Thursday, July 5, 2007

3rd & 4th of July Celebration 2007

One thing I have learned about capturing night time activities, is, it is stinken HARD!
Anyways, we hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! Jose and I took FULL advantage of this being a 'day off'.
He went out back and finished our little wall that he built and I cleaned the kitchen and carpets. Then we went swimming and bbq'd.
It was a very nice day w/ our kids, and we enjoyed every moment!
We later went to my old work and parked in the parking lot and took pics and waited for fireworks. When they finally came, they were HUGE AND LOUD!!!! Dominic freaked because we were so close, but then got used to it and enjoyed it. Beaumont put on a really good show! Here are some pics...

Here is Jose bbq'ing some food for us. Jose & Dominic swimming in the pool

Blue, White & Red "pops" (that is what Dominic calls them)

Papa, Dominic & Little waiting

Sissy & Dominic

Then Tuesday night, the 3rd, Cabazon had a firework show also. So after dinner and cleaning, we headed out there, got a really good spot and watched those.

Dominic seeing the fireworks for the first time

This was Jose & Dominic watching the train (or Thomas) going by. Dominic LOVES trains!
Yours Truely w/ Her Honey!
Our Little

The Boys & I
Jose & the Kids Messing around
The Boys...

Hope you enjoyed the pics & hope you had a fabulous 4th!!!