Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I think I found a solution! My poor baby has been suffering with this monster called Colic. I hate it! We have tried Hyland's Colic Tablets, Manzanilla (aka Chamomile Tea), Hierba Buena (aka Peppermint Tea), Rubbing her belly, swaddling, positioning when eating, warm baths, and whatever else.
Well, someone told me about Gripe Water. I looked for it, but didn't find it. Then another friend brought it up to me again. So my mom started calling stores, calling Rite Aid first. They carry it!
I went down yesterday afternoon and bought Little Tummy's Gripe Water I gave her a dose after she ate around 5:30/6pm. She was SO pleasent all evening! Then I fed her again about 8pm. She was talking & coo'ing with everyone. Just content as could be.
At 9pm Jose took a shower with her. I got her out, lotioned, massaged & dressed for bed. At 10pm she was nursing, until 11pm. She feel asleep. I put her in her crib thinking she'll be up w/in minutes.
NOPE! She was out! I stayed up watching Biggest Loser until almost 12am, expecting her to wake up.
I couldn't believe she stayed asleep without screaming & crying for hours on end! I was so happy for her, I was crying! Went down & told my mom, woke up Jose to tell him. I wanted to stand there staring at her & make sure she was ok!
She slept until almost 2am, when she woke to eat again.
I am praying this is the trick! We will see tonight!


Joanna Christiansen said...

Oh Yay!! I am so glad you found something to help. I hope it continues. By the way have you talked to Heather B about her colic experience? She treid it all and nothing helped until she took her baby to the chiropractor for a special baby adjustment. He was great after that. Talk to her if the colic rears its ugly head again.

Winter Delivery said...

I am praying 4u2!

Kindra said...

So happy for you. I should have told you about gripe water. We used it for Esther for gas and the hiccups. She would get the hiccups like 3 times a day when she was a baby and hated them!! Gripe water was the magic trick!!