Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm birthing

Not in a physical form, but spiritual.
God placed in my heart years ago to have a women's bible study. I thought about it, looked into it, talked about, but it never happened. I was kinda bummed & sad, but it was alright. My whole goal is to be in God's will, not mine.
So for the past few months, God's been speaking to me. I believed, but also wanted it in His time, not mine. I didn't want to do anything in "Melissa's" strength or timing.
As I thought, questioned, prayed, seeked, I learned that I also pushed God away. Told him no, too many times, let depression come in, self insecurities, etc.
I was also going through some things, which I now see were growing pains. Stuff that I thought at times I would walk away from the "church" as a whole. Not that I wanted to, but was pushed to so many limits in so many ways, I was DONE!
As I pushed through, God spoke to me. He met me where I was at, in the pain, depression, fear, self doubt. I went to two different services. One that Pastor Todd taught & one Pastor Mike taught, at the end there was an alter call at both. I was at my breaking point, let it all out and God met me. He spoke to me through a couple of people, people who had NO IDEA what i was going through.
He then whispered to me, "your going to start your bible study. I want you to step out and trust in me. Don't look to the left or the right. I will put it into play, just move forward and open it up."
So, I put it out there. I first started with opening my home and inviting some of the ladies in my life. That went so well that it was asked that I do it again. So I did, this time it doubled in size!
I asked them if they would be interested in doing the bible study and the response was surprisingly great.
At this point I have 5-6 women who plan on attending.
God lead me to do The Frazzled Female bible study. He spoke it to me, and then my friend Sandy confirmed it...
Beginning October 1st (which coinsidentally enough is a Friday) I will be starting my bible study.
It hit me while I was doing the dishes...I'm going to be doing a bible study out of my home. Something my heart has desired for such a long time!


Anonymous said...

God's timing is always perfect. If you had tried to do it without it being His timing, it wouldn't have gone well. Isn't Frazzled Female from WOF? I get the devotional mag & there's something in there periodically about FF.
Love you Mitty.