Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Destination?

So on the note of my weightloss & my Destination, I thought I'd update bible study stuff.
Jesus Girlz is wrapping up our first summer study, Balance of the Mind, Body & Spirit, tomorrow and will be starting our new study...
"Loving The Unlovable"...Can I be totally honest & transparent?  Well, I'm going to!  Everytime I think of doing this study I feel like Eeyore!  I just kinda go...."UMPH!"  And feel like moping.  I KNOW God wants me to do this.  He presented this to me about a year ago at MOTS.  It hit me to the core!  And that wasn't even doing the study, it was just Kim aka Evinda Lepins  sharing her testimony and focusing on this study. God has been prepping me to do this study, and I truly believe he has the people in this group that need this.  I'm believing for a breakthrough, not only in my life, but in others that I've been blessed to have their stories shared with me.  So in preparing for this, I've kind of been praying.  Yes, kind of.  It hasn't been on the top of my priority list and I know it should have been!  Simply because, I knew satan was going to attack.  And guess what, he did!
Oh yeah, that sneaky little son of a %&#($)#)$*#(#*)#@)@_
And he took a stupid soccer game to do it with...REALLY!?!?!  REALLY!
But, God has it all in His hands and I'm standing firm that He is going to do what He needs to do, no matter what the circumstance!  I'm currently in a confused state and don't know what to do about somethings, but as I seek God's direction, I believe it will all be revealed.
So, on that...I've had 5 girls inform me that they aren't going to make it to the study tomorrow.  I know things happen, but man, satan sure is on his P's & Q's and will use anything for people to not get to their Destination.  I'm not worried though (I was at first!).  God is orchestrating this all & guess what...If He's in it, His will, will be done!
For now, I'm going to leave you with the beginning of Loving the Unlovable (there goes Eeyore again).  I will update you to what happens at the bible study.
Keep your focus, because we may not be what we should be, but we are on a journey!  What's your Destination?