Friday, September 17, 2010

Interception & a TD

Ant had game #2 tonight in Menifee playing against Herritage High School. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go because Little had Color Guard until 3:45 & Ant's game started at 4pm.
Just got a text and once again, Beaumont Freshman won...15-12.
Ant said he got an interception and almost made a touchdown! ACK, I'M SO FREAKING STOKED! My boy is doing so good in football. I am such a proud Mama!

I didn't post about this, but last Wednesday I ran into Ant's football coach. I stopped him to ask him about something else, but in the conversation he asked me about Ant.
He asked me if this was his first year playing. I told him it was. He stated, "he told me that, but I didn't believe him." He also went on to tell me that he is very impressed with Anthony. That his skills are up there with the kids that he's been coaching for 6-8 years. He expects Ant to be on the Varsity team if not next year, then his Jr. year for sure.
Coach Gabe Penna was telling me that he makes a list of his boys every season. He said he'll sit down and start writing down names as they come to his mind. Anthony was in the top 12...he was saying that's how impressed he is with him.
I'm just flabbergasted!!!!
My boy has a very promising future. Now to keep him focused and see that he has a lot at stake if he messes around.
God's hand is upon him either way!