Monday, September 22, 2014

Next Up...The Best Yes

I have been meaning to devote some time on here and blog ever since I was asked to look up the very first time I started Jesus Girlz but I kept putting it off.  Today I'm not and if it takes me 3 hours just to finish this blog post, GOSH DARN IT, I am going to do it!

So our new study is The Best Yes by Lysa Terkuerst.  I absolutely adore Lysa!  Her teaching, her speaking, the way she explains things and opens your eyes to what God is teaching us through His word.  She has become my Bible Best Friend (May not be a real person but to me she is!).  Jesus Girlz have done 3 of her studies and she hits it on the head every single time!
I always tell my girls, "I am afraid to start 'this' study because I KNOW God's word is going to be tested in my life and I'm going to have to stand on the promises that are being given to me in the study."  Sure enough, it never fails!

After looking back recently, I realized how much my life has changed through these studies.  Growing in Him, learning His word, building a relationship with my Lord.  I truly wished I would have blogged more so that I can not only go back and read where he has brought me from and what he has taken my family out of.  But also so that others can come and read it for themselves.
It is my prayer that I not only complete another study, but that I can blog my way through it.  Touching lives of those who may need that hope that is only given through Christ.

Am I terrified of what I am going to go through, ABSOLUTELY!
But, I trust Him.  No matter what my family will face (because this is life and we are always facing something) He will get us through and we will grow stronger from it.

I also pray that through my testimony you can see that God is good!  His grace is always sufficient for us, it's not what we do but what He did!

So, on that note...Yesterday I had to say my Best Yes and I was NOT happy about it!  My BAFF called to see if I was busy.  Her hubby was going to keep the kids for the day while she got a day away.  Did I have "plans"?  No.  Not technically.
Reading the study and talking with God, trying to iron out my life and the things that I need or should be doing to make my family's future better.  My plan is for Mon & Tues to hit Jazzercise at 5:25am then come home, get kids ready for school, take them to school, get home no later than 9:00 am and get working!  So, yes, I should be working but I didn't 'HAVE' to.
I had to make my best yes decision.  I wasn't happy about it at all!  I want a break, I want to get away and hang out with a friend (I seriously NEVER do it!  Last time was 5 months ago, one morning after Jazzercise I went to breakfast), I wanted to get away.  BUT, I had to say The Best Yes and I had to tell her 'no' so that I could say yes to my work.  In the end, I'm glad I did.  I was able to make some connections and get some follow up information to get rolling on bringing in some new accounts.
We can always find an excuse as to why we should do something other than what we should really be doing.  I have a feeling I am going to be kicking and screaming my way through the next few months until I learn to always make the better decision, in all areas of my life.

Here's to the first Best Yes Decision....Praying I have several more!

PS, it took me 6 hours to do this blog post ;-)