Friday, June 10, 2011

Pool Party @ Amber's House

Just on a side note, it cracks me up when someone says "pool party at 'so & so's house' because Ants soccer friends allways say "pool party at Marcies house!". Well Marcies is the hang out spot because his mom likes to keep an eye on them, but Marcie doesn't have a pool! LOL!
So anyway, today was the first pool party I've ever been to. Amber had an end of school year party. It was so much fun to get away from my house & relax, well maybe not relax, but hang out at the pool with the kiddos. She bbq'd and had chips, dip & fruit. It was so much fun & nice!
Amber has been such a blessing in my life! We are kindred spirits & have so much in common.
Anywhoot, I'll leave ya with some fun pics from the day.
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