Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can I go in the alligator, Mama?

Dominic and I went to my Dr's appt today. While I was driving there, we went by Beaver and he yells, "Mama, where you going?"
So I told him, "To my Dr." He replied, "Your Dr. not here, your Dr. over there." Pointing to the "old" Beaver building. Continuing to explain to me that his Dr. is in this building (the 'new' Beaver building.)
So as I continued to drive and explain to him that I do go to the Dr here, thinking that maybe because he hasn't gone with me to this one, only the Redlands office, that he was confused.
As I am pulling in, he begins to argue with me again that, "Mama, this NOT your Dr. my Dr. is here, your Dr. over there!"
I told him, "No Dominic, Mama comes here to."
He finally accepted that mama does go to the Dr where he goes to the Dr. So he asked,
"We'yell, can we go in the alligator then?"
I asked, "The alligator?"
He said, "Yes Mama, the alligator that takes you up, up, up to my Doctors."
*ROLLING!* He meant the ELEVATOR!!!
After I got over the initial burst of giggles, without trying to make him feel bad that he pronounced it wrong, I told him, "Yes mijo, we can go in the alligator."
Well, as I was parking, I realized...
This isn't where my Dr's office is...DUH! It is in the building, next door, where Dominic said it was!
UGH, I think I need some much needed sleep.
So, I told him, "Dominic, you were right, Mama's Dr isn't here it is in the other building."
Of course he replied, "See I teld you Mama. We go there before."

While we were in the Dr's office waiting, we were talking about his dentist appt that he has tomorrow. Well, he is insisting that he goes in the alligator...LOL


Joanna Christiansen said...

So funny!! Thats pregnancy brain that sent you to the wrong building. Don't you just love all the cute things little kids say?

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

I love it! Love that I can laugh at myself too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mitty, you are surely enjoying your children!! Love you all,