Friday, November 6, 2009

Robin Joyce McRae Stocking

Born August 20, 1979, taken home November 4, 2009
Where do words even begin? My precious cousin, whom was 356 days younger than I was, yet exalted oh so highly in my spirit. She was such a spiritual "older sister" to me, a leader, a warrior, no denying, God's Little Princess.
Robin was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and fought a LONG hard battle, NEVER giving in to the disease. I remember when Robin got her double lung transplant in 2007. She was ready for her body to reject these new lungs she had been blessed with. But God had such a miraculous plan for her. She was out of the hospital and on her road to recovery in a matter of weeks. She was amazing! She didn't take her gift for granted, not for a moment. I remember her telling me about her training to do a marathon...WOW, a marathon! I can barely walk a mile without throwing in the towel. I marveled at her and what she did in the time after her body recovering from her transplant.
I remember, the Dr's were besides themselves when they did her transplant. They said she shouldn't have been living with the way her lungs were, but isn't that what we've heard all her life? Robin shouldn't be alive.
But she was! More than physically, Robin was ALIVE in Christ!
God had his hand upon her, for Him to live through her, so that Robin could touch those that she did within those 30 years she walked this earth. She never took a day for granted.
I know things happen for a reason, but we don't always understand. When I heard the news of Robin's new lungs "going bad", I knew it was for a reason the Lord allowed this to happen to Robin. But Why? She continued to fight, trusting the Lord in what HE was doing. Never really understanding.
I received a few phone calls informing us that, "Robin wasn't doing too well." But we stood on the Lord's promises, trusting he would heal her. As time went on and her body grew weaker, we were told, "Robin's body can't fight the infection and the Dr's can't do another transplant."
It was a knife in my heart, but I KNEW there was something going on. God had something in his hands working something through someone, somehow.
Confusion, lost, unsure, pain, aggravation, questions...WHY!?!?!
But, God knew what he was doing.
Robin lived her life to the fullest. She loved her husband beyond words. She adored her baby boy more than life.
She was able to watch Christopher play baseball, she was SO proud! I remember texting her during one of Ant's tournament teams while she was out at Chris' game. We were talking about signing Chris up for indoor soccer. She was so excited & it was a topic we could totally talk about for DAYS!
When she got her lungs, she was so excited to take her boy out to the beach & while in San Francisco, had the opportunity to.
I could go on for days about my dear cousin, but I can't continue. I have a letter I must write and send off to her. I knew I should have written it 3 weeks ago, when I had the 'push' to do it, but chose to ignore it.
Now my chance has gone. But I must get some things off my chest and show her my appreciation for all she did for me.
More things on Robin will follow...I want to remember as much as I can. Until then, here are some photos of her...


Kindra said...

It's so beautiful what you wrote, Melissa. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.