Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Haves, Wants, Needs...

*Sorry, this should have been posted last night, but my puter wasn't getting signal upstairs*
Well, I have been on a MAD cleaning spree and I planned on doing baby stuff today, but my back wouldn't let me do anymore.
But I did end up making a list of what I have and I need to put out so I remember what I need and want still.
So here are my Haves:

Haves, all gender neutral:

5 -Heavy blankets

3 -Fleece type blankets

2 -Snuggle wraps

3 -Receiving blankets

*1.12.09, bought 4 more Total=7

1 -Washcloth

1 -Robe

6 -Towels

4 -Burp cloths

3 -Socks

*1.12.09, bought 6=9

1 -Sweater

2 -Bibs

3 -Hats

1 -0-3 mos Bundler

6 -Small 0-3 month Long sleeve onsies

19 -Small 0-3 month onsies

3 -Nightgowns, was blessed with 6 more from a mama at MOTS. Thank You Kindra!

1 -Med 6-9 month Bundler

10 -Med 3-6 month onsies

1 -“Special made” T-Shirt

1 -older baby monitor

2 -boxes Lansinoh Cream

1 -box breast pads

1 -nursing bra

1 -Snuggli

1 -crib toy, Crib, Bassinet, High Chair, Carseat, Stroller

NEEDS (before I have my shower):
For The Mama:
Another nursing bra
Pajamas & Slippers to wear in the hospital
1.08.09 update...My AWESOME Aunt T sent me a gift card and I was able to purchase another nursing bra, nursing tank, pajamas & slippers from Target.
Thank you Aunt T!
Sleepy Wrap This will really help with carrying the baby post c-section

For The Baby:
SOCKS! *1.12.09~ Got 9 pairs
More pajamas
A few receiving blankets *1.12.09~ Got 4 more
A few outfits
burp cloths
Wash cloths
One of those head support things that goes in the carseat
1.12.09 I bought the baby a "going home outfit" WOOHOO!!!!

WANTS (either before or for my shower):
Nursing Tank Tops
Nursing Cover-Up
Cloth Diapers (Pre-Folds & covers, unless you feel like buying me an AIO)
Gender specific clothes
Gender specific Crib Set (I will specify after baby is born)
Swing (I think I might have one, but I don't know if she still has it)
Jogging stroller (this would be a nice luxury to have)
Diaper bag
A better tub (I have a really funky one I bought & don't like)
Newer & better monitor
Carseat Cover thing that keeps baby warm
I will update as I can think of more.


The Pruetts said...

Do you still need washcloths? I have way too many. I think I can ship them cheep if you just want to pay for shipping. I'll count how many I have and send you some.
Let me know :)