Monday, November 8, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 8

Hmmm, I have a coin to flip for today =)
But, I think my friends are going to take this day...
I have been blessed with some really good ones, if I say so myself!
I want to point each one out individually, but if I did that, I would never end this post and I may miss someone and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
But there is one special friend I want to brag on...
One that's been in my life for a couple centuries, one that has been through the dirt with me and still loves me for who *I* am, one that has loved my mom and brother through all of their crap and never judged or condemned them, one that has probably known more about me than even my husband (no, I don't tell him everything...there are things that just don't need to be said).
This friend has been more of a friend and more like a sister to me, the one I never had. No matter where life has taken us, the roads that have separated us, circumstances that have taken our lives down different paths, we still come together like we were never separated.
We went to school together, got drunk together, did things together only her and I will take to the grave.
We've laughed together, cried together, mourned together, been frustrated over the same family members, had our babies together, graduated Jr. High and High School together, watched our babies graduate Jr. High together.
We've both walked away from the Lord and church, while our moms prayed our butts back in. We understand each other, hold each other up, give advice to each other without condemnation on what we did.
She's held me up in some of my darkest hours, and walked with me through some of my hardest years.
Remember those heart necklaces that half said BEST and the other half said FRIENDS. I can honestly say, she has a piece of my heart and tattooed on it it says, "Best Friend".
I haven't always been the 'best' friend that I should be, but we both know, we are there, no matter what!

This special person would be Jessica Yvonne Hale (amongst her many married names =) Love ya Jess...LOL!)
I remember the day I met you. Your mom and my mom picked us up from school in her little funky green car. Since that car, our lives have taken us down some memorial paths. No matter what, through thick and thin, we still stand, bonded as if that day we were born to be sisters.
I don't say it enough, nor do I show it enough. But I love you!
You have a piece of my heart forever.
Here is a pic of Jessica, Cera, Me & Ant at their Jr. High Graduation (remind me to look for our graduation pics...I have them somewhere!)


Mrs.J said...

I love you! More than you may know. You where born to be my sister! No matter the distance of miles or husbands!(ok that is on me Jose is awesome)You have been there through it or in it. Now sitting here thinking of all the things we have done I can honestly say that I am glad it was you!! I knew you before you were a married lady, before you were super Mom, before you were my role model, Now I just call you are My friend!