Friday, October 1, 2010

Beaumont vs Yucaipa-Freshman Football

Game #5 and only the second one I've been able to watch. I got to the game just before half time. Walking onto the field, Beaumont is making a Touchdown! Always exciting to watch your team doing that =)
I have Jose on the phone and am going around the bend to give him the score. I see Home: 27 and then I look at Away: 00...WHAT? REALLY? 00?
After getting over the shock of the score, Yucaipa is doing the return kick off. Ant plays in this play and I'm looking for him. I see a guy take down the Yucaipa guy who has the ball, but I can't see who it is. Then I see 3 guys down on the ground and who I thought was my son, being tackled.
Come to find out, the announcer states, "Number 33, Herrera, for the take-down".
WHAT!?!?!?! That would be MY BOY!
I get to the bleachers and hear again...#33, Herrera for the tackle...WHOOP WHOOP!
The game went on and it was really a tough game. Yucaipa played their hearts out, but Beaumont took it...
Our boys are 5 & 0!
I am one proud Mama!!!


Mrs.J said...

You have every reaon to be a proud momma!