Thursday, November 20, 2008

Song Dedication To Vicky

I have been singing a couple of songs in my head to keep my spirits up and to help my own emotions heal after loosing a dear friend.
One is "Because Of You", it's a praise and worship song that we sing in church and the bridge says:
"We're Jumping, Shouting, Dancing, Spinning, Singing...There's Freedom."
I keep seeing Vicky, jumping, shouting, dancing, spinning and PRAISING!
For as long as I knew her, she had health problems, and she is FREE! What a thought! For someone who had so many health issues for so long to be able to run, jump, dance, anything she wants! It's an awesome picture to have in my head!
Sure, I'm mourning my loss, but PRAISING even So Much More because I KNOW what Vicky is doing right now!!!
Hey, I just thought, "I wonder if she's found Papa yet." For those that don't know, my mom had a dog. It was THE UGLIEST dog you've ever seen! But boy did he love Vicky and she loved him. He went home to 'doggy heaven' over 12 years ago and we all were very hurt. But Vicky can walk over to 'doggy heaven' and find him. The Lord says, "We will be reunited with our loved ones."
Getting off track...
Jeremy Camp came out with a song called "There will be a day". Tuesday morning on my way home from work, he was being interviewed by Air1 and talking about why he wrote this song.
It made me really think of Vicky. So here is my 2nd song dedicated to Vicky...