH!
So the truck stopped and acknowledged me. I was terrified, because I was on my phone (totally illegal now). But the cop could have cared less.
After I got my show submitted, I could finally relax. I got home, plopped on the couch, and not a minute later, Dominic comes in and wants me to play cars w/ him...
So much for resting!
Then Jose got home, we discussed dinner (which he made plans w/ my brother & SIL to have them come over & we can BBQ). I was too wiped from a LONG day and didn't even want to eat, but was starving, due to not eating during all the stress.
So, I suggested a fast food joint that makes really good pastrami sandwiches & fried zucchini.
Gail stopped & got us dinner and we all gathered here and ate.
It is now 10 mins after 9pm, and I am DONE!
Put a fork in me and send me on my way!!!
I didn't get many pics, since I really didn't do anything.
So, tomorrow I will post the pics that we take & any gifts...which by the way, Jose did not get me anything..............
I just don't know what I am going to do w/ that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm out......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Devin's First Day Of School

My little Devins got to start his first day of pre-school. He is going to a Christian School in Banning. So he has to wear a little uniform, that is completely adorable!
I went & took some pics of him, but couldn't go in, because I was in my jammies :)
So here's some cut pics of my Devins...

With his little lunch pail

With his mommy

Grammy, Mommy, Devin & Grandma

Walking him to class

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of School 08-09

Well, today was the kid's first day of school for the 2008-2009 school year.
Anthony is in 7th grade & Adriana is in the 5th grade this year.
Here are pics before I let them out the door...
My Gorgeous Kids

My Handsome Boy

My Beautiful Girl

Then since Dominic didn't start school, due to MANY obstacles and not being able to get schedules etc in order. So I promised myself & Dominic that we were going to start our own 'school' at home.
So for the first week he is learning the letter 'D' and the color Green.
Here he is doing his work...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Ultrasound

Well, I went for my ultrasound.
The tech was really worried why I had a STAT on my results. I explained that it was because they had just seen me on Friday for the first time & they wanted to get measurements. That eased her, she almost didn't want the kids to come in to see the baby. So, she did her stuff. She was AWESOME! She had been doing it for 28+ years. I told her how the kids were all betting on what the gender is & she told me that she doesn't think she can tell me. She said that the baby is measuring smaller than 17 weeks. So, when the kids did come in, their baby 'sister' was giving them quiet a show! Flipping around, waving, kicking & just moving like a mad person.
Then Ant asked about the sex & she said that it was too early to tell.
I commented, "That's because it's a girl & there's nothing there to see."
The tech whispered, "I think it is too."
But she explained it was way too early to tell & didn't want to say definately either way. So, it was really a good appt.
Here are the pics I got...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So our quaint little town of Beaumont California got the Doodlebops to come and see us.
It was a LONG wait, but TONS of fun with friends & family.
When the concert started, all the parents had kids on shoulders, dancing, and just being kids & letting go. Here's pics...Of Course!!!
James, very into the magic show

Bob, the bus driver

Sandy & Sydney

Dominic raising his arms for the concert


Dom & Devin

Sarah & Ant

Grammy & Devin

Dominic & Tia

The magician

Devin & tia being silly

Tia's Boy


Anthony fell asleep

Mama & Domi

Being Silly again

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Garden

Just wanted to post pics of my garden. My mom seems to think that she's the one taking care of it, just because waters it, but we all pitch in.

Here's a tomato ready for someone to eat!

Antother beauty. Those two are Romas.

My big 'ol plant!

My whole garden. I have 2 Roma Tomato plants, 1 Mr. Stripey tomato plant, 1 zucchini, 1 basil & 1 parsley.

My parsley...YUMMY

And my beautiful basil, that my mom did resurect...LOL

The Big Fat Caterpillar

Well, for the past 2-3 weeks we have been trying to figure out what in the world is eating our tomato plants.
My mom and Dominic went outside for a bit, and look at what they found...

Anthony put him on the pillar, that's not where we found him.
Dominic was very into him, but would not touch him for anything.

Stupid Motherboard!

So, my computer at home has been down for over 3 months. I finally came up with some money to take it in and be worked on.
VERY LONG story short....
I get a call on Friday to find out that the Motherboard is going out on it...UGH!
So, I talk to Jose and we decide that it's time to go get me a laptop.
It will be MY computer and I will be able to use it for more than just checking email. It will really improve my business.
So we really have been in prayer and before we went into the store we prayed that the Holy Spirit would just guide us to the right one.
So, after much talk w/ my computer guy, we decide to go to Best Buy and look for either an HP or a SONY.
3+GB memory, 250+ Hard Drive, NO Celleron...Yeah, like I even knew what all that stuff meant.
So, we go in, go to the laptops and begin looking. I seriously think I browsed over 2, and something pulled me to this one particular one.
It was an HP Laptop with 4GB memory and a 250 Hard Drive. I asked a crap load of questions and found out this particular laptop is actually one of the best with the best price on the floor.
So, we decide to buy it.
I am SO pleased with it!!! It takes a bit to get used to with it being a laptop, but it is gorgeous and so easy to use!
I posted some pics...
OH, PS, I went onto Best today and found it for $150 more than what I purchased it for! :-0
Here's the link to it

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little, Big

Jose and I took the kids school clothes shopping on today. We stopped to get lunch at McDonald's. Well, we all ordered our food & Jose decided to get a Fruit & Yogurt Parfait.
Well, Dominic ate his hamburger, but didn't want his fries, and asked to have Jose's parfait.
Of course, Jose gave in and gave it to him.
Well, Anthony & Adriana kept getting bites from Dominic, which was making Dom mad. Jose told Anthony to go buy one for himself.
Anthony went & bought his.
He came back to the table with it, and we all bursted out in laughter.
This is what Anthony came back with...
Big Boy, Little Parfait
And this is what Dominic was eating...

Little Boy, Big Parfait
It was hillarious!!!!

4 Month Pics

Adriana took some pics of me in my "tight" shirt and jeans yesterday.
They aren't the best of pics, as she doesn't know how to wait until I say "OK, I'm ready, nor does she focus very well. But they're pics of my "bump".
I wouldn't have thought I was as big as I am if I didn't see it for myself. LOL
I will try to keep the pics updated about every month or two, depending on my "growth".