Friday, March 28, 2014

A letter to my Sister

Adriana had to do an assignment in one of her classes, she wrote a letter to Delayna. She shared it with me and instead of stashing it and loosing it, I figured I would blog.

Dear Sister,
I love you with all my heart. Even though you drive me bonkers, I will always be here for you. When you grow up you're going to want to have a boyfriend, wear makeup, want to cuss to fit in. You won't need to do that because you're going to be perfectly able to fit in. You say now you want to be like me, dress in my clothes, wear my makeup, have long hair, wear the same shoes but you need to express yourself the way you want. You will try your hardest to fit in with people that you think are cool. But your true friends will see that you are perfect just the way you are. You won't need makeup or to do your hair everyday. First because your going to damage your hair and then your going to dye it. You will make stupid mistakes but your mistakes will be what forms you into who you're true personality and make you unique from everyone else. You're an intellegent little girl right now and your so funny, crazy and so you.  I don't want you to ever lose sight of who you really are.
I can't wait for you to grow up and see where you're going to go in life because you can do ANYTHING in your wildest dreams. You're going to discover who and what you will become and I can't wait for you to tell me how stupid you were with your friend and the first boy you kissed (because you can't tell Papa or Mama). But I'll be watching you every step you take when you grow up. Even though I may be 1,000 miles or 20 miles away I'm always here for you  to hear you complain about how dumb someone is acting or what you want for next season. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happens in life you're sister will always be here. No matter what I will always see you as my little munchkin that is learning how to speak spanish and your crazy styles of clothes you are wearing. Don't even lose sight to who you really are and never lose where you are from.
Because the most important thing you need to learn is how important your family is even though they will drive you insane!  Always stay a happy, loving, intellegent, sweet and silly little girl!  I love you with all my heart mamas and make sure your always making the right decisions for your future. I love you!!
Love, Sissy