Friday, January 30, 2009

But Mama, I can help

This morning after we woke up, I gave Delayna a bath, dressed her, etc. I told Dominic that we were going to go downstairs after I was done brushing my teeth, but I had to go potty first.
So, while I walked into the bathroom, he was on the bed with his little mind rolling.
He came to me and asked me, "Mama, can I go down stairs with Delayna."
I tell him, "No, you can't carry her downstairs, give me a minute and we'll all go down together."
Dom~"But Mooooooom, I'm a bigger boy & I can take her down."
Me~"I know your bigger, but your not big enough to carry her yet. When we get down there I will let you sit and hold her if you'd like."
Dom~"Ugh, but Mom, I'm bigger and I can carry her."
So I go into a story about one time Adriana was coming down the stairs with Dominic, her foot slipped and she got hurt really bad, because she protected Dom.
Yeah, he could have cared less.
So he walked away and I went to go brush my teeth.
While I am standing there, I see him climbing onto my bed & I hear something. Just a mom instinct of, "that's not normal".
I hurry and rinse my mouth and walk around into my room where what do I see?
Dominic walking toward my bathroom with Delayna in his arms!!!!
Thank God he was holding her correctly, but OMG!
He is definitely trying to be the "BIG" brother, but now I really gotta keep my eyes peeled!