Saturday, January 31, 2009


This morning Anthony had Sectional Tournament Games (I know, nothing to do with this title post, but give me a minute.). So I had to get him up and ready before 7am and head out to Hemet.
While driving into Hemet we were noticing all of the new housing developments that have been built. He pointed out a section of land and said, "Hey mom, isn't that where the farm place was?" I said, "Yeah, the one that sold the fruit & vegis." He chimed in "And eggs".
Then I realized that on the other side of the street just a bit up was where they had Buffaloes every year.
I started to tell Anthony that everytime we would drive by the buffaloes, Jose would re-inact the scene from "Dances With Wolves" where Lt. Dunbar meets with the Sioux tribe council and he is trying to tell them that he knows where buffalo are. Well, he is acting out a buffalo and Kicking Bird puts his hands up to his head like horns and says, "TATANKA, TATANKA".
Well Jose would always put his hands up with the horns and say "TATANKA, TATANKA".
Hee Hee


Mrs.J said...

That is way too cute!! I remember that area cant belive progress is killing all our memories.