Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blessings Galore!

We have been getting blessed left and right lately! And from the least unexpected people/ways.
I believe I posted (I'll look, if I didn't I will) about us not being able to go to Ant's football banquet. A sweet friend of mine blessed us by paying our way. Totally unexpected, especially from her since we aren't very close and haven't even really talked in quite sometime. Thank you Natalie Tschudy!

Friday I cancelled bible study and went to Jazz. Well I got a text from Christy asking me if I'd be there. I told her I was and she told me she had something for me. So after class she called me over and said, "I know you have wanted one and can't afford it so I wanted to bless you". She gave me a banner that she recently started making (check out The Banner Girls on Facebook).

This past week was NFL Playoff's. Our Broncos made the playoffs and we were stoked! I met a girl who is a friend of The Bray's from church. She lives in Colorado and we converse through Facebook. I asked her about getting me a shirt for Jose. Well, he saw the messages and told me not to do it. I told her and she said, "let me bless you". Wow, really!?!? I told her to let me pay for shipping. She insisted I let her bless us for me being so kind to her. Wow!

Tonight my mom went to go out the front door and she found a bag. Inside was a Mickey Mouse Broncos blanket. It is GORGEOUS!!!! Come to find out Claudia saw it and thought of us and bought it. So sweet!

God is just blessing us in ways I wouldn't expect. I'm beside myself and learning to humble myself to allow others to bless me. I want to post every time we are blessed this year as a remembrance.