Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Titans Soccer Tournament

So, we are headed off to our last soccer Titans Team soccer tournament. I'm extremely emotional, thinking this is it for our team. I don't know where we'll go next, but we have LOTS to think about!
It's already been a crazy hectic day! It started yesterday when I attempted to get things done...But, I had some other things that I needed to tend to that were more important. Which I didn't get home from until 4pm. Once I got home I had to make dinner, feed everyone and get ready to head out to the Fusion bowling night (which I didn't get home from until after 12:30). Once I got home, I put Domi (who's getting sick) in bed & started getting everything I could done. I went to bed around 1am & laid there for who knows long. Set my alarm for 7:30. Woke up at 7:55 to a frozen phone, with no alarm working!
So I ran around like a crazed lunatic trying to get the house cleaned (because no one did it last night, while he was home alone, with no kids & nothing to do),.the remainder if the stuff packed, get beach stuff together (because someone decided at the last second that we'd go to the beach), shower Delayna & myself and get out.
Needless to say, we didn't get out of the house until 9:45 & we have to be in San Juan by 10:30.
Went & picked up Tyler & then someone decided we needed gas, because that too had to wait till morning, instead of before hand.
So we are driving as I start blogging & Dominic throws up....I'm really second guessing my day! Oh & now were stopping for Jose to pee.
Ugh & now Dominic is throwing up again!
Well, here's hoping to a better weekend :-/

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Mrs.J said...

love you, Hope that at least the beach was nice.