Thursday, June 30, 2011

I beat my husband...

Really, Mr. Herrera has ALWAY'S been Mr. Fit!  He used to work out like a crazed lunatic back in the days, we would lift weights together, workout together, etc.  He was ALWAYS more fit then me!  I mean ALWAYS!!!
Well, just recently I started working out on the Gazelle that I was blessed with.  And while doing the Gazelle, I started doing crunches, ball lift things and other ab exercises.  Tonight I was doing them and Jose commented that he wants to start working out again.  So I challenged him to get down on the floor and do what I was doing.
He did, but he was struggling!  Is it bad that I find pleasure in my skinny, fit, construction husband not being able to keep up with the core exercises that I'm doing?  I'd like to think it's not all that bad ;-)
So, after showing him up, my daughter thought she could show me up, but was proven WRONG!  HA!
I've still got a LONG road ahead of me to get physically (spiritually & mentally) where I want NEED to be.  But to see that I just outdid someone I'd NEVER thought I'd outdo, it gave me a push and made me feel good...OKAY, I'll admit it...IT MADE ME FEEL GREAT!  HA!!!!
On that note, I was browsing around on  I joined on there back in 2008 when I was working at the gym.  I found my first weigh in stats.  I am truly proud to say that from 2008, and after having a baby, I am down 23lbs!  2" off of my waist and thighs.  Not where I want to be, again, but on the road to my 'Destination' (I've stolen that word from my new spiritual BFF, Evinda Lepins).
From here, I'm going to start a new blog post, just because that's what I need to do =)