Friday, January 4, 2013

Daniel Fast 2013-thoughts and encouragement

Just wanted to share and send some encouraging words. I remember doing the fast last year and everyone talking about how God is revealing Himself to them. How they are "growing" and learning. I was pretty envious and wondered if I was going to feel this way. No, I didn't.
Then this year I went into the fast and didn't know what to expect, what God was going to do, where I was going to be led. But one night during my bible study I read, "we need to be willing to be willing." I told Fod at that moment that I am willing to be willing for His works! Honestly, I always worry what I'm going to go through or what He's going to have me do. Well so far there has been nothing great or grand. I am seeing Jose in his days watching him lean on our Father as we are going through horrible withdraws (I blogged about that one!) and he is growing before my eyes in our Father's strength. I kind of started feeling down and questioning God. Wondering what I'm doing wrong. Well, this my friends is what he told me:
"There are four common categories of toxic thoughts. These are negative, fearful, discontented, and critical. Chances are you are struggling with toxic thoughts in one or more of these four ways. Don't let these toxic thoughts grab hold of you and consume you. The deeper you let them take root inside you, the harder they will be to shake off. Identify those thoughts and reject them today.

Which types of toxic thoughts do you experience most often? What are some examples of your toxic thoughts?"
I am letting those thoughts toy with me. Let me encourage you, if Satan has come and made you question why you are doing this fast, what your getting out of it, etc. KNOW, it's the enemy trying to come in and make you question. Stand strong. God may not use you in the way you think or you expect him to. Just being there to speak life into someone or encourage them is a sign that God IS USING YOU!
Take those thoughts captive and stand on His word!
Huge Hugs from Me!