Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We got a Wii

So Anthony has a friend, Anthony (funny hah!) who is wanting to buy an XBox 360. Well in order to buy the XBox, he has to earn & raise money himself. So he texted Ant Sunday night telling him that he wants to sell his Wii, Wii play, 2 remotes, 3 numchucks, Spiderman & Madden '07 for a rediculously low amount of money.
I was asking him to find out what's wrong with it, if it's ok with his mom, etc. etc.
The next day when they all got home from school, Anthony texted Ant & asked if I wanted it or not. I don't know what Ant told Anthony, but he then told me that our other neighbor's relative was going to come and buy it.
I jumped on that sucker like a lion at feeding time! I called Anthony up and told him that I wanted it & that we could do it today!
So, he went up to his house and got the stuff & brought it down.
He showed us how to hook it up & play it, etc. We kept asking him, "Are you sure your mom is ok with this? She's not going to call the cops on us or anything is she?"
He kept assuring us that it was ok.
So we gave him the money. It was so rediculously low that I wanted to give him a 'tip' just to feel ok with buying it from him for so cheap, but I didn't.
Later that night, I got on line and did some research on how much all of this would have gone for. Let's just say we really got away with a steal!
Now we have to find games. My friend Karla let us borrow Wii Sports & some Mario thing. We all played a round of bowling (my favorite so far!) & even Dominic was able to play. I want Wii Fit SOOOOOOOOO bad! And to buy a few more games.
Jose & Anthony have been playing it non-stop! We haven't even watched t.v. in 2 nights...LOL
I knew if we got this, it would allow us to come together & spend time as a family. The bad thing is, Adriana is on restriction from t.v. for two weeks. Jose has fought to let her play 2 games with them, but I can't allow it to continue. This girl has GOT to learn responsibility & if I give in, then it will not be good!
Anyway, that's all for this post...


Winter Delivery said...

Dad's are suckers when it comes to their little girls! David still won't let me put Khloe in her crib! I told him that at the beginning of May, she's going to her room. Once you get tired of those games, you can borrow our other ones, just let me know! :) Enjoy it and make sure you play Tennis!

Unknown said...

Yea wii's are fun but eventually [and by eventually i mean very slowly] it will start to get boring and you soon will be able to watch TV> TB whatever you get the point?