Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yum Yum Yum!

So Christmas time is upon us!!! Yes, I am a freak that starts right after Halloween, but that's ok!
Well, I have a friend, Mickie, who makes this TO DIE FOR Peppermint Bark. Her daughter and I used to work together and I would be 'blessed' with "Mickie's Peppermint Bark" every year during Chirstmas time.
Well, Jackie and I haven't worked together for about 3+ years and I haven't had "Mickie's Peppermint Bark" for just as long. I have craved it every year, but this year *I think due to my crazy hormones* has been an even more intense craving.
So, after my morning 'flash' from Mickie, I thought, "I'm emailing her and BEGGING her for her recipe. Either that or she's making me a BIG 'OL BATCH!"
Well, she sent me the recipe and guess what...
I have a BIG 'OL BATCH in the fridge!!!
I can't wait until it is done!
My mom & Little went to church and I took Daise to practice and on my way home Bits & I stopped by Staters to get the chocolate (and a bag of Frito's BBQ Twists). They didn't have the candy canes, so I then had to go to Walgreens to get those.
We got home and had a blast making our 'Christmas Candy' *as Bits calls it*.
He keeps going to the fridge, feeling it and saying, "It's done Mama! I can have some now?"
Off to get Ant from practice and hoping it will be set by the time I get home so I can have a piece before I go to bed :)
Thank You Mickie!!!!