Friday, January 23, 2009

January 20, 2009~ A Day In History

While eveyone was watching the Inauguration, I was at the hospital having my baby! Definitely a day in the history book & extra special for the Herrera's!
For those that don't know, Jose and I welcomed our newest edition.
God blessed us with a baby GIRL!
I knew from day one that it was a girl, but there was always a chance of it being a boy. My heart was set, but still had reservation.
I can't tell you how humble I am by so much love by people in my life.
I don't have much time to get into detail now, nor do I feel like it, but I will, I promise!
Well, here are some of my favorite pics of my baby girl so far...

Me before we left the house

Dr. Herrera ready for surgery

Our baby coming out

It's out, but what is it!?!?!

It's a GIRL!

Content laying on mama

Laying on mama, not sure if she likes this world or not.

Tia & Devin loving on Delayna

Sarah, very excited she got a girl cousin

Wide awake with messy hair

Dominic loves his baby sister 'Gloria' (I will have to share the story behind Gloria later)...LOL

Proud Big Sissy~Shes stoked to have a baby sister!

Anthony lovin he has a new baby sister. He is so sweet with her!

Dominic loves holding his sister, but only for a minute

My little girl needs some pink!

Dominic insisted on putting Woody in the bassinet with her...LOL

Grammie loves her baby girl

As long as I have a camera, pics will follow!