Monday, July 9, 2007

My Sarah Is A Teenager

Yes, my niece is officially a teenager.
I am VERY proud to be her "Tia" and am enjoying having her in my life! She is a pure joy! We have definately had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't do any of it over again!
Her mom had a party for her with her friends and of course family. We had nummy food, a great time, and of course CAKE! Here are some pics...
The boys, Steven, Branden & Anthony Katie & Sarah, friends since they were little

Sarah & Carolina

All of the kids in the pool

Devin & Adriana

Will & Baby Sean

Her Cake!

Sarah & Her Cake

She was smeared by Jose

(Her)Uncle Steven & Sean

(My) Aunt Vonnie & Dominic

My Grandma
Sarah & Branden reading the card I got her
Branden "showing" Sarah how to use her necklace
Branden got her Victoria's Secret Perfume!!! Woo Woo