Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good one God, you got me!

I've been studying Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst. It's teaching me how NOT to become unglued in stressful situations and how to handle it "God's Way."

Not easy for a hot head like me!
This week I've been struggling doing my study. I have a lot going on and honestly can't seem to focus (even now my mind is racing a mile a minute and I'm Multi-taking). This morning I woke up at 5:30 and sat on the couch reading my study while Jose was on the phone. 
Dominic and Delayna both woke up early and Delayna was in quite the grouchy mood. Struggling to deal with her, enjoy my coffee and read some things were hitting me in the book. 
The morning went on and I took the older ones to school. Traffic at the HS is beyond ridiculous!  Sitting in the turning lane to turn left into the school, it's my turn and I slowly erk forward (because only God knows how dangerous it is, even when it's your turn to go). Well sure enough I pull out and Ant yells, "watch it Mom!"  The suburban to the left of me in a right turn only lane pulls out going left and I almost run into him. I slam on the brake and horn and of course yell at his stupid @$$. Oh yes I did, I became UNGLUED!!!  Along with the other parents in the cars watching the idiot. 
Then I drop the kids off and am now in the right hand lane going to leave the school. The left hand lane is backed up as usual and I go to drive off when a little black Honda in the left lane pulls right in front of me. What the heck!?!?  So I throw my hands up in my car like, "What the heck!?!?"  I follow the car, well we seem to be going the same way. Until we reach the stop sign where I went left and she went straight. I was NOT happy and planned on letting her know when she pulled up next to me at the stop sign. 
So I'm sitting there and look over to give her the evil eye. She pulls up with the biggest smile, waving. It's then I realize...It's my friend Lisa!
Gah, I couldn't help but laugh and shout..."You Got Me God!"
It's not easy to deal with situations the way God wants us to. But if we allow HIM to control us we can do it. I will admit, I have a HOT temper and fly off the handle at the drop of a dime. I'm trying and as life's pressures keep getting tossed my direction I'm learning to have the spirit and attitude God intended me to have. It was never his intention for humans to be angry, hateful, nor ticking time bombs. 
His way will prevail one way or another. I guess this was his little reminder to me this morning. 
Here's to a better day!!!